LeBron has gone fishing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat, fans of and execs from other teams around the league felt like maybe they had a chance to poach him away. After all, who wouldn’t want LeBron on their team?

But reports thus far make it seem as though James has no plans of leaving the Heat. And while other free agents are going around and visiting teams where they might sign, LeBron is on vacation with his family. Yesterday, LeBron posted this video of his son, Bronny, who seems like a natural when it comes to fishing. As LeBron noted in the caption: “Bronny caught him a black fin tuna. Need to put him on “Wicked Tuna”. #WeWasHyped #WhatColorWasIt #JamesVacation”


  1. Da Point says:

    Im not a LeBron fan by any means, but he needs to go to LA Lakers and shock the world.., AGAIN…!!! You aint a champion until you win one in LA bruh lol…
    But you know what…??? He fishing… Kinda means he already has an idea on where he is going…

  2. Whisker says:

    He will not get back to the Heat. Bosh and Wade are not the same as they used to be, they have no Battier, no Miller, maybe no Andersen and Ray Allen (even if they will get them back, both will be over 35 years old). Wade has constant health issues, no point guard and no center in the team. How can you expect to win anything? Lebron is not stupid, he knows the situation very well. I will not be suprised one bit when he leave this Heat team.

  3. wade says:

    Bro, how come I wasn’t invited? I thought we agreed to share every moment together as long as we’re on the same team?! Remember that time we went to the beach together? We had so much fun then I can’t stop thinking about it. I will take a pay cut as big as you want so you can be with me for the rest of our lives. I mean, basketball life. Miss you!

  4. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    @ Whisker :

    Good points you made!
    LeBron is not stupid, he is not going to sign anything until Pat Riley can show him a championship roster. Last season LeBron had to do everything during the regular season while sat out 1/3 of the season, and Wade is only getting older, so what he will Wade look like next year and the years to come? Bosh plays like he wants to be a small forward, the Heat have NO CENTER!

    I think at this point LeBron would be stupid not to team up with Melo somewhere, it doesn’t matter what team. The two of them together would be almost exactly like MJ/Pippen. And with all that extra cap space of not signing a 3rd superstar they could fill the roster with legitimate solid role players.

  5. mac says:

    stay with the heat, recruit pau, hinrich, bring back mike miller….

  6. Name is my name says:

    People mocked Paul George Roy Hibbert and George Hill when they went fishing why aren’t they mocking LeBron.

    • uhh says:

      Fishing is something you do after the season is over. The Pacers did it before they were eliminated. That’s why they were made fun of.

  7. Brian Cobe says:

    LeaveBron James is confused

  8. trayhawk says:

    Um no he’s not confused. He and his agent talked and he is letting his agent represent him for the initial meetings. Its not being confused. Yeah, he’s confused. Hilarious. Let’s see who handicapped the hell out of his team from signing anyone to help them win a title knowing he might not even play a minute hmmmm. mr. double standard kobe d-bag bryant 30million a year. 11 more than lbj to screw his team b/c kobe cares about kobe. Lbj isnt 2nd or 3rd in highest salary he’s 8th. Take a look at chris broussard

  9. I8A4RE says:

    Um what a loser Lebron is if that’s true lbjking, I’m not signing with a team unless I can easily win a title because I’m the most mentally weak athlete since Royce white!