How would LeBron look if he was on my team?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — News broke earlier this morning that LeBron James — two-time champ, four-time MVP, not even thirty years old — has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat and will become a free agent. And while this certainly could be a purely procedural move — a way to help the Heat create financial flexibility and add more players — it also creates hope for fans of other teams.

Of course, this doesn’t mean LeBron will definitely sign with a different team, but fans of plenty of other teams would love to see King James in their colors. While that may not ever happen, one Twitter user put together a quick graphic showing what LeBron would look like in uniform for any team in the NBA. (Um, except for the Charlotte Bobcats, who no longer exist and are now the Hornets.)


  1. Ahh says:

    You can see how badly photoshopped he is with the Heat jersey on

  2. TheKush says:

    If I were LeBron I wouldn’t take LESS money he did his job on Miami last season. Those other two guys wade and bosh should take less money! LeBron needs a max contract. hard working employees should be rewarded it’s the other employees not doing their jobs that need their pay checks shaved! I want to see Lebron in a lakers uniform.

    • LakersNation says:

      The Kush, I agree. He’s a hard working guy, and with Kobe hopefully coming back strong, LA’s glory will return. Plus, Lebron can get rightfully compensated for his work at LA.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      oh lol
      the day has finally come where Laker Fans, AKA Leaders of the Lebron Hate Wagon, want to dress the King they crucified in purple and gold.

      Sorry guys, not gonna happen. I’m sticking with my initial predictions from January, Lebron will resign with the Heat.

      I hope Bosh and Wade stay as well. 99% sure they’ll keep wade, but I don’t know about Bosh that’s 50-50. Money could be an issue. I’m pretty sure Lebron will be paid more than either of them this time, and that is rightfully so. And I am sure even tho Miami will waste alot of salary cap on those 3 guys, a lot of good hardworking role players will want to join the Heat again for a modest salary to get a shot at a championship.

      The Heat will win at least one other championship in the next 2 seasons.

      The Lakers, I don’t see it…Not while Kobe is in his golden years eating up so much cap space.

  3. Sword Eyes says:


  4. prahumac says:

    common we don’t have a place for a coward

  5. bregi says:

    Houston not by looks but by wins

    • Nino says:

      I prefer to see him with the team that beat Houston in the playoffs, that is, the Blazers, but it is just a dream.

  6. comeback says:

    I am afraid my hated team aka the Rockets will get better yet again this summer…if I was the gm of Rockets I would trade Dwight for the number one pick aka Wiggins and Dion Waiters. Keep Asik instead. Next I would get Kevin Love.


    gotta admit bron looks best in raptors red and white….bron is taking his talents to #woodbinebeach……… #416…Canada needs u bron bronnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  8. lbjday says:

    LEBRON ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE. Its time to say our farewells to some heat players. Mario chalmers(pheww! Replaced by kyle lowry) chris andersen(you cant create your own shot. Replaced by big baby davis) james jones( your not old but acting old) Ray allen will either leave or change teams. You ask why? Watch game 5 of finals.battier is retiring. Ohh and i cant forget about these two. Michael weezly and greg odone(replaced by Marcin gortat and rodney stuckey). And lastly depending on how much paycut chris bosh and dwade take we should be able to bring in a profilic player.ik most heat fans will say melo but we dont need a ball hog.ill settle for deng just to ease things up for lebron.

  9. lbjday says:

    I would start dwade for the 1st half of regular season if no improvement replace him with Deng. Imagine how much easier it would be if bron didnt have to worry about gaurding a carmelo a kobe or a durant because he has a Top tier defender on his side and dont even ask about kyle lowry. This guy will take miami to a whole new level. Gortat will be a great help for bosh. i do realize that bosh has greatly improved from last year but he still needs a pair dudes lucky he didn’t play against a physical center like zach randolph in the finals.he would have been exposed.

  10. Kel says:

    Ew. Seeing LeBron in a Celtics jersey is something is nothing I ever wanted to see.

  11. TheAll-Star136 says:

    should of used road jerseys

  12. TheAll-Star136 says:

    it’s outdated….

    I thought there was the Charlotte Hornets

  13. Bryan says:


  14. David says:

    Uhh… Where are the Hornets? Bobcats don’t exist lol

  15. Bryan K. says:

    Most likely destination.

    1. Miami Heat – re-ups with Heat for a reduced salary. DWade & Bosh do the same. Creates room for elite pg (KLowry) and above average center. Big factor will be whether Bosh wants another reduced salary. He Doesn’t seem interested in doing that again.

  16. Spurs Way says:

    They messed up one thing: if he was on the Spurs, he wouldn’t be allowed to wear a headband. 😉

    Isn’t it interesting how different the Spurs are from the rest of the league?

  17. J Bustos says:

    The Bulls don’t need him.

  18. Eddie says:

    I want to see lebron In a okc jersey or rockets jersey

  19. Jeffx21 says:

    LMAO…….Definately wont be in Celtics, Magic, Sixers, Suns, Kings or Spurs…….All of those teams retired No 6. Great article lol. Who gives a

  20. RA-V says:

    U all fools… LeBron wont go anywhere. Miami just need to rebuild the team and salary first. Now its time to Wade and Bosh do the same thing and then Riley has to do his job!

  21. dolladdiict says:

    Definitely Lakers!

    • LakersNation says:

      Yeah man, that’d be sweet. Kobe and Bron, two of the greatest players in NBA history, all on one team. Definitely a sight to see!

  22. Mike says:

    It’s funny to see all you Heat haters and Lebron haters turning to a LBJ fan now that he is a free agent!!! Pathetic

  23. jonski22 says:

    I am one of those “delusional” Lakers fan. And i love to see LBJ help Lakers to win a championship, and bring that glory again. They will say it’s Kobe’s team, but not anymore. Kobe’s is not the “KObe” that we love before, i guess age, playing time and injury caught onto him. Also i’d like to see Kobe and Lebron carry a team. I don’t know how the Lakers will do it, or they have cap space to do it. But i love to see Pau, Lebron, and Kobe playing together. I don’t know if Nash will be there, although, beside Kobe and Sacre, he still a Laker. So, Nash/Farmar, Young/Meeks, Kobe/Johnson, Lebron/Hill, Pau/Sacre…with Marshall,Kelly and Henry….again, i don’t know how this would be possible…i’m just dreaming…

  24. John says:

    Clippers guys

  25. Laker fan says:

    As much as I want lebron to go to the lakers, he should just stay in Miami and make it easier for everyone

  26. canaan says:

    he look good in a damn heat jersey

  27. Lakersfan96 says:

    Lebron should go to the lakers, because if he does then kobe can get his 6th ring and retire as the greatest and LeBron could take over the lakers after that

  28. PutARingOnITGrizz says:

    he would def win a ring if he came to memphis
    that would be the best frontcourt in the leaguel

  29. jake s. says:

    Why did you do this to me Lang? Now all i want to see is Lebron play along side Kevin Durant in that Thunder jersey. Top 2 players on the same team anyone?

  30. Rickson says:

    Blake Griffin don’t need Lebron James

  31. jimmthegentCELTIC LUV says:

    Hey is all i can say is with our options on the draft and danny ainge known for wowing the basketball nation like THE FIRST BIG THREE also money we got multi championships and diehard fans the list goes on an on although its unlikey to happen you just dont know O YEAH KING JAMES GREEN IS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU

  32. Joe Sac says:

    Im not sure how much money the have available next year but can u imagine LBJ in San Antonio… Is this even possible? You would be talking in my opinion a better team than the bulls from the 90’s

  33. Joe Sac says:


  34. Joe Sac says:

    Beat that rest of the NBA … Trust me nobody can … And everybody knows it … Just accepted … Suckers

  35. Carlo says:

    Mmh… I used to think 76ers no.6 was retired. It happened to be the no. of a guy who did something there.

  36. mars says:

    Lebron James wisest choice would be sign with Orlando Magic after they trade up in nba draft and pick wiggins …they got oladipo,vucevic,harris,harkless,quinn…great young gm…lebron could win championships in orlando!:-)

  37. Noitidart says:

    Chi jersey looks like crap on him. Chi betttter not even think aboiut taking him. We’re going through this guy.

  38. Dwayne Casey says:

    I must say you look rather striking in that Raptors uniform.

  39. DFresh says:

    i have to say i can see him in a wizards jersey. and him playing with john wall, bradley beal, and the rest of the wizards would be amazing but that would never happen.

    anyway I’m a warriors fan and lebron on the warriors would be great but seems unrealistic. i just wanna see them trade klay thompson and david lee for kevin love. imagine starting five of bogut, love, barnes, igoudala, and curry.

  40. Marc says:

    If for any reason lebron don’t want to stay in miami, that Will be nice to see him in LA play with kobe this up coming season

  41. Antonio AV says:

    us blazer fans don’t want LeBron! you can have him

  42. OldCelt says:

    This article is stupid … six out of 30 NBA teams have no.6 retired. To even suggest that James can wear no.6 Celtics (Bill Russell) or 76s (Julius Erving) uniform shows that whoever made this doesn’t have a clue.

  43. José says:

    I know he won’t come to SAS as he wouldn’t be a starter… maybe he could enter the rotation after Patty ou Marco. 🙂

  44. blood says:

    lebron is not going anywhere.. his trying to reduce his salary to get more talented players around him..
    his after for the record books. after all his been called the KING yet he has no throne. all he wants is to win.. because when he keeps winning the money will eventually just follow thru… commercial and endorsement and etc..
    and yet records books are there will be forever..
    he wants to be called the greatest player. thats what he is after..

  45. wow he looks good in a sixers jersey but if he couldn’t be number 6 he could go back to 23

  46. the only jersey hes smiling in is the sixers jersey! Omen for things to come

  47. Nelson davis says:

    Pacers gold swagger for life

  48. brady says:

    lol good point he would be dope as a wizerds or bulls or okc js idc who he weth i have all his jerzys

  49. Spurs Fan says:

    Ok, here are the real questions that need to be answered……

    What brought him to Miami in the first place and what is it that he is looking for?

    Does he feel insecure and need talent around him to win? Does he feel he is a failure if he doesn’t win?

    Is it the location, weather, family life that he looks for mostly? Does he need the big city life?

    Does he care more about money, more about legacy, or more about what others think?

    With that being said…. I am a Spurs fan and I will look at this with an open mind.

    There are many teams that are ready to win and are trying to buy a championship. Others have worked their way up and are one piece away from it. LeBron will have to sacrifice if he wants his legacy and his reputation to be on top. He has to sacrifice the ego and money.

    Teams like Portland, Houston, Chicago, and Golden State could all add LeBron and contend for a title with their current rosters. Other teams would have to dismantle to even bring him in.

    Personally, he could bring back history on some clubs that they have been missing like Philly or New York. Those cities have been looking for a it for so long. LeBron would thrive in either city.

    Going to the Lakers is a lose-lose for LeBron. They won’t win a championship with Kobe again and he will waste years of his prime. Going to Dallas would hurt him as well. They have no cap room and it really is not an option.

    When it comes down to it, a sign and trade to OKC for Westbook and Perkins would give him Durant and Ibaka to win multiple championships with. If he signed with Charlotte to play with Big Al Jefferson and K Walker, they could bring in more pieces like Deng and easily could compete for championships under Michael Jordan. The Hornets could even bring in both Carmelo and LeBron and would be outstanding although they are in a small market….

    Speaking of small markets…. My team I route for…. The Spurs…. LeBron would have to set his ego aside to join them however in a winning system, he could thrive and it would be home sweet home. Can’t beat em, join em LeBron!

  50. Alex says:

    I always wondered how he would look with a Cavs jersey on.

  51. jrodriguez says:

    lbj looks perfect in a heat uniforn

  52. kruel says:

    I like how everyone hated him for going to Miami and now everyone wants him to team up with their team and their superstar. Get off his nuts…

  53. A Smooth says:

    I want lebron to play for the Cavs it would be nice seeing him there. Melo should meet up with lebron in Cleveland or go to Chicago with d rose and Noah

  54. jking says:

    if he went back to Cleveland wouldn’t he wear 23 again

  55. Heat Fan says:

    I want King James to stay in Miami but damn he looks sexy in that Raptors and Suns uniform, LETS GO HEAT!!!!

  56. Mr.Furley says:

    So is there still a Heat Nation or nah?

  57. Zak says:

    That’s not how LeBron would look in a Celtics’ jersey. Like they’d allow him to wear Bill Russell’s #6.

  58. johnny says:

    cleveland or he wil never earn respect of anyone beside of the fake miami fans (as fake as the team)

  59. nashawn james says:


  60. WARRIORS says:

    Bron to Warriors. He will be good with Curry,thompson. Big three

  61. WARRIORS says:

    He should be traded for David lee, draymond green

  62. Ryan says:

    Houston, Washington, Golden State, or Cleveland, if he does move, by the way im a pacers fan from indiana.

  63. Gaylord says:

    FAKE!!! Number 6 jerseys were retired by the Spurs, the 76ers, the Kings, the Magic and the Celtics. Liars.

  64. Inaya says:

    LeBron will always look best in a Heat uniform. I don’t want him to leave!

  65. Rick James says:

    All Lebron Heat jerseys are half off everywhere i see!!!

  66. Prime says:

    Not good on my teams. keep his over rated pampered to give him a title crybaby off of boston and charlotte please. go somewhere on a team i hate. where you belong

  67. Kris says:

    Lebron isnt going anywhere… i see them keeping wade, james taking a little less money, i dont know about bosh i think we can give up bosh for a couple of solid players and a good bench tweak

  68. Sick of it says:

    Lebron needs to stay in Miami, he´s gained some respect back since “the decision”. If he pulls the same s**t all over again… he can be the chosen 1 or whatever he wants, but he´ll just be remembered as the guy who sold his fans and his soul for championships.

    He´s done it once… we´ll see.

  69. kb24 says:

    Lechoke cannot survive in the West, a big cry baby not respected in the tough western conference. Legacy asterisk when he joined Heat and not stay with his own team. Always a king with no kingdom.

  70. sonja says:

    he looks good in detroit and golden state

  71. dawolf says:

    If Lebron leave the Heat, he’s going to be the GLOAT (Greatest Looser Of All Time)… Did Kobe leave the Lakers? Jordan has waited to be not in his prime to leave and after 2 years of retirement…

  72. Eric says:

    I would like to see him joining Lakers or Clippers that is going to be easier for him working with long term NBA player friends and movie stars on a bigger market.
    Cavalier is not a bad choice if they can put Love, or Anthony on the board side by side with James but the owner need to be very nice when the players stay or go.
    Otherwise, Knicks, Bulls, or Houston, any of them is better than Heat. The heat need refurbish their organization. Too many aging players, too many free riders for the championship including front office people.

  73. LeBron says:

    I had given it a lot of thought and think that Toronto is the best location for me because it has there craziest fan bases, humble group and amazing coaches. I’m not signing with the Heat but with the Raps. Whoaaaaaaaaa

  74. bigtime1957 says:

    seems you forgot the 1 place he is going to end up. Cleveland here we come!!!!!!

  75. Cliff says:

    @Sword Eyes…if you were a true bulls fan…you wouldn’t want LeFlop on the Bulls

  76. Jose Luis says:

    Phil Jackson is looking for the next duo to run Triangle offense that can’t be stopped.
    Melo Lebron Stat and whatever talent Phil brings in = Chamionship! Huge market and Loyal Fans

    • Mike Reeves says:

      Ur comment is valid, but I think Melo has gotten burnt out being a Knick. Lebron wouldn’t even consider New York with the pieces they have now

  77. Flabingo says:

    Lebron, Wade , and Bosch will make more in indorsements even if the cut their pay in half.
    They have no choice but to stay together