Noah Vonleh rocks old school Starter jacket

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Charlotte Hornets used the 9th pick in last night’s NBA draft on forward Noah Vonleh out of Indiana. And it didn’t take long for Vonleh to take to social media and show his happiness with becoming a member of the Hornets. Vonleh did this by posting a photo of himself wearing a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket, which, back in the day, was one of the coolest sports apparel items any kid could own. After a big run a few decades back, Starter jackets fell out of popularity, and the Hornets left Charlotte and eventually stopped existing. But everything is cyclical, and now the Charlotte Hornets have returned, as are Starter jackets. Vonleh managed to hit the perfect combo last night.


  1. Bizzy says:

    The Hornets are back!!! Welcome to the Queen City Noah!! We are lucky to have you!!

  2. SAVAGE22 says:

    Nice pickup by Charlotte. Couldnt be happier that the Hornets are back!!! #purple&teal #buzzcity