Boris Diaw and Tony Parker have been doing this for years

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The San Antonio Spurs played such a beautiful brand of basketball during the NBA Finals, sharing and passing and moving and always finding the open player. We heard them speak often about their trust in the system and, more importantly, their trust in each other. That trust is built over time, and while many of the Spurs have played together for several seasons, some of them have played together since they were kids. Like, actual kids.

Boris Diaw and Tony Parker were best friends growing up together in France, and they’ve wanted to play together in the NBA for years. That chemistry was evident in the NBA Finals, and it was evident even way back 15 years ago: Check out this video of Parker and Diaw at 17 years old, running through drills together at the French Institute of Sport. Once you got it, you got it…

Boris Diaw et Tony Parker à l'INSEP à la fin… by BASKETUSA

VIDEO: Boris and Tony

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  1. Mleh says:

    The best french players ever

    • lbj says:

      Doing it for years won’t give Tony Parker his 5th ring and Boris Diaw his 2nd ring. Melo will join forces of our big 3 since he knew how to win 2 championship in a row. We will trade Greg Oden, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers plus future first round picks!!

  2. celentano says:

    The CHEAT’S are done with theyr flopping,dirty plays.Next!

  3. #gswfan says:

    That’s what ou always say,lbj!King James is not even going to stay in Miami!