Kevin Durant shows off innovative jump shot

VIDEO: Durant Interview

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the video above, I asked Kevin Durant how he could improve his game after the historic season he just completed, in which he won the MVP. He answered the question, but he didn’t mention that it might include debuting a 360 jumper.

Well, I don’t actually think we’ll see KD use this in a game, but he did post an Instagram video of an innovative drill to help his balance. As KD wrote in the caption: “My brother @aharri21 has me doing some sick stuff for my balance. Challenging to say the least. This is the last video I will be posting of me gettin it in. That’s not what I do it for but I thought u guys might like it.”


  1. sweet that will be a better move than MJ fadeaway of dream shake

  2. charless702 says:

    OMG TRAVEL. His foot slides forward a quarter inch. lol. Anyway all joking aside, I’m not sure how this helps his balance. He should do that and then do the Dirk fade on that one foot.

  3. The Truth says:

    I don’t get it. How is that going to be effective??? Not that he needs more stuff to be effective… He’s already the MVP.

  4. The Truth says:

    Oh. Never mind. I didn’t read the blurb above the video. Probably won’t be used in a game…

  5. mj says:

    A HEE HEE!!!

  6. Embee says:

    It’s not a game move, it’s about quickly being able to re-calibrate and square up for the shot. KD’s biggest weakness is also one of his strengths, he’s too light in the back pocket. You see when LBJ was just a perimeter based player, Cleveland did well but couldn’t win it all. When he got stronger, and started POSTING UP, he became all world best best on the planet. Higher % looks. No way a coach should ever consider trying to guard someone KD’s height with a Chris Paul! That should be child abuse!

  7. Tee-Jay says:

    Copying what Dirk Nowitzki does. Improve something original perhaps.