Julius Randle is a long-time Lakers fan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the seventh pick in last night’s NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Julius Randle. Now, Randle was born and raised in Texas, and then he attended a year of school at Kentucky. But after being drafted by the Lakers, Randle took to Instagram and posted a photo to show everyone that actually, he’s been a Lakers fan for a long time…

Oh y'all didn't know I grew up a LAKER fan?

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  1. Donald Smith says:

    Congratulation Randle! After watching you play for Kentucky, and in the tournament, it is no doubt that you won’t be successful in the NBA!

  2. Adrian Anderson says:

    Was friends with Julius family growing up, you always knew he was destined for greatness! Best wishes in LA

  3. #30 says:

    Even James Harden is a Lakers fan

  4. dolladdiict says:

    Nice choice for LA Lakers! Good luck in your NBA career. Hope you’ll be Laker for life.