James Harden, Jabari Parker throw out first pitches

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been fun watching Tracy McGrady chase his dream of becoming a professional baseball pitcher, but just because you can throw a baseball doesn’t mean it’s something you can or should do for a living. Over the weekend we saw two different NBA players throw out ceremonial first pitches for their local Major League Baseball franchises.

Down in Houston, Rockets guard James Harden visited an Astros game and was entrusted with tossing a first pitch. Harden, a southpaw, took the mound in cut-off jeans, a.k.a. jorts, a real fashion-forward move on his part. Also, for some reason Harden had to pitch with a bunch of mascots hanging around in the background, which must be distracting. His pitch was high and outside, perhaps designed to make a batter chase.

VIDEO: Harden’s Pitch

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, recent number two overall pick Jabari Parker threw out the first pitch at a Brewers game. The rangy righty went with sweatpants, an always wise move. I particularly like how Parker takes the mound, stares in and shakes off the catcher before throwing what could generously be described as a low change-up. Nice form, though.

VIDEO: Parker’s Pitch


  1. PHIL CANT HELP NY says:

    i am not watching a 31 second ad to see these vids

  2. Name is my name says:

    I didnt watch the 31 second ad the second time cause i played it while i was watching the first one. Jabari had a good pitch for but bad throw. James had a bad form nut a really high throw.