Miami Heat fans struggle to name former Miami Heat players

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Miami Heat fans get a bad rap. Opposing fans love to characterize them as bandwagon fans, the kind of fans who support their team only because the Heat are a championship level team. And not that there’s anything wrong with that — like, who wouldn’t support a championship level team? — but it isn’t exactly true. The fans in Miami are genuinely crazy for the Heat. I was there in person in each round of the playoffs, and those fans were as loud and as rowdy as any fans in the NBA.

In order to test some Heat fans’ knowledge of Heat history, ESPN’s Cari Champion found some fans on South Beach and asked them to identify some former Heat players by their photos. And let’s just say, at least from the video evidence, the fans she stopped could afford to spend some time studying their history…

VIDEO: Heat fan challenge

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  1. lbj says:

    This mean 3 peat for the Heat! Melo will join forces of our big 3 since he knew how to win 2 championship in a row. We will trade Greg Oden, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers plus future first round picks!!



      • The Guy above me that's above him is really stupid says:

        my name says it all as well. I sure hope he was just being sarcastic. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt

      • the guy above me sounds just like the guy above him says:

        well the guy above you is lbj, so it could be inside news!

      • Troy says:

        Family Name (Last Name) STUPID! I totally agree with you ..LOL

    • NBA says:

      Miami will no longer be the big three. Because they got crushed by the Spurs and the NBA couldn’t help them win a championship. Good luck trying to make the semi finals in the East lol.

    • 37yrfan says:

      …….good thing you are not a gm in this league………!!!!

    • Sam says:

      lol seriously man?

    • brian scalabrine says:

      you’re a bandwagon loser lbj

    • jones says:

      ^Bandwagoner lol

    • dcx says:

      Greg Oden and Michael Beasley sure are a hot commodity! I bet teams cant wait to get their hands on Oden!

    • Mike says:

      If there’s one thing I admire about you lbj it’s your commitment to your team, no matter how retarded you sound. Call it steadfast loyalty. Call it outright stupidity. You fail to accept the fact that LeBron will never win 2 more rings. You fail to leave a single logical forum posting. And you fail to achieve an ounce of literacy in your incoherent ramblings. You may be well and truly on the Heat bandwagon, but I kind of get the feeling you fell off and hit your head 1 or 10 too many times. You’re like one of those “special” people who is happy to pull their wiener out in public and shake it about. And for that I respect you.

      • Nado says:


      • I'm Right says:

        I don’t know about the crazy things that lbj says but you’re retarded if you think Lebron can’t win 2 more rings… he’s still the best player in the NBA he’s got a lot of years to go before his athleticism starts declining

    • mj says:

      the return of the troll. where were you when your team most needed your “moral support”??? you are the reason the heat failed to threepeat.

    • The Voice Of Reason says:

      lbj – trolling won’t win you any rings. You must team up with our Kings Duncan, Manu and Tony. We will trade Future HOFers…No wait, why the hell would we do that!!!
      Enjoy trolling and being a loser…

    • I'm Right says:

      heeee’s back folks! TROLLOLOL

  2. exum4magic says:

    3peat means 3 in a row, morron!!

  3. Vijay says:

    This was just really funny. I’m not a heat fan and I knew all but the dude named Harold whatever. Thing is…she showed them the most popular heat guys. I mean WOW. Then they say they are not band wagoners. Seriously though, the dude that looked at Eddie Jones and called him Lebron. LMAO. Funny to the world

  4. regularjoe says:

    Probably there are some fans who can tell their names, jersey numbers, height, weight, birth date, etc.
    Every team has both type of fans.
    I bet, a lot of fans don’t even know the current roster of their team, not players from twenty-some years ago…

    • B1ketu58 says:

      Here’s an upvote.

    • jr says:

      Yea if there morons like you

    • mj says:

      Not knowing the roster of an NFL team, I can understand that. But if you don’t know your team’s 12-15 man roster, you are definitely a bandwagon fan. I guess that’s still a fan.

      • charless702 says:

        I sort of agree with you but then it’s so much worse. It’s not even 12-15 man rosters. Some of them were asked about some big time Heat players. It would be like showing Spur’s fans pictures of the Ice Man, Indiana fans Reggie Miller, Laker fans Magic, Bulls fans Pippen, etc. and them not knowing who it is. Now I’m sure the Heat have a handful of actual fans but I’d be surprised if 98% of them could name 4 or more players who played for the Heat before Shaq joined them 10 years ago (not counting the people who played on the Heat with Shaq.) I’d also be completely shocked if 99% of Heat fans could name any players besides Mourning, Shaq, Wade and Haslem who played in Shaq’s first year with them, off the top of their head. I’m also sure 75% of them don’t even know the year Shaq joined the team.

  5. jones says:


    • Charlie says:

      No bandwagoner here. Just a hater, you! I go back to Sunvold, Cummings, Sparrow and Sherman Douglas. With or without LeBron always a Heater baby. By the way I’m a Dolphins fan too just for the record. So don’t rip me when they start winning. Native!!!

  6. Srivatsav says:

    Well all you Heat fans are real heat fans

  7. Charlie Marttinez says:

    Most of the alleged Heat fans look like they are in the early to mid-20s and you are asking them to identify players who played when they were in diapers with the exception of Eddie Jones who is somewhat obscure to begin with unless you’re a basketball aficionado. I would have asked about players over the last 6-8 years to make it fair. Hating on the Heat and it’s fans never seems to end. Go Heat!!!!!

    • B1ketu58 says:

      Eddie Jones was never obscure. The guy was an All-Star.

    • jr says:

      If you’re a true fan of a team you’ll know some players from there past not saying all them but sum heat fans are just morons just like that moron dj who said they were gonna win 3 in a row And close out the spurs when he was being interviewed by skip on sport center if you’re a true fan you know you’re teams history period doesn’t matter your age cause u can always look up your teams history

    • charless702 says:

      That’s everyone’s point. Most Heat “fans” don’t know anything about the Heat except for the last 6-8 years and only a select few know anything before Shaq rolled through there. The thing that makes it even worse is all these Heat fans claim to be basketball aficionandos. I don’t think you quite understand what a bandwagon fan is. 95% of these Heat fans are new fans who jumped on the Heat when they started winning. That is almost the exact definition of a bandwagon fan. It’s really funny that you try to defend them but you end up proving what everybody has been saying.

  8. RP says:

    From TV-land I heard the boos from Miami fans (against their own team) and saw them piling out the exits during the playoffs.
    What ticks me off about Miami is that some of their fans have to save up the hundreds of dollars to go to a game to see their favorite player only to find out after they get there that he is “resting” for that game. Or a kid going to see their idol for his birthday gift…

    • Charlie says:

      All fans leave early. Give me a break. I especially saw it in game 5 of the eastern conference finals in Indy and the announcers didn’t say jack. I also saw it in OKC. Enough. Stop the Heat hating!

  9. Charlotten says:

    3 peat for the heat starting when? Next Year? NO three peat happening in Miami for at least 3 years thanks to the Spurs. And what will YOU do if LBJ leaves Miami? Follow the bandwagon wherever he goes?

  10. B1ketu58 says:

    I’m sorry, but…Harold Miner?! Really?? Even I don’t know this dude who played only 200 games over his 4 year career.

  11. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Smh, noone knows who’s baby Jordan anymore. Fan boys these days.

  12. pissed says:

    Wow how often do you come through and ‘moderate’ these posts? My comment was for the first commenter about their view on the article and the Heat. The only reason I posted it was to respond to them as there was seemingly nobody else who had responded to them yet. 4 hours later here we are and my comment is way down on the list, making my thoughts in that comment practically irrelevant to who I was commenting to. Had I known that there was a long queue of comments already waiting moderation I would have just moved on to something else. How hard are your jobs?

  13. Robert Yarihuaman says:

    Does people are not miami heat fans they are posers. Real heat fans will know hwat players.

  14. celentano says:

    yup bandwagoners.

  15. FilthyRich38 says:

    Harold Minor won a slam dunk contest.Not even a Heat fan and know that.And to leave game 5 early down 5 with 30 something the E.C.F. just shows what true fans they are.Hint Reggie Miller Vs the Knicks Hint,Hint.

  16. observer says:

    It amazes me the people that call others “morons.” Jr. for example. He uses the word there when it should be they’re in the sense he is trying to use it!!! Yet he calls others “morons?” That is just really funny to me. lmbo!

  17. MoneyStackZ says:

    Keeps saying that this video is private

  18. Edjumacator says:

    Until 2010 they were Laker fans.

  19. Mike says:

    If there’s one thing I admire about you lbj it’s your commitment to your team, no matter how retarded you sound. Call it steadfast loyalty. Call it outright stupidity. You fail to accept the fact that LeBron will never win 2 more rings. You fail to leave a single logical forum posting. And you fail to achieve an ounce of literacy in your incoherent ramblings. You may be well and truly on the Heat bandwagon, but I kind of get the feeling you fell off and hit your head 1 or 10 too many times. You’re like one of those “special” people who is happy to pull their wiener out in public and shake it about. And for that I respect you.

  20. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Yo Lang, you still write for SLAM? I remembered your work, good stuff!

  21. JM says:

    Former Heat players? Alonzo Mourning, PJ Brown, Tim Hardaway, Shaquille O’Neal, Antoine Walker, Jason Williams,

    • OldCelt says:

      Shaquille O’Neal, Antoine Walker … these are former Celtics players. Get it right … 😀

  22. K Jo says:

    The video must have hurt someone’s feelings, the only thing I could get is this video is private.

  23. NBA2k says:

    A lot of them are bandwagoners, it’s just the truth for these reasons:

    -You ask anyone online or elsewhere, “who are you rooting for?” and they’ll say the Heat 8 times out of 10 when I’m sure that never happened prior to the Big three era.
    -I live in Florida, and I’ve never seen even close to how many Heat jerseys and other memorabilia that I’ve seen over the past 4 years.
    -Fans leaving early in a close game, fans arriving late so that half the stands are empty. In all the shots of them leaving early, not one fan ever looked upset. It looked to me they were just biding time until they could go party on South Beach (and trust me, they do party like its a Miami Vice cliche). Even the sports casters were stunned at the fans, and made it dreadfully clear.

    It’s not even some fans “believe” anymore, it’s downright true they have much more bandwagon fans then any other team right now. Heck, OKC has some bandwagon fans, but not nearly as much. It’s not something new, it’s just the sheer amount with the Heat is staggering.

  24. Thomas says:

    Why aren’t the Heat interested in Greg Monroe?

  25. I only like Dwade says:

    Heat Fans, Bandwagon or not. They suck period. How do you Booh a 2 time champ, 4 straight finals, highlghts and thrills. How do you leave early to beat traffic.They needed a standing ovation when they lost. I say this and I actually hate the heat.

  26. Knicks fan way before melo says:

    This article told me nothing I didn’t alredy know about Heat fans being bandwagon fans, and the worst fans. They are never at the game when it starts, because they are in the clubs. About Beasley and Oden, I blame their bushleague coach, who sat them the entrie finals after it was said they signed them just for the finals. Beasley could have given them something, he can score anywhere he has played and has a load of talent. I mean why play him all season then sit him then. Oden why even sign him for the ride I mean did they feel sorry for him so they signed expecting to win a ring so he can get one. SMH just terrible, he could have at least given them rebounds and blocks, but once again I blame that bush league coach. But what can I expect from a guy that went from developing photos in a dark room, to being handed a loaded roster and said here go win. Spo has slimed by having people think he can coach when he really can’t he just has a very talented roster. Could he do what Tibs does in Chicago without Rose. HECK NO.

  27. Matt says:

    Yanno, I remember 1988 when the heat entered the league. Being everyone liked the Bulls or the Celts or the Lakers or the Pistons, I bucked the system, liked the heat because I was 14 and wanted to be unique…And the cost of being unique meant enduring a 15 win first season..And I can only remember a few names.. Rothstien (coach), Seikly, Sherman Douglas.. ummm Grant Long … But again, I do remember the 15 win season though and all the jokes like it was yesterday.

  28. JOSE says:

    Wow, this guys went to South Beach to get feedback from fans, South Beach is a tourist area. You must go to the city where the Miami people live at.

  29. Knicks and Heat lover says:

    Truth is the Heat need to get rid of Wade and focus the team around Lebron, Bosh and Greg Monroe as well as they need a good point guard consistent shooters off the bench with some size and speed off the bench too. If they get rid of Wade they can actually sign a James Harden or an OJ Mayo or Shumpert or player of that nature and be competitive again.
    Also as much as I love the knicks they have a long way to go……they need to pray for Durant in 2 years.

  30. StevieRay says:

    Ask me, I can name at least 50% of the players since they drafted my guy from @Cuse Ron Seikaly

  31. Bill says:

    You could literally complete the same study of fans walking out of a Seattle Seahawks home game. No more than 100 (out of 70,000 or so) could name more than two Seahawks players from before 2005 that weren’t on the 2005 Super bowl losing team. But the best part is, they KNOW this is true, even though they would deny it.

  32. jeremy3186 says:

    As a real Heat fan I am getting sick of media trolls purposely trying to use airhead fans as “proof” of a fan base. Any true Heat fan knows the Grant Long’s, the Rory Sparrow’s, the Rony Sikelay’s, Matt Giger’s, etc etc etc… the mediocre fans still remember the Zo / Hardaway / Mashburn Heat as well…..

    instead of showing these people, the anti Miami bias runs wild and they show fans leaving the arena in game 6… ignoring literally every other fan base doing the exact same thing. They run stories about the “lackluster” fan support at championship parade’s…. ignoring that they got twice the number of fans the Super Bowl winning Ravens did for their parade the same year…..

    Why is there such a hatred for the people that live here in south florida? I don’t get it.

  33. ronolobe says:

    I am not a Heat Fan….but I know some great players from the heat in the past till now. Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Steve Smith, Eddie Jones, Glen Rice, Rony Seikaly, Wade, Bosh, Lebron….Harold Miner was just sensation at the slam dunk competition….he could not set his mark in the seasons he played in the NBA. There is no best….they are all good.

    I also think Melo is not that man for the heat, he is and wants to be an all-star….he is selfish and his dominate role would collapse against Lebron who plays at the same spot. I think it is a no go

  34. andray blatche j hill says:

    So now all we need is rebounding center,,, blatche or jordan hill, from Lakers, or maybe boozer since getting amnesty

  35. Heat is my favorite team and unlike bandwagoners I actually kno previous players says:

    I find nowadays Heat fans so obnoxious because they dont kno anything about the Heat. THe only players they kno about the Heat is Lebron. Some of them don’t even kno who CB is and have forgotten about Wade. I am getting tired of being characterized with these dim witted bandwagoners. Most of them leave the stadium if the HEat is losin! I mean come on show a little support for ur team! I can give five names of previous Heat players unlike most HEat fans. Alonzo Mourning, seriously how do u forget Alonzo Mourning he averaged atleast 22 points and brought the Heat to be a actual threat. He was their first allstar. Gary Payton played with them from 2005 to 2007 he was the first point guard to get the NBA defensive player of the year, how to u not remeber tht. Jason williams, Glen rice who was the first player on the Heat to average 20+ ppg, Tim Hardaway Sr. There was a amazing legacy of Heat players beside Lebron and Heat fans shud kno about these amazing players

    • andray blatche j hill says:

      They haters forget that some people liked heat before the big 3…. nobody says crap about Lakers with 5 stars…

      • andray blatche j hill says:

        These haters must hate hate hate the all star game i mean holy cow 12 all stars on one team

  36. Go Mavs says:

    I live in Utah and I see more people with Heat attire on than Jazz! That just proves that the “Hollywood Team” of the day will always have a lot of bandwagon fans.

  37. mee(a)t says:

    This reminds me of videos where republicans go through town asking a bunch of democrats about they support obama, which lead to some stupid answers.

    I hate when people do this, search out to the people and ask around like…oh..i don’t know..lets say 20+ people and edit out the ones that actually have some sort of sense. Why don’t we travel to chicago and ask its people what happened before the 90s bulls era?

  38. tzvi gorapsgo says:

    …and you call yourselves heat fans?!?!?