Lob City visits Croatia

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Being able to jump like Clippers big men Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan must be an incredible feeling. It is a feeling I have never had, and barring some freaky science experiment, will likely never have. It would be useful not only when playing basketball, of course, but also if you found yourself on a tourist-filled beach in Croatia, like this video that recently surfaced featuring Griffin and Jordan on a beach in Dubrovnik, Croatia, having some fun in the sun…

VIDEO: BG and DJ at beach

(via TNLP)


  1. Alex R says:

    That’s 17 mil$ a year jumping over some concrete stairs into shallow waters…

  2. wade says:

    I jumped into the water while holding hand with LBJ in south beach and it was wayy better. i just didn’t want to post it online..it’s our little secret get away..