Who’s the baddest? Might just be KD

By Jeff Case

Kevin Durant‘s season ended without him leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to the NBA Finals, but 2013-14 was by no means a disappointment individually for the wiry forward. He claimed his first NBA MVP and showed time and again he could lead OKC as his All-Star teammate Russell Westbrook dealt with a myriad of injuries all season.

The last time we saw KD in a commercial was his ubiquitous (some might say bothersome) Sprint ad where he turns into a giant and then blasts off. Pretty cool … but not as cool as his latest commercial, which comes courtesy of Nike Basketball. The premise?

Who’s the baddest player in the NBA today?

Great cameos throughout by NBA legends like George Gervin, Chris Mullin and Charles Oakley, to name a few …


  1. Mleh says:

    Lol tell that to the SPURS

  2. wait says:

    Shouldn’t it be conference finals in the first line?

  3. yotu says:

    Who are the baddest? You are, Nike. The commercial start with the 2014 MVP KD speech, the one that makes me cry and when showed to my wife, a “who is KD?” she cried too, the one that makes me a KD fan.
    And then Nike wants to kill that image saying that KD speech is not the REAL KD because that kind of person will not sell shoes. Because a man that was made by gods, or a man that is like a panther, or all stupid things they said and want you to think KD is, that’s the one that sell shoes.
    So Nike you are the baddest. Why instead of changing GOOD person images to sell your (MADE IN CHINA) products, you start producing your products here in America so all of us has more jobs and money so we can buy your overpricing products?

  4. T A says:

    Yeah tell that to the Spurs, because the Spurs know it all too well, they know that KD is the biggest nuisance to their system.

  5. NBA2k says:

    I like KD (possibly my favorite player right now) because of his commitment to the people and community around him. I also think he’s a decent competitor.

    That being said, KD isn’t “bad.” He isn’t aggressive enough getting to the basket nor calling for the ball. He’s somewhat of a liability on defense as well. He’s a beyond impressive scorer and definitely the second best NBA player right now, but for him to be “bad” he needs to step up his game and will his team to some wins. Westbrook, for all his bad decision making, attempts to will his team and they are behind him for it. Team basketball wins championships, but stars win games when the team needs them to, and Durant didn’t step up in clutch time this post season (with how many over times where he could have won them the game, the ones that Westbrook kept them in?).

    • RP says:

      You need to go back and watch the season before the playoffs. If KD has a fault it is not telling Westbrook who’s boss and to share the ball. That said….KD took the team to #1 in the league and kept them there until Westbrook came back. Then they dropped to 3rd before finally settling at second. That’s not winning games? If you’re talking about the playoffs where KD got smothered and still outscored and outrebounded th he rest of the team, why don’t you check out Westbrook’s record in the 5 playoff OT’s? People need to look past the flashy reckless dunks that are Westbrook and remember his shooting disaster.

  6. johnny says:

    lol, oh ok, might just be KD. it’s decided then, kd the baddest. learn your lesson kids. he is the swaggy baddest, buy the shoes

  7. Deandre says:

    KD isn’t nearly the baddest, dude is a boy scout compared to some of these dudes. MJ, Iverson, TMac, Kobe, KG…no one from the modern era is bad like that, these guys are all friends off the court nowadays making arrangements w/ who they want to play alongside next. Times/rules are changing no one has that killer instinct anymore in today’s game.

  8. The Truth Will Set You Free says:

    It’s Tim Duncan.

    Shaquille O’Neal, former rival: “The Spurs won because of Tim Duncan, a guy I could never break. I could talk trash to Patrick Ewing, get in David Robinson’s face, get a rise out of Alonzo Mourning, but when I went at Tim he’d look at me like he was bored. Whenever I run into a Tim Duncan fan who will claim Tim Duncan is the GOAT, I won’t disagree with him.” (http://blog.mysanantonio.com/spursnation/2014/06/04/fundamental-greatness-an-oral-history-of-tim-duncan/)