Getting drafted by the Spurs a dream come true for Kyle Anderson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the final pick of the first round in the 2014 NBA draft, the San Antonio Spurs selected UCLA big man Kyle Anderson. Anderson seemed like a good fit for the Spurs — he’s a terrific passer and nice offensive player — and as you can see in the video below, filmed as part of a forthcoming documentary on Anderson, he told a group of kids months before the draft that he’d love to get picked by the Spurs. As you can also see in the video, check out his reaction two months later when it is announced which team actually drafted him…

VIDEO: Kyle Anderson

(via BIL)


  1. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Yes i’ve seen this video somewhere else already. I was a little bit shocked to see Anderson still available at #30!!
    I’m sure that the Spurs were waiting for it. There couldn’t be a better pick for San Antonio, and Kyle couldn’t land in a better place than in SA! He’ll learn a lot from everybody including Boris Diaw!

  2. That’s awesome, good for him.

  3. FRANK says:


  4. jimr says:

    the spurs built this team in drafts and it is a juggernaut right now ask lebron

  5. PACER, OKC, and CLIPPER'S fan says:

    KYle’s dream has come true

  6. how big is his ego? says:

    I haven’t followed Kyle Anderson much. Can someone tell me if they think he will be coachable under Pop? How will he react to being yelled at and/or benched by Pop, or if the Spurs send him to the D-league or cut him like they did Danny Green?

  7. SEAN says:

    Welcome san antonioooooooo Home of world champion spurs,Kyle Anderson,it was great video,it remined me tony parker when drafted said he want play for spurs,hoping they draft him,and guess what 4 time champion while you have chance win championship in your first year here,CONGRATS from SPURS fans in river walk city

  8. TEG says:

    pretty awesome

  9. Vin says:

    The one team I’d love to join as a player… But I’m not… sigh

  10. Michaelanthony Perez says:

    Yes we have Kyle Anderson but as u read this we also have acquired on our Summer league team a group of rookies that went undrafted. Remember the name BRYCE COTTON. He and Anderson along with DESHAUN THOMAS and a couple others make this year our deepest summer league team ever ! BRYCE COTTON should have gone in the first 10 pix. You’re going to love this kid. Both Anderson and Cotton are natural born Spurs in my opinion and Thomas was the leading scorer last year at Ohio State. The best shooter in his division. This year you’ll probably see him in silver and black. R.C. Buford and Pop have an eye for talent like none other. I’m looking forward to my 41st year of following the SPURS ! ……p.s. our black uniforms are the best in the business !

  11. Michaelanthony Perez says:

    In my zeal I forgot to mention that Deshaun Thomas was our second pick last year . This nucleus of Thomas, Anderson and Cotton will be an infusion which could sustain a dynasty for some time to come. Couple these three with a still young mvp Leonard and we’re going to keep people talking about “The Beautiful Game “

  12. your mother so fat says:

    good luck kid thats fundamental basketball
    you are the best fit for them
    god bless

  13. hedo says:

    hedo turkoglu