All Ball Talk Show: Kevin Durant

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERKevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder may have lost in the Western Conference Finals, but it shouldn’t detract from KD’s historic season — he was first-team All NBA and, of course, was named the NBA’s MVP. Last week at the debut of the Nike KD 7 in Washington DC, I caught up with Durant to talk about his season, his MVP speech, and what the future holds.

VIDEO: All Ball KD


  1. Zach says:

    KD is such a great baller, but even a better person loved this interview.

  2. Charles says:

    Wonderful interview!!!! KD even though I am a huge Spurs fan, you are da MAN!

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  4. Tom says:

    Even Durant’s gonna struggle carrying a deadweight coach to a championship, scary to think how strong OKC could be with decent development and a discernible system.

    • TTKIN says:

      Scary to think how strong OKC could be if Westbrook ever gets it through his head that he aint the team’s best player.

      • Lynell says:

        YOUR 100% CORRECT!!!

      • Carl says:

        “Scary to think how strong OKC could be if Durant ever gets it through his head that he needs to be more aggressive in closing games.”

        Fixed that for you.

  5. Lazyjan says:

    Trade westbrook for Harden and sign up Lowry for PG position. OKC will not win championship if westbrook stil in OKC.

    • en. says:

      Yep…westbrook is not good at desisions

    • Macy says:

      You MUST be smoking to make a statement like that man. Westbrook is the reason they even won most of those playoff games. WITHOUT him they won’t win a ring.

    • aaron says:

      You are rediculous

    • Nick says:

      What?! I agree that Westbrook often makes bad decisions and stifles ball movement, but he often does the reverse too! He just needs to learn to maintain his poise and team play when things get tough. Harden gets a lot of notoriety because of his scoring but plays NO defense. He would be a definite step down from Westbrook.

    • Okcbest says:

      Wow if you watch any of the games KD nor Westbrook nor Brooks is the issue the Thunder needs a 3rd consistent scorer period once we add that then Championship will be in hend but until we stop being cheap or Lamb or Jackson step up CONSISTENTLY then we are just western conference finals bound til something changes. THUNDER UP

  6. martinez661 says:

    Pathetic, why not just work harder for it? Or recruit!

  7. El Stone says:

    He should settle for less money and join the Spurs.

  8. westot says:

    kick westbrook if okc wants to win championship, OKC dont need a selfish player like him

  9. Kurt says:

    Kendrick Perkins cos he’s black

  10. Jefferson says:

    I lost respect for KD hating on Leonard for getting finals mvp, he played KD tough, outshined all of the HEAT and KD wants to hate?!?!? sore losr!!!! GOSPURSGO!!!!

  11. bullets says:

    KD is comin home to DC next offseason to play with J wall and beal watch

  12. jay z says:

    fools traded harden thus they won’t ever win a championship; with him, they had a chance to go to finals at least

    • Aymen says:

      Hahahahahahaha you don’t watch the rockets games do you

    • Mace says:

      They went to the finals, and LOST! Partially because of harden and his disappearing act. Harden doesn’t play defense, never has, never will. And defense is what wins championships. ITS HARDEN who got the sore end of the deal. The thunder got a very promising big man in Adams and this new guy mcgary. While harden will be in Houston with an aging Howard and will never win a ring. If the thunder would have kept harden they would be in the luxury tax EVERY year because of how much the 3 stars would make. They wouldn’t be able to afford good role players like Jackson and the thunder don’t need more offense. They’ve got that in spades. Okcs winning percentage with harden .066% WITHOUT harden their winning percentage is .074% and their record has gotten better and better since harden left. If that doesn’t tell you something right there I don’t know what does. The thunder did everything they could to keep him but he wanted 1million more dollars and the thunder couldn’t do it. So instead of just letting him walk, they traded him and got a trade exception from Martin, j-lamb and 2 first round picks (Adams and McGary).

  13. Jimmy says:

    KD is awesome. They need a CENTER or tell Perkins to score wayyyyy more and need a SG or have Thabo step up quick.

  14. adot says:

    can’t believe people still think westbrook a top 3 guard in this league is the problem of OKC what utter foolishness, clearly did not see the playoffs when he got injured and his return before his next surgery i thought this guy going to average a triple double.
    The problem is mainly coach I’m sorry, he just plays durant and westbrook ball not team plays or nothing and what kind of tactic is we don’t need a scoring centre sure but at least have one who can put nearly 10 points a game when needed. We will never overcome teams like spurs or trail blazers with a well rounded starting line up.

    If you can’t put up 10 points any given night you got no business be a starter at this level so many better bench players (i am talking about perkins)

  15. Don says:

    Me personall thunder are good they just need a center a bench and Jackson play PG Russell. At SG durant SF serrge PF
    They need to just play smart ball but they are contenders for a ring just need help

  16. Timothy Haley says:

    I don’t understand why people either like Westbrook don’t like KD or like Kd don’t like Westbrook. To me they make each other better. The problem with both of them is that they lose focus worrying about the others on their team. When you are doing that TO ME it is beacause the Thunder’s coaches has not made it clear to every players what their role is on the team. I say this and truly believe this next statement. A coach in every playoff series should be able to get his team 2 wins the others 2 wins must be on the player. If anyone watch these last playoffs someone please tell me when did Scott Brooks got his team one win in any series of the three. The Thunder could win a championship if KD with Westbrook realizes that they have to feed off each other along with Ibaka to win one. With those three as the main parts feeding off each other they are unstoppable. Not KD doing it by himself & not Russ doing it by himself.

  17. martel douglas says:

    Kevin Durant is great basketball player but don’t see him wining a championship if he say in okc

  18. Da Beast says:

    Imagine if OKC was in the East. Durant would be going to the Finals at least every other year.

  19. William says:

    Durante should head to the Spurs. His championships are waiting there.

  20. Rafi says:

    only reason they lost is because Westbrook took stupid shots near the end.

  21. SAVAGE22 says:


  22. Amitpal Bains says:

    Finally someone who knows what there talking about. 100% percent agree with you.