Orlando Magic thank Jameer Nelson

VIDEO: Thanks Jameer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After a decade as a member of the Orlando Magic, a run that included an All-Star appearance in 2009, yesterday the Orlando Magic waived point guard Jameer Nelson. This was largely seen as a cost-cutting move for Orlando, as the Magic are firmly entrenched in a rebuilding project. But that doesn’t mean the Magic and Nelson are leaving on bad terms. Nelson now has the chance to sign with a contending team, and as he told the Orlando Sentinel, he appreciates the fans in Orlando: “The people, the way they embraced me there in Orlando over the last 10 years, were phenomenal. Not too many players can say they played in the same place in any sport for 10 years.”

And to make sure the people of Orlando know they valued Nelson’s contributions, the Magic posted the video above, and have put up several billboards in Orlando to show their thanks…


  1. lbj says:

    he hsould come to miami

  2. yao says:

    So if the player leaves, you fans get all upset. But if the team waives or trade the player you fans are ok? Bull.

  3. Hilo Dan says:

    All he has to do is move a little to the south….

  4. Kyle Garrabrant says:

    You will be missed Jameer! Deserves to play for a contender. A great player and an even better person.

  5. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    If they played Skip more in the finals, I’ll be more thankful for Jameer.

  6. geeez says:

    He gives you 10 years and you can’t put up a compilation for the guy? smh

  7. Marco says:

    Go next door to the heat !!!

  8. OKC says:

    OKC could sure use another PG.

  9. helveyn says:

    i was so sad when i read the news from the internet that jameer nelson was waived by the magic,it was a sad moment for all of the magic fans including me coz im a diehard fan of the magic since the GRANT HILL ERA,jameer is realy a good person and whoever teams who pick him up wuold be blessed and would never regret by his good nature and professionalism on and off the court,the PILIPINO FANS and the PHILIPPINES would truly MISS jameer in MAGIC UNIFORM.I KNOW jameer would succed in any team he will played,GOODLUCK JAMEER AND GODBLESS….,KEEP PRAYING.

  10. helveyn says:

    JAMEER is a good person and a great player,i know jameer would succed whatever teams he will played,the PILIPINO FANS and the PHILIPPINES will miss jameer in magic uniform,GOODLUCK AND GODBLESS on your next TEAM.

  11. SAVAGE22 says:

    Nelson should head over to the Lakers…I hear they are in need of a good EVERYTHING!

  12. Michael says:

    It is good when a player and a team part ways and show respect towards each other.

  13. formerOrlandofan says:

    Can the commissioner please look into the supertanker Magic? As a former fan I can tell you that they have let every player with talent and every player that cares about winning go. This is very bad for the NBA. I’m completely sour on the Magic and the league. Purposefully losing to try to get draft picks should not be allowed.

  14. Da Point says:

    Jameer is still dope… Just come to LA… Join Kobe, Melo or Bron, Gasol or Love in getting back into the playoff race J… We kinda need you…

  15. Thank you very much Jameer Nelson for some of the greatest years of Orlando Magic basketball. I hope to see that #14 hanging up on the ceiling one day.