Harrison Barnes gets a lot of mail

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Warriors forward Harrison Barnes genuinely cares about his fans. And after doing a few autograph sessions in different places, he realized it was easier for the autograph requests to come directly to him. So Barnes rented a post office box in Oakland and put a note on Facebook telling his fans how the process would work — they needed to enclose return postage and a self-addressed envelope, for instance — and noting that this might take some time. “Keep in mind I will be signing when my schedule permits,” HB wrote. “My time is limited because of daily workouts, appearances, travel, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and video games.”

And then the items started rolling in, and by looks of things on this video, they really are rolling in — like, so much so that HB needed a huge rolling cart to get the stuff to his car. But he keeps on signing. Pretty remarkable stuff…

VIDEO: HB autographs


  1. dubnation says:

    what a bro

  2. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Noce gesture from Barnes!

  3. robi says:

    Very nice. Good job Barnes

  4. Alameda Jack says:

    It is wonderful to see that level of consideration for fans. In Harrison’s case, it is nice to know he will probably be continuing his career as a Warrior.

  5. Flip Saunders says:

    He’ll be coming to Minnesota soon.

  6. TheKush says:

    nice guy! I hope he will be a very successful nba basketball player and have a long career. He’s being very patient his time will come I hope he’ll be ready

  7. alex says:

    cool kid! sometimes, athletes are blinded by being in the spotlight and forget that the fans care for them.

  8. #gswfan says:

    Flip Saunders,for your information,The Falcon(aka Harrison Barnes) will stay in Golden State,and your All-Star center Kevin Love will go somewhere else.