How to keep LeBron? A LeBron-A-Thon!

2014 NBA Finals - Game Five

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With NBA free agency underway as of midnight last night, the big prize in this year’s class is LeBron James, who recently opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat. With his teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh reportedly joining James in free agency to help create cap room for the Heat, Miami may have the inside track as far as keeping the King. But just in case, a Miami radio station is going all-in, at least for a day.

According to the Miami Herald, Miami radio station WQAM is, at least for today, hosting a LeBron-A-Thon. What’s a LeBron-A-Thon? That’s a little unclear, at least from the press release…

Sports Radio 560 WQAM-AM will celebrate “LEBRON-A-THON” all day, tomorrow July 1st, 2014. South Florida has enjoyed championship basketball the last four years, and we want more. We all want LeBron James to stay in Miami and WQAM is encouraging listeners put their money where their mouth is, by supporting a great cause. Listeners are being encouraged to visit where they can click on the “LEBRON-A-THON” banner to make a donation. 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County.

So basically the goal of the LeBron-A-Thon, other than keeping LeBron in Miami, is to raise money for the local Boys and Girls Clubs. No matter where LeBron ends up, seems like a worthy cause.


  1. TheKush says:

    If I’m LeBron I want a Max contract and I want an owner who respects me enough to go over the salary cap if necessary to surround me with top level talent. If Jerry Buss was still alive Lebron would be a Laker this season GUARANTEED! If Prokhorov was smarter he could have waited until this year to spend all that money because LeBron in New York would have been nuts! Chicago has some pretty good fans also but apparently money is major concern out there even tho almost every game is sold out?

    Based on what I’m seeing right now he heads back to Miami but Bosh and Wade gotta take a major pay fade. Personally if I were either of them I would have NEVER opted out of those contracts because they’ll never see that money again lol! I’d personally like to see Lebron in L.A if I wish there wasn’t so much drama surrounding the clippers because that Microsoft owner Guy could build himself some notoriety by making a serious attempt to go after Lebron James!

    Cleveland is gambling on CANADA!!! They basically have the Canadian national basketball team I can’t see LeBron going back there now!

  2. ashley says:

    Lebron please stay. I’m one of your biggest fans. Even though you don’t know I even exist please stay in Miami. Do it for the lebron-a-thon. Miami wouldn’t be the same

  3. sally says:

    He’s not going anywhere, I tell ya. He will not tuck his tail and run, he’s going to stay right there in Miami and re-tool, only to come back next year and resume with Championships. Spurs beware, you won’t get two in a row… Go Heat !!

  4. Glenish Henderson says:

    He needs to stay in one place, no one is going to win all the time no matter how greater a player they are. That’s life you win some and you lose some. He’s not the only one in the sports industry who wants to win… Take that

  5. sam453 says: