The Pacers take Lance Stephenson to the movies

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards: Game Six

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When the clock struck midnight last night on the East Coast, NBA free agency kicked off. For many teams, at least at that initial moment, this means putting in a call to a player’s agent to register some level of interest.

But the Indiana Pacers were apparently not messing around. With their do-everything swingman Lance Stephenson hitting free agency, the Pacers decided to go all out and let him know how important keeping him is to their future plans. So, according to the Indy Star, the Pacers rented out a movie theater. Really.

Sometime shortly after midnight Tuesday, Lance Stephenson will be seated with his family and friends in a movie theater. The lights will go down and the ‘Born Ready’ life story will flash before Stephenson’s eyes on the big screen.

Inside the entertainment complex based in suburban Indianapolis, the Pacers’ commitment begins in earnest where a private party will be held and a love letter set to moving pictures will play with the hopes of keeping Stephenson. The movie will feature moments from when Stephenson arrived in Indiana to the point he is now, a potential Eastern Conference All-Star and a key figure in a core that can compete for a title. After midnight, however, the real picture of Stephenson’s future will take shape.

Will it be enough to keep Born Ready in Indianapolis? That remains to be seen…


  1. Zach says:

    Come on Lance, SIGN IT, PLEASE……. Indy loves ya and the Pacers need you bad….

  2. Freddy says:

    Lance – weigh your options and look at what the world can offer! If the heat get the band together again – you won’t be seeing an NBA finals anytime soon if you resign with the Pacers!

  3. BonnieBear29 says:

    Indy is the best place for Lance right now. He’s got a lot of talent on the court but he’s gotta mature before becoming a leader on another team. George and West take a lot of pressure off of him and he can stay under the wing of Larry Bird for a few more years. I have a feeling it could turn out bad if he signs a big contract for another team and loses his support system.

    • Freddy says:

      BonnieBear – I would have to agree with you on a few points, but not sure if George and West are the best ‘mentors’ for him. In my opinion, there are a few other guys out there that would do a better job in guiding him and/or controlling his behavior on the court. If Bird couldn’t do, not sure how well that organization is doing with him.

  4. Don Juan says:

    Lance, come to Charlotte…you will be the star there. Think how Harden left OKC to be the man in Houston. Think Charlotte is the perfect opportunity for you to have the same immediate impact. 🙂

    • T-3 in the place to be says:

      I agree, although his mentality is in question. If he can straighten out his weird head he is def a guy who can average 20-6-6 and with improvement on his J, 26-6-6……harden numbers.

    • Caleb says:

      yeah for real come to charlotte we got kemba, BIG AL, Vonleh, and hairston

    • Kerry Alphonse says:

      Star over Kemba Walker and Big AL i dint think so….. Come to the Lakers play with Kobe and in 2 yrs the team is your

  5. TheKush says:

    If I were Lance I would take some of Melo’s money and take my talents to the New York Knicks!

  6. If I were Lance I would be looking to go to Chicago and doing whatever it took to get Carmelo to sign as well. That would give them three to deal with in Chicago. Him, Carmelo, and a strong return from Rose. Add that to their roster and they can make a push for a Eastern Conference title. The Big three can make joint decisions like that, then why cant these guys. His other best option would be to go to OKC, Houston, or Portland. Then he would be in title contention automatically. Especially in OKC.

  7. EJumpman 6 says:

    In all honesty, the Pacers came out last year like they were the new king of the hill. They talked the talked but could not walk it when Miami was starring them down they buckled all but Lance!

    Ya he had his antics but his teammates did not show up. I’d re-sign him just off of him showing up.


  8. Andrew says:

    Lance make ’em dance, lance make ’em dance…

  9. rapsfan says:

    lance better stay put and try to be sixth man of the year…he’s not starter material and he needs baby sitting. George and West are not good mentors for Lance, he needs a Charles Oakley type to punch him in his mouth when he goes to far.

  10. vincent says:

    thoughtful, but a movie isnt gonna be the deal-breaking gesture to keep a player.

  11. Mark says:

    Come to the Sixers…we don’t have anybody… :/

  12. sally says:

    I wouldn’t want that idiot on my team, everybody’s trying to win and he’s out there blowing in some players ear, or laying on the floor acting like he’s hurt. What a joke, your right he better stay put, no other team would want him.

  13. Tom says:

    Lance i think could be a great fin with okc, who is in need of a sg upgrade.

  14. phil says:

    They will sign Stephenson for cheap and then trade him Bird is keeping a straight face but watch it happen…..why don’t you think Bird will spend more than he needs to cos no one will pay his contract if its too big therefore hard to make the best trade

  15. Joker says:

    Join Miami and you got to blow into someone’s ear as much as you like when you sit as teammate.

  16. thejerr says:

    come to the lakers lance….. blow in jack nicholsons ears all you want….. as i type this im reading he turned down a 5yr 44mil contract from the pacers…..nm lul

  17. Connor says:

    I’m surprised a Larry Bird-led team would do this, considering Larry is very low key.