Steph Curry’s own summer league

By Joe Boozell

The Warriors have been busy this offseason – they hired a new coach, have been the focal point of the Kevin Love sweepstakes all summer and they just agreed to a contract with Shaun Livingston.

But their best player and one of the most humble young stars in the NBA, Stephen Curry, has been relatively quiet lately. The 43 points he dropped in his San Francisco Pro-am debut last night, however, were anything but quiet.

New Warriors coach Steve Kerr is standing somewhere like …

kerr funny




  1. TheKush says:

    Steph Curry is special I’ve never seen anyone with that type of game before he’s the ideal player to have on your team in a video game!

  2. vinsanefan says:

    Steph Curry, so smooth…so sick.