Kobe calls multiple title expectations for LeBron “ridiculous”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — By now we’ve seen several videos of Kobe Bryant, who was in Brazil for the World Cup, discussing various topics with an array of journalists.

But in this latest video, Kobe is asked about a soccer player needing to win a World Cup to truly be considered great, and if that is similar to the expectations placed on LeBron James. As Kobe notes, for NBA players it becomes about “how many [championships] you get, which sounds absolutely ridiculous. Youโ€™re really lucky and fortunate to win one, but now it’s become so jaded, it’s like, ‘OK you only won one, you only won two, you should win five or six,’ which is absolutely ridiculous.”

VIDEO: Kobe on Bron

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  1. Jaamnoo says:

    it is… when you think about it.
    it’s not about the game anymore…its about the rings en you know who is responsible for this….. not only the owners and management and…the players.. but also the fans.

    • Lebron is so boastful says:

      Lebron is now 30 yrs of age.. tell me how would it be possible for him to win 7 or 8 rings while right now at age 30 he only has 2 and if not because of Ray Allen it’s just 1 ring.. LOL..

      That’s why you can’t blame that a lot of people likes Kobe than Lebron.. Kobe and MJ never said and couldn’t say those boastful speech.. Maybe that’s why the humble Spurs eat then alive because humbleness always prevail at the end over boastfulness. Where are you now Lebron? you’re leaving your team again?!.. LOL!! I thought you will win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7?… you talk too much Lebron.. that’s one of the big reason why I like Kobe over you and I want my son to idolized Kobe and not you.. your mouth is faster than your brain Lebron..

      • pablo says:

        Totally agree.

      • Bonnie says:

        Lebron is 29….and Kobe has 5 rings but if not for Derek Fisher he has 4. I hate when people like you try to minimize everything Lebron does, like it or not he is and will be one of the best to play the game so shut up and just enjoy it!!!

      • justsayin says:

        I would have gone with “if not for Shaq he has 2,” Bonnie.

        And if Bron is going to act like he deserves all those gpitw and goat proclamations that his fawning fans afford him – then yes he DOES have to be held to the standards of success of true proven greats like Jordan and Russell.

        Which he’s really already failed at considerig he is an Allen 3 and a rigged series against okc from being 0-5.

      • Cartola says:

        ^^^I think homie is a little confused.

        Fisher did bail the Lakers out with his 0.4 shot, but that was in 2004, the year in which they lost to the Pistons in the finals.

        So Fisher never saved a championship season.

        Robert Horry, on the other hand, in 2002, did.

  2. Lanzorin says:

    The tittle is misleading as f…

    • charless702 says:

      How is that misleading? The title says “Kobe calls multiple title expectations for Lebron ridiculous.” In the video Kobe calls the multiple title expectations for Lebron ridiculous. He then goes on to say must people are lucky to win a single ring and that Lebron has already won multiple rings. He thinks it’s ridiculous for people to expect 5 or more championships when a lot of great players haven’t even won a single one and a lot of really good players haven’t even made it to one. That title is almost an exact quote of what Kobe just said. I think you need to learn what some of these words mean before you comment on the article.

      • rudicheu says:

        It is in fact somewhat misleading. The title aims to sensationalize and create a nonexistent rift between Lebron and Kobe by making it seem like Kobe is berating Lebron’s goal of attaining multiple titles.

        Upon further study,it is then revealed that Kobe was speaking in general about the attainment of multiple titles and not saying that it’s a ridiculous goal for Lebron to win multiple titles.

        A more appropriate, less sensational and less misleading title for the article would have been “Kobe Calls Multiple Title Expectations Ridiculous”.

      • charless702 says:

        Yeah but you make it sound as if the title was “Kobe Calls Lebron’s Expectations For Multiple Titles Ridiculous.” It was an article and a comment directly related to peoples expectations for Lebron to win multiple titles and was pretty much taken straight from Kobe’s mouth. I guess he could have worded it slightly different but I don’t think he tried to give people the wrong idea. I think sometimes we, as people, look for drama, even when there is none.

  3. Greg says:

    The problem with Lebron is that he has put these title expectations on himself. If he never made the prediction to win 7 rings, I think it would be absurd how we put so much pressure on him. If he didn’t include himself in the Mount Rushmore of basketball, it would be ridiculous. If he didn’t call himself “King.” We would be content with him going 2 for 5 in the Finals. This has been all self-afflicted and the fact is it will be for the rest of his career.

    • Correct says:

      As a Heat fan and Lebron fan I have to agree with you on this one. They talked to much before even DOING anything. Like you said that is going to haunt him for the rest of his career. Choose words wisely.

      • If y’all was a real fan y’all would know he also said he believes that they could get multiple rings he didn’t say hands down they will win every year

      • Lebron is boastful says:

        Lebron is now 30 yrs of age.. tell me how would it be possible for him to win 7 or 8 rings while right now at age 30 he only has 2 and if not because of Ray Allen it’s just 1 ring.. LOL..

        That’s why you can’t blame that a lot of people likes Kobe than Lebron.. Kobe and MJ never said and couldn’t say those boastful speech.. Maybe that’s why the humble Spurs eat then alive because humbleness always prevail at the end over boastfulness. Where are you now Lebron? you’re leaving your team again?!.. LOL!! I thought you will win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7?… your mouth is faster than your brain Lebron..

    • Jack Gainor says:

      Silly answer

    • GREG FOCKER says:


    • dave says:

      Agreed. It’s good to set high goals for yourself, but probably best to be careful who you let know about those goals.

    • gurudeg says:

      Good points. Just remember, the more Lebron’s name is uttered, the more money he’s making. Each attempt at a ring in the finals is a multiplier for him. Negative attention is still attention. He either planned it this way, or it’s a positive outcome to some egotistical acts.

    • pKone says:

      Not true, he had title expectation before going to the Heat

      When he was in Cleveland the story was about the rings he’d let slip away … not one, not two, not three etc… missed chances.

      • lbj target says:

        he did make himself a target by saying they would win 7. if you think ur the big bad wolf and then u get ur butt beat people will always remind you… hey you said this… what happened. its human nature.

    • aqw says:

      Nah, He said that not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 thing on the day they were presented as miami heat players, mostly as a joke. People reads into it to much, and everyone is always searching for a reason to bash lebron and put all blame on him.

    • J says:

      2 for 5… man he sucks in the finals

      • Sam Reyes says:

        2 of 4 his cleveland finals just shows his talent, but not that he was contender.

        too much people talk about him like if getting to the finals its easy. you need to know that the reasons why hes not 3 or 4 from 5 is D wade or chalmers but he didnt blame anyone, in fact he is the one blamed… evven when he does much more of what he is paid for..

        think about it. LeBron its the best player at this point in NBA and yeah he will be replaced, but he gave his best, not mentioning that low for him its even hight for others there.


      • Mr.Speedy says:

        Yeah as A Kobe fan, it’s very true … Lebron played great in those finals but his TEAM didnt show up…

      • FkLeblowjobjames says:

        Lebron was part of the team, he cant bring his team together in the final…but he can during the regular season? that doesnt make sense to me.

      • charless702 says:

        Ohh B.S. Sam Reyes. Lebron makes all that money. He gets paid the big bucks to lead his team. What were his words in game 5 again “Let’s keep up the energy and follow my lead”? They get off to a decent start then they go 7-8 minutes, in which Lebron was on the floor, and don’t score a single basket. Also if my memory serves me correctly Lebron missed a ton of layups throughout the Spurs series especially in game 5. You talk about Wade and Chalmers but Lebron only had 2 good games in the finals. Wade, Chalmers, Allen, Bosh and everyone else got shut down by superior defense. Quit acting like Lebron threw down 50 PPG in the Finals. Lebron didn’t even have more than 2 games over 30 (35 and 31 being the 2.) Lebron and his teammates didn’t get the job done. He’s suppose to be the “King” remember. Maybe he shouldn’t be looking for a max contract if he cant completely take over a game or at the very least keep his team in a game. Also him taking the Cavs to the Finals in 07 shows more about the competition in the Eastern Conference over the last 7-8 then it does about Lebron. Honestly Lebron should consider himself lucky he isn’t 1 for 5 in Finals match ups. One last thing, don’t forget the Heat wouldn’t have made the Finals the last 4 years if Wade wasn’t on that team. Let’s get real, Lebron gets all the credit when the team plays great and wins, why shouldn’t he be blamed for 2 bad games, 1 ok game, two above average games and another Finals loss?

    • Paul Davis says:

      He eluded to winning a lot of titles. He didn’t name himself King, the NBA MARKETED him as King James. It is all media hype from the NBA, and Lebron (along with Melo, Wade, and Durant) are following ALLEN IVERSON’s (who really should be on the mount rushmore of basketball for accomplishing the things he did at 5’11, along with a lot of other ridiculously good players that were demonized and\or downplayed) advise of do what the NBA tells you today so you don’t have a lot of headaches in the league. Lebron is the best ALL AROUND player in the league, and it is ridiculous that you can determine a man’s legacy by how many titles he won. Karl Malone was ridiculously good, so was Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Chris Webber (at first), the list goes on, but they never won a championship. You shouldn’t try to sh*t on them and downplay their careers because their TEAM(s) didn’t win a championship. Michael Jordan never scored ALL of his teams points, nor made EVERY defensive play in a basketball game. Get real people and use your brains, and don’t fall victim what the hype that the media is force feeding you.

      • J.Mood.y says:

        iverson won 1 ring. get your facts straight.

      • Mohammad Faizy says:

        Iverson never won a ring lol

      • nashtyin7 says:

        ??? Iverson? a ring? Did I miss something J.Mood.y? When was it? Where was it?

      • Dwade says:

        Iverson never won a ring. Get your facts straight.

      • NZ BBALL FAN says:

        When did Iverson win a ring? He played in one NBA Finals, where the 76er’s lot to the Lakers. Great player, but did not win a title.

        Get your facts straight.

      • JM says:

        LeBron James is Scottie Pippen bulked up w/ Magic Johnson’s court vision. He is a team player and he needs good teammates to win multiple rings. No one will ever be like LeBron. Kobe was Jordanesque. But LeBron is the first of his kind. So it’s unfair to diminish his value just by the number of rings. 2 is better than none.

      • DamienMarquis says:


      • facts checkd says:

        J.Mood.y get YOUR facts straight idiot… Iverson didn’t win a ring moron

      • charless702 says:

        Ohh so James wasn’t the one who requested to put “King James” on the back of his jersey during Fan Week (or whenever it was they did that)? Did he not embrace that nickname? Did the NBA’s marketing department write the famous “not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6”? Does Lebron not walk around saying he’s the greatest? Did Lebron not skip college because he thought he was the best around at 18? Does he not walk around with T-Shirts that says “Claim the Throne” along with a crown and “King James”? Does he not get paid a max, or very, very close to max, salary? I like Lebron for the most part, as long as he isn’t playing my team, but he has created all this pressure and expectations. He even joined up with 2 of the 3 best players, not counting Lebron, in the Eastern Conference and ran his mouth every chance he got. You need to get real and look at both sides. Lebron has already won rings so his legacy will never be judged the way Barkley’s and Malone’s is. Also Barkley, Malone, A.I. and Chris Webber were never the best players in the league Those guys will always be judged by the fact they never won a ring. Lebron will be judged by how many rings he let get away. Lebron’s refusal to let Bosh do what he can do over the last 4 years has really hurt them as well. Lebron and Spoelstra turned a dominate low post scorer into a 3 point catch and shoot player. What was Lebron’s famous last words before the start of game 5? “Follow my lead” I believe it was. They get off to a great start but then they go 5 minutes, then 7 minutes, then 4 without scoring a single basket and that was with Lebron on the floor. We’re not talking just to talk, Heat fans and Lebron himself claim he’s the greatest player ever, we’re just listing the reasons why he’s not the greatest ever. You really need to wake up.

    • TJ says:

      Well said…he brought it all on himself.

    • mee(a)t says:

      it baffles me that people still take that seriously

    • brian says:

      Great observation.
      Le Bron’s own big ego put him in this position……..no body else to blame.

    • ml says:

      He didn’t do any of that. The media did. So blame them, not him.

    • xophr says:

      I think the prediction was more of him just talking more than anything but you do make a great point Greg. I like Lebron as well, but I think he mostly regrets when he said its “going to be easy”. The Mavericks humbled him in the finals and he came back as a much better player and managed to win 2 straight.

      His 2 – 3 finals record is not on par with Magic’s 5 – 4, Kobe’s 5 – 2, Duncan’s 5 – 1 or of course the GOAT Jordan’s 6 – 0. But I still think he has time to get 2 maybe 3 more rings. Three more would put him at 5 – 3. which is excellent considering how many of the greats don’t even have one. Barkley (0 – 1), Ewing (0 – 2), Stockton (0 – 2), Malone (0 – 3)

  4. LQ says:

    He was asked about Lionel Messi, and saying “is asked about A soccer player” is like Eli Manning being asked a question about Michael Jordan to be quoted afterwards as talking about “A basketball player”.

    • pKone says:

      Lang is just being practical.

      Although I firmly believe that NBA fans are a good place to start to find fans of sport everywhere, there is a very good chance that if he had said Messi, a whole bunch of people would have been left asking: does he play basketball??

      Especially when you consider Right Wing Pundits like Ann Coulter going on record saying:

      “No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer”

  5. Eddie says:

    ……says the guy who has 5 rings already…

    • Truth Teller! says:

      But as a grown man now, he realizes all of the factors that have to be in place in order to win a championship. And how many of those factors are completely out of his control. No player or team can do it alone. It takes good coaching. Good management. A good plan. Ah la the Heat this year, the Spurs last year. So much has to be perfect. It’s a lot to ask for. LUCKY TO WIN A RING is a very accurate statement.

  6. drama queen says:

    the best nba players doesn’t go 2 for 5 in the finals…

    think about it…if you got 2 out of 5 on a exam…would you be happy?

    • JustDoit says:

      OMG this is so dumb. A team does not sit an exam. Basketball is a team game.

    • Stephan says:

      He not the best Kobe still holds it until he retires enough said

    • Dirty Heat says:

      Excellent point.

      By calling himself the King, The Chosen One and by announcing he’d bring 8 championships to Miami, LeBron’s title expectations fall squarely on his shoulders.

      It’s sort of like Johnny Manziel hyping himself up since High School, calling himself Johnny Football (and trademarking it) and now being upset that everything he does is so scrutinized. He’s gone from “Hey look at me” to “Stop looking at me.”

    • Minghan says:

      If a baseball player hits 2 for 5, that’s a pretty decent day. You can’t just come up with random analogies and think that it proves something. This whole idea of the “best player” automatically winning the championship is a bit archaic, isn’t it?

    • Don't Matter Who I am says:

      If you made 2 of 5 NBA threes in a game…thats 40 percent which is pretty damn good…

  7. jg says:

    dont like kobe.

  8. Drummercash says:

    Decent video..Mamba sightings as much as possible. Still, the verbiage used to put spotlight on the vid can possibly add fuel to controversy b/w superstars. This years basketball season will be a tremendous one, as teams strategically position themselves for title contention and the opportunity gain ranking for what was once viewed as unfair competitive advantages between the likes of large and small markets, but with this years free agency and the players on the market, teams that would otherwise be thought of as non-title contenders are able to utilize their talent and in fact, contend for a title.
    That being said, Kobe did not cast a negative connotation towards LBJ in his description regarding titles and the need to gain multiple in order to go off into basketball immortality.
    I would like to see LAL sign Carmelo and form a “big 3” (Pau, Melo, & Kobe) and move forward with a strong campaign to win it all. It would be shocking to the basketball world if Mitch and Jeanie could sign Kevin Love also, and form a team that will be expected put the basketball universe on its axis and shift the power in the NBA back to Los Angeles.
    Maybe its a “shot in the dark”, but I hold dear the words of KG, to my heart, when I say that with LAL and their appreciation for Kobe and the understanding of capitalizing on all the glory at risk, “anythings possible”!

  9. jwmagpies says:

    nobody put that expectation on lebron. he put it on himself by announcing not 5 not 6 not 7.

  10. bu says:

    Kobe, regardless of his 5 rings, is right though. These guys are lucky enough to be in the NBA. They are already the top few hundred players in the world out of 7billion ppl. they are having the dream of life time. Winning a championship is the ultimate, and it’s NEVER a 1 person job. AND, you do need luck to do it. What if Kobe, Shaq, Jordan, Pipen twisted their ankles in some point of the playoffs badly? or say Paxon, Kerr those key role players injured? What if Rodman injured?

    Look at what happened to Spurs, Celtics when their players got injured and the results of the playoffs.

  11. blap says:

    Man thats not even realistic. .. 2 of 5 on an exam?? The guy has carried lack luster teams to the finals 3 times… most guys never play in the finals let alone 5 and win two… as competitor you aren’t happy but in perspective even if get to the finals and lose all 5 that is still 5 times on the biggest stage there is. Same as s football or any sport for that matter. These are team games. And that also doesnt change how good he is. Guarantee if he had phil Jackson like kobe and Michael dud he would have a better record in his finals trips.

  12. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Kobe is telling the truth because he knows now that looking back on his career he has been blessed/lucky or whatever you want to call it.
    If Kobe was never drafted to the Lakers and was lucky enough to play with the most dominant greatest big man to ever play the game of basketball (SHAQ) then Kobe would have the same amount of rings as LeBron does now .. 2!
    Lets not forget that Kobe and LeBron and have the same amount of finals MVP’s … 2!
    Lets also not forget that LeBron has 3 more MVP’s than Kobe 4 vs 1.
    Lets also not forget that Kobe is 5-7 in championships
    Nobody is going to go 6/6 with 6 finals MVP’s like MJ did, because no one is MJ..

    LeBron has had high expectations on him before he even got in to the league… He put some added pressure on himself when he teamed up with the heat, but the pressure to win multiple championships was there already. LeBron knew he MIGHT be lucky enough to win 1 ring in Cleveland, and even then the same people saying that (it would be more special if he won 1 championship in Cleveland) would have been saying (he only won 1 championship, he has to get 5 to catch MJ) .. So it really is a lose-lose situation for LeBron however you look at it.

    Either way, even if LeBron doesn’t win anymore championships, he still will go down as top 5 NBA players of all time, hall of famer & multiple champion. And arguably the GOAT!

    • wah says:

      You said (what if kobe was never drafted to the lakers?? and he was lucky enough to play with shaq) OKAY lets talk about Lebron he was lucky too !! what if he stayed in cleveland ?????? the result would be ( ZERO RINGS) !!!! So he was lucky enough to play with Wade & Bosh !!!

  13. FLPatsFan12 says:

    Says the man who will never be able to catch MJ, It was Kobe who said he wanted to get more than 6 rings. He put it on himself and now he finally realizes that he cannot get there. So now it’s no biggie…smh

  14. watt32 says:

    Jerry West was 1 and 8 in the finals does he suck? Apparently not he’s the freakin logo for the NBA.

  15. brendan says:

    it was on LeBron for saying Miami would get 7 rings but to quote LeBron “lay off me guys I didn’t even go to college”. and personally I’ve done a lot stupider things in my youth. and I can’t stand LeBron i’m a los angeles fan and I say all will be forgiven if he goes back to Cleveland it’s really about the fans from there that’s who he burned the most not that gilberts letter helps there chances

  16. brendan says:

    o and the mount rushmore is bs no wilt the stilt what?

  17. V says:

    You can’t compare what LeBron is doing to Kobe. Yes Kobe got traded to the Lakers after he was drafted by the bobcats, but that wasn’t him it was the gms doing business. Kobe has always been driven and he is 5-7 in the finals with countless amounts of broken records. You can say Kobe would only have 2 rings if he didn’t have Shaq but LeBron would have 0 if he didn’t team up with D Wade bosh and company. In Lebron’s defense he did make it to the finals the last four years in a row. That’s hard enough to do in itself. So I agree with Kobe, but at the same time he can only say something like that cause he already has 5.

  18. bootlegregg says:

    and…tim duncan?

  19. Ron says:

    Lebron wants to become one of the greatest players? Stick to one team.

    Oscar Robnson – Celtics
    Kareem Abul-Jabbar – Lakers
    Larry Bird – Celtics
    Magic Johnson – Lakers
    Michael Jordan – Buills
    Tim Duncan – Spurs
    Kobe Bryant – Lakers

    • Ry says:

      Oscar Robinson never played for the Celtics.

      Until Lebron wins 5 rings and scores more than 81 points, I don’t want to hear him being “the best”

    • dorian says:

      Kareem Abdul jabbar and mike Jordan played for more than one team moron

    • mely mel says:

      Ur comment makes no sense he needs to stay with one team abdual jabar was with the bucks b4 Lakers the great Jordan played with the wizards

    • Ron Is An Idiot says:


      Oscar Robertson didn’t even play for the Celtics idiot. He played for the Cincinatti Royals and the Milwaukee Bucks. Kareem started his career with the Bucks. Jordan finished his career with the Wizards. You clearly know nothing about basketball lol.

    • No name required says:

      what the? oscar, cektics?

    • JoshL says:

      Oscar Robinson never played on the Celtics. I think you mean Bill Russell. lol AND.. Kareem won a championship in both Milwaukee and Los Angeles.

    • Nice Joke says:

      Michael Jordan- Bulls, Wizards.
      Kareem Abdul-jabbar- Bucks, Lakers

      Kid, you know nothing of basketball.

    • apexofkryptos says:

      Jabbar played 30% of his seasons for the Milwaukee Bucks.

      Just sayin’

    • Jigsaw says:

      But….. Jordan played for the Wizards as well…..
      Just saying…..
      Got your point though…..

    • chooch says:

      Thx u magic went 9 time loss 4 he still the best pg to ever play the game

    • Brent says:

      Kareem played his first six seasons in the league and won his first title with the Bucks.

      And Jordan played his final two years with the Wizards.

      You don’t get to ignore inconvenient facts to try and manipulate your argument.

      Are Shaq, Hakeem, Clyde, Malone, and Rodman not also all time greats??

    • Whiskey Storm says:

      Kareem was with Milwaukee then traded to the Lakers
      Big O was with Cincinnati Royals then traded to Milwaukee

      They both won a championship with the Milwaukee Bucks

    • Aw c'mon says:

      Since when did the Big O go to the Celtics? Stop pontificating if you yourself don’t know jack about bball… Oh some people….

    • Paul says:

      “Oscar Robertson” never played for the Celtics. He played for the Cincinnati Royals in the ABA and the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.

      Kareem and Jordan didn’t play for the same team their entire careers. Kareem played for the Bucks before being traded to the Lakers, and MJ ended up with the Washington Wizards.

      A player can be considered one of the greatest regardless of how many teams he played on.

    • Melo says:

      Michael Jordan ended up playing for the Wizards and Oscar “ROBERTSON” never played for the Celtics he plays for Cincinatti and the Bucks.And Kareem also played for the Bucks AND Lakers . Get your facts straight before commenting.

    • Big Deee says:

      You do know Kareem Abdul-Jabber moved from the Bucks to the Lakers right?

    • iacf says:

      Cmon bro you can’t stick to the kind of organization the Cavs were when he was in Cleveland, actually the departure of LeBron helped them alot ( 3 number 1 picks in four years LMAO ) and now they are a decent team that LeBron should have gotten years ago.

      Cmon now you’re not goint to say that the 2007 supporting cast of LeBron was amazing.

    • Dirk says:

      Oscar *Robertson first played for the Cincinnati Royals and ended his career with the Milwaukee Bucks , he did not have anything to do with the Celtics.

    • Rich says:


      You’re really confused. Oscar wasn’t a Celtic. Kareem won a championship with Milwaukee as well.

      Let’s be real. Everyone and their cat knows one player can’t win a championship with a bad team. It’s been proven time and time again. The first year Michael Jordan left the Bulls, to fail at baseball, the team only won a few less games than when he was on the team! Was Bird even better than McHale? Maybe. Maybe not. Was Kareem better than Magic? I don’t know. Duncan better than Robinson? Beats me. Better than Parker? Doubtful now. Shaq was certainly better than Kobe, and Gasol had more win shares when Kobe won with him.

      So, we know this. But, idiots keep saying things like he has six rings, or nine rings, etc… It’s a team sport, and no individual can win championships by himself. They can win regular season games, but when it comes to the championship, you have to play other elite teams, with a lot of good players.

      But, nope, Russell was better than Wilt, even though he got destroyed when they played head to head. Beaten soundly. But, his teams won, so it must be the other four guys didn’t matter, and Russell was better. Barkley didn’t win any championships, even though in his prime at Philly he put up numbers Jordan couldn’t dream of, and with a horrible team, made them competitive.

      Kevin Love isn’t a winner, because his teams don’t make the playoffs. Except if you look at the team stats when he’s in the game, and out, they are dramatically better when he’s in.

      Let’s stop getting stuck on stupid. 20% of the players on the court aren’t always going to determine the winner of the game.

      Also, I’d say that that wins championships on two teams gives him a leg up on someone that won on one. One could say Jordan never won without Pippen or Jackson, and had plenty of opportunities before Pippen blossomed. Would Russell have won outside the Celtics dominant team play?

      If Lebron wins on two teams, I think it’s a plus, not a minus.

      • NBAfan says:

        Kobe hater right here.

        Kobe did win with two different teams. w/ Shaq, and w/out Shaq. It’s the same ORGANIZATION, but they are two very different teams.

        Did Duncan win without Popovich? 4 of his 5 rings were with Parker and Ginobili.

        Did Magic win without his Showtime crew?

        Did Bird win without McHale?

        Did Jordan win without Phil and Pippen?

        Actually, only Kobe won with two different teams….unless you wanna make Derek Fisher a big deal.

    • just sayin' says:

      Al Cindor, Bucks, MJ, Wizards, anything?

    • Josh S. says:

      It’s oscar Robertson not Robinson. Get your facts straight. And who cares if he switched teams? Wouldn’t you wanna choose where to work or where to live? Give him a break

  20. Rich says:

    LeBron has never once referred to himself as the King, the NBA and media have labeled him that. It’s also not a great analogy to compare being 2 out 5 in wins at the Finals to exams. It’s not even CLOSE to the same thing. Many players would love the chance to be in the Finals even ONCE!! The fact that he’s only 29 and has been five times, four of those consecutively, speaks volumes. He will win more championships, don’t worry about that.

    • NBAfan says:

      His Twitter handle is King James. If he didn’t create it, he certainly didn’t reject it…

  21. paul murray says:

    Kobe remarks are true except for one thing. LeBron made this bed with his histrionics on and off the court. He thinks he is the greatest player ever; he is not. He thinks he can carry a team by himself and that only he can be the main man. That is just stupid. Put your head down, close your mouth and play basketball.

  22. l0l says:

    You can’t compare the NBA with football. A NBA title is like a Champions League title and not the world cup. You havd way more competitions and way more titles to win in football than the NBA where you only fight for 1 title. The NBA title is like the CL in football and both Ronaldo and Messi won it multipe times. At this moment, Ronaldo is the #1 guy in the world.

  23. RAMON says:

    Kareem actually started his career in the bucks, and they traded him to the lakers after they won the championship. The reason those players stayed in the team that drafted them is because they had success on their team, and there was no reason for them to go elsewhere. do people actually think that those players would have stayed on there team if those teams were not successful, and they didnt think they could win a championship with that team. why u think that BARKLEY, SHAQ, and other players decided to go somewhere else, cause they knew they had a better chance with another team to win championships? The same reason why LEBRON decide to go play in MIAMI, cause he knew he would have a better chance to win if he left the CAVALIERS. If he stayed in CLEVELAND, i don’t think he would have won a title, and people would still criticize him for not winning. I belief it wouldnt have mattered the decision, cause people would still have a reason to criticize him. AND IM NOT A LEBRON FAN, BUT I THINK THAT’S THE TRUTH.

  24. Henrik Jensen says:

    What are you talking about Ron?

    Oscar Robertson newer played for Celtics???

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar also played with Bucks??

    Jordan also played with Wizards???

    Stick to one team? + Waaaaaay of with Oscar Robertson, i think you meant Bill Russell in that case..

  25. Well Blap, you mention i Lebron had Phil, he would have a better record in finals, like Kobe and Mike.
    Likley so, but life is full of what ifs, and will always will be, but he’s got 2 rings, sure he’s 2-3 in Finals, but it’s
    not like he didn’t win any. He won under another coach, so that’s that. Kobe, if the Lakers eventually get the help for
    him, as expected, he will win with another coach besides Phil, something that Jordan didn’t do, he has a chance to.

  26. ruben says:

    people this was a lebron joke in a private heat party is a lot of noise for nothing please you never know what the people has in main when are talking so i dont know what kobe has inside so anyway lebron kobe jordan carmelo and more all are good player but now lebron is in the top

  27. PHIL JACKSON says:

    heat need a real coach

  28. FLPatsFan12, You mention that Kobe put it on himself to try to get seven rings, and finally realize
    he can’t get there. Well he wouldn’t mind having those many rings, but all he’s focus on is that 6th ring,
    Right now the Lakers are searching for some signicficant help to surround Kobe with this summer.
    So Don’t count out Mamba in the championship picture, it will not only be a big mistake to count
    him out, but it will be a mistake to count out the Lakers, they know how to get things done.

  29. DonTor says:

    Your Calculation is Off Kobe!
    The comparative with the world cup is 4 NBA championships.

    Labron is as great as his talent and work rate shows. Not many have been to the NBA finals 5 out of 10 times.

  30. bunbury says:

    basketball is a team sport….it’s not just about the superstar………….there a a lot of other factors such as the talent of the whole team, coaching, and the competition……for example, if rasheed Wallace doesn’t get traded to Detroit in 2004 and garnett to boston in 2007, KOBE WOULD BE 7 of 7……but if kobe doesn’t get traded to the LAKERS, shaq and kobe would NOT be at 4 and 5 respectively.

  31. Brent says:

    The expectations placed on LJ are almost as obnoxious as the untouchable standard that MJ is held to.

    Jordan didn’t score the most points or win the most championships. People act like he did. He was routinely knocked out of the playoffs by the Celtics and Pistons during what most consider to be the toughest era in NBA history. Jordan took over and won six titles after all of his rivals from the 80s retired as well as during an expansion period.

    And this whole 6 for 6 in the Finals thing, it’s almost as if it would be better for someone’s legacy for them to lose in the Conference Finals rather than make it to the NBA Finals and lose there. Why? That doesn’t make any sense.

    Jordan also lost in the first round of the playoffs his first three times in the post-season. He was 1-9 in playoff games before Pippen came along. LeBron has never lost in the first round, in fact, in his third year in the playoffs, he lead an inept Cavs team to the Finals where they lost to what we now know to be one of the greatest teams of all time, the same team that won this year. I think that actually says way more about the Spurs than it does LeBron. The Spurs need more respect.

    LeBron has also been to four consecutive NBA Finals. The last team to accomplish that was Bird’s Celtics. They too went 2-2 in those Finals. Do we allow that to diminish his legacy? Of course not! Why should that diminish LJ’s?! He’s already been to 5 NBA Finals, he could easily go to 5 or 6 more, and possibly win all of them. Jordan could have gone to four straight finals but the Bulls couldn’t get past the Pistons in 1990 or the Magic in 1995. Yes, 1995 counts, you don’t get to ignore it for the sake of your argument because we all know you would damn sure include it if the Bulls had won it that year!!

    Btw, in my opinion, Kareem is the greatest of all time as of right now.

    • Knowledge says:

      Your comment is full of logically sound arguments and rational deliberation. Therefore it will be ignored by everyone but me.

  32. Carlo says:

    I blame Michael Jordan

  33. Free agency has destroyed the game people like LeBron James just like some fans jump from team to team this cut the chase to the title. Nobody wants to pay dues or work hard just jump on the next wagon. Thanks God For The San Antonio Spurs perseverance Pays.

  34. Nick says:

    Tupac faked his own death, named himself Kobe Bryant, and decided to become the second best NBA player of all times.

  35. Finel says:

    It’s not that hard to get to the ECF with 3 superstars. If Lebron was in the WC, there’s no way he’s going to 4 straight finals. The WC is a gauntlet.

  36. sally says:

    That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard Kobe Bryant say, it is rediculous for people to think they need 5 or 6 rings, it’s just BS, it isn’t that easy and if you’ve got two in a row, that is outstanding, and for lebron, he’s not near done yet. He will be back don’t worry .

  37. adolfo says:

    imagine LeBron and kobe on the same team …scary if it happen..but that’s crazy dreaming!!

  38. LeSleEves says:

    LeCramps will never be regarded as an all-time great. When it’s all said and done, people will remember his excuses and magical fourth quarter disappearing acts more than anything else. Or his obnoxious ‘Decision.’

    Wouldn’t take him on my team, no matter what. Don’t want him.

    Cryami can keep him, his laughable ego, and his two asterisked trophies.

    • Knowledge says:

      No one cares about what you think, especially not people who’s opinion on the subject matter.

    • Hans says:

      LeCramps? How old are you, nine? LeBron has already won 2 championships, 4 MVP honours, 2 Finals MVPs, and he won
      it fair and square. People treats it like his championship window has closed, but it’s not the case, he will be back at it for another few years. Your comments only shows your ignorance and does not reflect those who knows the game.

  39. bill says:

    ok, let’s play for money only…

  40. Abe says:

    J.Mood.y, Iverson never won a championship. He made it to the finals and lost because they had no one around him. You need more than one player to win championships. He almost did it alone. Shows you how good he was.

    • NBA fan says:

      I think it is about the attitude of “playing to win”. As a competitor and athlete it is about winning, I understand the aspirations or goal of Lebron you want to win as much as you can or else what is the point of playing the sport. Unfortunately basketball is a team sport whatever anyone says Jordan can’t win 6 titles without Pippen and the other players who is focused on the the goal CHAMPIONSHIPS.
      Lebron is smart he knows this but he needed the right team mates who is hungry and as competitive as he is. Kobe it is not ‘ridiculous’ to aspire for greatness you won a couple or rings because of SHAQ (the main man) then after Shaq got kicked off they got quality players to support you not to mention a great coach Phil Jackson. Lebron just wanted a team who is committed to winning as HE is, HEAT made a terrible mistake, they failed to upgrade, in fact they downgraded when they let Miller go. In the end I won’t blame Lebron of doubting the Heat’s commitment to winning. So whatever Lebron would decide I respect it, its all business, there is no loyalty in business, this is a sad truth a player not delivering could be let go. So why on earth it is a big deal if Lebron leaves the Heat, it is business and prioritising your goal of winning as much as championship as you can. Go Lebron! Do what is right of you, ignore the nonsense, the criticism, this is about you and your dreams.

  41. Kal says:

    and That is Tha Truth, Ruth.

  42. swingman says:

    lebron ain’t gonna win anymore championships….neither will kobe….to be great you have to make your team great….
    96 bulls…enough said!!!!

  43. James Carter says:

    who cares? at the end of the day, LeBron will still be one of the best to ever play this game.. period. u may hate him or like him, the fact is still he’s hell of a baller for many, exp the new generation.

    PS: i don’t really like LeBron, Durant is my guy, but i know LBJ can play.
    Stop hating, just enjoy the game!

  44. dave says:

    its ultimately about rings if not why play? if you’re playing for money only then you’re b-ball game won’t get better, only that year your contract is about to expire. im sorry but MJ put the stamp on how to become the best and its by winning rings

  45. tubs says:

    The truth for players..but crazy

  46. firemeup says:

    nba today is different fans are never satisfied. they always criticize everyone. just respect each players achievement they are all great in their own way.. just love the game of basketball peeps..

  47. ron says:

    LeBbron has the words “Chosen One” tattooed on his back.

    I don’t even need to mention the ridiculous statements of “7 championships” and “suiting up” Pat Riley because they were going to be so good.

    He’s made his own misery on this one. He’s lucky Ray Allen bailed him out in 2013 in game 6.

  48. Stern H8r says:

    It HAS-BEEN great having Kobe in the League. HAS BEEN being the operative word. Bye bye Kobe. Now you are entering a world where character counts….good luck!

  49. Ryan41 says:

    Eh you RON, you know nothing about the history of the NBA.

  50. Haterssucks says:

    Kobes comment shows how ignorant haters are, it separates the knowledgeable from the uneducated, kobe is right about rings expectations, these haters just giving themselves excuses to hate, lebrons not 1,2,3,etc titles is for fun, he didnt promised anything he just made some silly comments for fun, how straight and dull you haters wannabe, taking everything so seriously like all these great players have said its just basketball. Keep hating

  51. Sarmad says:

    I think LBJ should go to OKC.

  52. Charles says:

    The problem with Lebron is two-fold:

    One is that he says he’ll win and he refers to himself as “The King”. No, he didn’t give himself that name, but look at someone like Durant. The media is actively trying to give him a different name because KD just doesn’t sound very dynamic or powerful for an MVP caliber player, but he says “Nope, I like it, stick with it.” Lebron? He has actually referred to himself as “The King” during interviews and commercials. He has the ability to be humble about it but he chooses to wear that title like a crown (see what I did thar? I know, SO clever :P). So, if he really is the best, and believes he is, he needs to bring the best things to the team he’s on… right? (again, especially when he says he is going to).

    Beyond that, Lebron has also shown now that he likes toying with the teams he is on and throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get that ring that he wants. First he is with Cleveland, the team goes for the best record a few times (don’t care enough to check how many it was), and then he leaves them. But HOW does he leave? He makes a huge deal about it and goes to Miami where he says he’s going to bring all these rings, and then oh no he loses in spectacular fashion and now he’s throwing his weight around there in an attempt to shake things up. I mean he and the other two met, he’s the first one to opt out, and then they opt out? Do you think Wade and Bosh would have opted out of their contracts if he hadn’t? Probably not. He loves the attention.

    Bottom line: If he just shut his mouth and played basketball instead of doing what he does, Lebron wouldn’t have to deliver so much to not be criticized. But he doesn’t. So until he grows up he’ll keep being seen by many as an amazing talent who also failed.

  53. cwilson6843 says:

    I’m confused.. did LeBron “guarantee” all those titles? Or did he say he “wants” to win all those titles. Me saying I want to marry beyonce is different than me saying I’m going to marry beyonce. People are very good at twisting peoples words and adding there own perspective of what they got out of it

  54. Bilal says:

    ITS football!!! not soccer.

  55. Kenryumhl12 says:

    All great players plays to win a championship. That will be the ultimate goal. That is why much sacrfices are given to practices, summer camps and free agancy because the final goal will be to win a championship. I agree that we should not underrate players that did not win a championship like Barkley, Malone , Miller and the list goes on. They are great players in their own right. But there will always be a separation from players who won multiple championships because in the first place that is the exact thing the former was not able to do. I admire the present Kobe Bryant now unlike when was young when he was so full of himself but the comment he gave about we should not measure the players by the number of championship sound so hypocrytical coming from him because I clearly remember the last time he won a championship he was waving his five fingers signifying the number of his championships and indicative comments he got 1 more than Shaq. Even if he dont admit it he was aiming for more than 6, to have more titles than MJ but now at the twilight of his carrer, with injuries and disarray of his current organization , saying it now that it does not matter sounds a lot of BS to me.To Lebron Im afraid he put this much pressure to himself. Either prove your critics wrong or just shut up and play the game.

  56. Absolutely Correct says:


    If not, then would people say Charles Barkley is bad? Melo? Dwight? Jerry West?
    It’s really foolish

  57. Superstitious says:

    Kobe d on’t Lebron to catch him in the amount of rings category. He wants Lebron to settle for 2, so that when all is said and done, it’s going to hard for someone to make a case that Lebron’s career was better than Kobe’s.

  58. colton says:

    No matter how many titles he wins he WILL be 1 of the greatest EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! N it’s a team game

    • NBAfan says:

      If it’s a team game, then lets ignore Lebron’s individual achievements…

      When Lebron loses, you blame the team, the coach. When Lebrons team wins, it’s all because of Lebron….

      This is the opposite with Kobe. If Kobes team wins, it’s because Shaq was there. It’s because Gasol is a superstar (NOT). If Kobes team loses, it’s all because of Kobe and his ball hogging and because he’s unfriendly to his teammates. LOL

      Wake up folks!

  59. M1978 says:

    LBJ and Kobe are in different stages of their carreer. Kobe is 36 and has maximum 2 years as superstar, maybe other 2 years as a good player. It’s questionable if his ego would allow him to play as a simply good player not as a superstar. (Though I would love to see him as a real team player like Duncan). I think he want’s to win in this first two years but it is questionable whether he can get the support (more likely not).

    James is an outstanding athlete with unique physical abilities but technically inferior to Kobe, Anthony, Fisher, Nash etc. But his physical strength simply allows him to compensate this inferiority. He has to develop to reach the level of MJ, Magic or Kobe. He has 5-6 years to do that. If he does so he could be equal to them. But that’s not enough to win rings. Looking at Kobe’s or Jordan’s carreer, it’s clearly visible that they needed a good supporting crew to be a champion. MJ had Pippen-Rodman-Harper-Longley-Kerr-Kukoc which is at least a big 4 with incredibly strong support crew. Kobe had the best center in the last 20 years to help him winning his first 3 rings with also a strong support crew. James can stay in Miami but even with the big 3 he will have little chance to win another championship without good bench players.

  60. MoeBro says:

    I think its a matter of how we define “good” or “great” and we did through watching michael jordan, nowadays he is the messurement for all the ones who are in the league … its up to us to not try to force his accomplishments on lebron or kobe

  61. Bu Faris says:

    Kobe made some good points about the how things can become jaded. But comparing winning an NBA title with winning the World Cup isn’t fair in my opinion. The World Cup happens once every 4 years unlike the NBA Playoffs. You see in football (i.e. soccer) players not only play for their national teams they also play for clubs as well (actually they spend most of their careers playing for their respective clubs) and these clubs compete for many titles in one year: the national league (e.g. the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga), the national Cup (e.g. Spanish Copa del Rey) and the most competitive of the them all the UEFA Champions League (of course if you qualify to get in).
    Any of the above would have been better comparisons. And both Messi and C.Ronaldo have won these titles multiple times.

  62. a bit of common sense from kobe says:

    yes he’s right ! look a lot of you are talking about MJ as the goat (and no doubt he has to be in the mix) about his 6 titles … but he can’t stand the comparison in terms of rings with Bill Russell and everybody understand that Russell’s era was not like Mike’s time in the nba … different era … numbers of rings are not what matters, as said by some of you great players like Barkley never one any … and we are in a different era right now compared to the early 90’s … defence is just a concept now, 3 points shooting over and over … it’s just not the same game … i’m not a lebron hater, i enjoy what he’s doing with a basketball but what make MJ so good to watch even more than his plays was his personnality, the man he was, the elegance he had on the basketball ground … Lebron is a very good player but i’m not inspired by watching him, listening to him or anything … i just don’t care how many rings he will end with … to me he is as charismatic as an oyster, the embodiment of the corporate marketing made dumb sportsman who has absolutely nothing to say

  63. German says:

    All these losers posting here and criticizing Lebron wish he was playing for their teams. He said what he said as a goal that he established for himself.He will win a lot more rings in Miami. But he will always be criticized.Best player in the NBA. Even after losing in the finals, everyone is talking about him instedd of the Spurs and what a good championship season they had. Why?.
    Becuase Lebron attracst attention and the Spurs don’t.As simple as that. As Reily said it. People got to get a grip. Lebron has been in the play offs with Miami 4 times and won 2 titles That is a 50% winning ratio. The Spurs have been in the play offs 17 times and won only 5 times. That is only 29% winning ratio. No one criticizes the Spurs.

  64. shortbuyer says:

    says the man who won 5 rings

  65. earl says:

    kobe is the best basketball player on the planet hands down til he retires, he gets hurt one year and now people sayn he injury prone but this would be the first time he has gotten hurt in is career that has made him set out. He has a lot of miles indeed but stop under estimating the heart of a lion which is exactly what he has been which is something you cant teach you either have it or you don’t, and that heart Lebron don’t have. If kobe knew he had nothing left he would walk away he got hurt his skills hasn’t diminished nor was they declining prior to him getting hurt. Be more worried bout Drose career than kobe’s his career is in jeopardy he may never perform the same again.

  66. WOW says:

    lebron james all day. enough sell out games btw NBA, cmon this is not boxing

  67. W/E says:

    BEST 5 PLAYERS OF ALL TIME…overall acheivemets and indivindual talent, nobody comes close to those guys at their position. am sure they would destroy any team and combination if they would play together at their prime.. lebron and Kobe sorry guys ur below Jordan and Bird. maybe 2nd – 3rd best players of all time at their position.


  68. rolenzo says:

    Lebrons not the only player to come out and say he wants to be the greatest to ever pay the game. He gets singled out because people have high expectations of him not just the comments he makes. If he says today he’ll return to the heat and he WANTS to win every year on his contract people will say he’s winning it every year. But truly every nba parure wants to win a ring every year.

  69. Lj says:

    If LeBron had said I’m not going to win 1,2, etc. people would be talking about that what should he had said? I am glad as he said himself he doesn’t care what others think or say about him.

  70. ray says:

    Bill russell won 8 in a row and 11 in 13 years 11 and 12 in the finals last 2 as player coach I would say definitly the best defensive player ever but not the best player ever, mj is with 6. The with labron is he needs a coach that can get the most out of his players mj had phil jackson first 3 scotty was the onley standout bj armstrong was not any better than mario outside of chicago and
    Phil plus d wade was mistake he could have won a couple with shaq as he was injured the year the pistons beat them he has not been consistantly healthy his whole career wich was a big factor in this years finals

  71. ScooterRedd says:

    Kobe being Kobe, down play the situation make Lebron feel satisfied with his couple while Kobe keeps grinding for his sixth….Black Mamba

  72. Sonny B says:

    1. Jordan and 2. Kobe… That’s it…

  73. wwjr says:

    I Agree with a previous comment. The statement not 1,2 3 4 5 6 7 was said in a manor of I believe we can win that many not that he would and joking and laughing. It is an excuse to just keep hating on LBJ. Surprising that media still uses that for stories and headlines. SO SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  74. Christopher says:

    I agree. It’s stupid to expect to win a certain amount of rings in your career. I think by doing that you are forgetting everything and you no longer care about the love for the game and you now only care about winning.

  75. Bird33 says:

    Greg is right – they celebrated with a parade and bragged about multiple championships before they even won (or played!) a regular season game in 2010. LeBron deserves whatever misery he gets – Karma really ia a bitch.

    Oh…and for the “Hater” comments that are sure to follow….let me save you the trouble of trying to spell those big words – YES – I AM and PROUD OF IT ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never liked arrogant A holes that talk but can’t back up their words. And based on the NBA posts over the last 4 years, I’d say they are more LeBron and Miami “haters” than they are “lovers”.

    Sorry Heat fans…you’ll just have to think those words during your drive to the next Heat game – oh well…something to think about as you race to American Airlines Arena in time to catch the start of the 2nd Q (…cause you never show up on time for a game, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m REALLLLLLLLLLY enjoying watching old man Riley on the hot seat. And next season, LeBron will share that seat and heat. LOL

    Enjoy boys ๐Ÿ™‚

    • rob says:

      I’m guessing you never competed in any sport that required talent. Or maybe you were the one who played to lose. It’s obvious that you don’t understand the meaning of accomplishment.

  76. Bill T says:

    I’ve predicted this early this year before the finals that Le Brun will be a Laker. Knowing him and his ego for me, myself and I attitude with Hollywood in its door step—-what else? Especially if Carmelo Anthony joins the Lakers! It will be another Championship for the Lakers, Kobe, Le Brun and the first for Carmelo.

    • Floyd says:

      Don’t want the enemy on the Lakers…How can you be a real fan and want the enemy (supposing to be the best) on your team when you have the best..(Kobe) The collective bargaining agreement has ruined the game whereas you have players going to different teams JUST TO WIN A TITLE.. Larry BIrd would have never moved west to join Magic, Magic would have never moved east I(Detroit) to join Isiah. Fans have to have a team that are dedicated, faithful with commitment to their team. Prime example Tim Duncan and crew on the SPURS…As a Laker fan I dlslike the Spurs but with HIGH regard and respect!

  77. Unkaned says:

    Kobe’s thoughts make a lot of sense — although he is also a hypocrite, since he himself longs for more rings, and has said so, publicly, often. Otherwise, if he were more articulate, he would have said that LeBron is a great player who doesn’t need his greatness validated by more rings. However, the way Kobe phrased his point will probably not please LeBron very much, and I think this alone will be the end of the long shot that already was the chance that LeBron would sign with the Lakers. Honesty is not enough if you don’t convey it properly. Kobe would be well-advised to hire someone more savvy to run his thoughts by before spouting them to the media, despite how intelligent Kobe obviously is. .

  78. chaZard says:

    You are just lucky Kobe Bryant because u are in a great organization great team and u have the Zen Master thats why u win 5 championships. Let me ask u if u stayed by the hornets, how many championship do u think u have now???

  79. ey says:

    KOBE needs SHAQ or GASOL , while LEBRON’s BIG 3 team and ray allen, FAIR isnt?

  80. dawgie3000 says:

    these clowns who talk about rings make you better need to learn something, it’s all bs… gonna tell me that because malone, stockton, sir charles ang reggie 3 never won that they aint champs? tell me robert horry is better than mj, he has one more ring, mark madsen is better than the mailman, he has a ring… people need to wake up, in a stacked league like this anyone can win, people need to start giving more credit to the coach, pop should have won 14 more

  81. Carl says:

    Heres the thing Lebrick (no 4th qurt.) James put all that on himself with the Not 1,Not 2,Not3 ,Not4 ,Not5 ,Not6, Not7 ,Not8 and He only won 2 out of 4 and Lebrick did not 3PEAT so He’s not better than Kobe Or Jordan ,Lebrick is a Bricklayer He cracks when the heat is on ,remember a few years back when Lebrick was bricking free throws in Boston in the 4th when he was still with the Cavs He can’t hand heat is on he goes bye bye was not for Ray Ray last year and Wade the year before Lebrick would have no rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. rob says:

    Kobe is rediculous. I think he is jealous because he is done. There is a new pecking order in the west and the Lakers will not be a part of it for a long while to come. Unless, of course, Kobe finds a way to nurture some of the younger players rather than alienate them. For an athlete of any stature not to reach for the ultimate goal of a championship means he is not much of an athlete. How many athletes of any sport, any stature says they are going out to place last? Of course Lebron and every player says they will win championships. Kobe has been in the sport long enough. He still needs to grow up.

  83. NBAfan says:

    Lebron is a great player. He is the best player right now. But he ain’t no king, and he ain’t no chosen one, and he aint’ winning “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, …”.

    Lebron not getting a 3-peat or losing in the finals more than he has won shouldn’t take away from what he has done and will continue to do at the highest level for a few more years. I think this is what Kobe is saying.

    Who’s to blame for the expectations? Lebron. His self appointed King nickname, his chosen one tattoo, his “decision” special, and his pre-season dynasty party basically promising MULTIPLE rings…

    don’t blame the fans; don’t blame those who was trying to make it sound like he was the best player when Kobe was dropping 60 in 3 quarters…Lebron was the one who created the expectations, his fans merely expected him to keep his word.

  84. britclock says:

    KOBE is Stupid

    -Enough said

  85. britclock says:

    Old n Injured , dont respect the KING of the NBA.

    $24M – Abysmal guy “faded glory”

  86. jimbo says:

    By James own measurement of greatness, he is not in the top 10 players all time. I believe Russell has 10 rings. Several other Celtic players have 8 each. Several Bulls players have 6 rings. A host of Lakers have 5 each (Kareem has 6). Several Spurs players have 4 each (Duncan has 5). It just goes on and on and on. Many players have 3 rings or more. I wonder if Robertson, Baylor, Malone, Stockton, Barkley, et al agree with James description of greatness ??

  87. wecan says:

    Each players have a dreams, lebron proves his self that he is belongs top 1 or 2 or 3, bask8ball is a team game, people saying that if allen ddnt hit the 3pointer for miami last year lebron will not get his 2nd ring, people ddnt consider the fact that all of them was payed to make a shot.. . Sorry for my English.

  88. Larry says:

    Lebron is not that great

  89. LB says:

    LB is a looser when he said “its just a basket ball game”

  90. SilverandBlackattack says:

    So all the comments about Lebron not winning more and those for his multiple titles and those against it just need ta stop! Just look at the facts.

    fact: lebron has 2 rings. D Wade has 3. Bosh has 2. Udonis Haslem has 3. All won as members of the heat. Sounds like they got multiple titles to me

    Fact: in finals appearances lebron is 2-5, wade is 3-6, haslem 3-6, and bosh is 2-4. Of those 4 players who has the worst winn7ng percentage? ….dont worry I’ll wait……mmmm hmmm, yeah.

    fact: the best team in basketball (undeniably the Spurs) has at least 4 players w multiple titles and one of those players has just added a ring to his pimp finger. That would b the Tim’s pinky for those not following.

    fact: never once has anyone heard a Spur brag and boast about how many titles they’ve won nor have they been so jaded they wanna jump ship cuz they aint win a title…again!

    It takes a man to stay humbke in defeat. To pick up the pieces and make somethin better with the skills, experience, and will to do better in tomorrow. Not a boy playin the role of man and actin like said boy in defeat! U dont hear kevin durant cryin and talkin bout leavin! And even if lebron does stay in south beach, how is he and the team gonna retool to make themselves (the team I.e. spurs basketball) better? To b the greatest player in basketball (jordan) ya gotta know how to win with everyone not just heap everything on yourself and blame everybody else for the short comings like peyton manning! Once he and the rest of the overhyped, under coached heat can get rt they might b able to contend w the Spurs and everyone else in the league. And the dibacle from last yr was a crock of …that! The silver and black aint have ta say ” if it wasnt for..” blah blah blah, whatever. They got wreckedlike they was supposed to last yr, this year! How Danny Green say it, “did ya see how we did it”

  91. Duke says:

    The title of this article is misleading and ridiculous


    There is only one sentence to describe what Kobe just said. Money is greater than championship ring. Thats why he never ask for a paycut and keep on pushing the management to get more stars to join him and get his 6 title. What a selfish role model would that be where millions of people look up to like many of you here. i bet if Bron has this mentality like Kobe then nobody would like him except if he plays for the Lakers just like how you hated the humble guy from Akron.

  93. Likah says:

    yes, the title is misleading and i personally dislike when people try to say lebron this…lebron that….damn just leave lebron alone and let him play his game. So many haters hating on him and for what …..because he left a no good team that he lead to the finals how many times????? okay and then goes to miami and wins 2 rings……no he didnt take wades spot, wade and lebron already spoke and said that they knew heads were going to collide. lebron is the greatest and whether you like it or not he’s going to continue to play.

  94. James says:

    It’s funny that these guys are thinking MJ was ever humble. Hilarious. People have forgotten the MJ wasn’t the most loved player. In fact, pretty much hated during his time until the last 3 rings. I certainly implore you to revisit the dream team video, Come Fly With Me, or Jordan Rules videos then reconsider MJ’s “humbleness” Lebron has done a great job in the NBA. He certainly has kept it afloat since Michael and for that we should appreciate his contribution to the game instead of trying to microscopically diminish any efforts he’s put forth towards this game.

    • gDAWG99 says:

      I don’t believe I’m bothering to comment on this string. It’s clear that Kobe was addressing the belief that some people have is that in order to be considered “GREAT” you have to win multiple titles. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, Dominique Wilkins were all GREAT players, and not a ring among them. That’s Kobe’s point. No beef with LeBron, or with Bron’s bravado at all.

  95. joe says:

    That title the Mavs won back in 2011 was great. That one is worth a few titles.

  96. Wasn’t this news a long time ago?

  97. Kobe-James-Melo-Gasol-Nash says:

    Kobe and Lebron are great players.. Don’t compare them.. Anyway, they will both wear LA uniform this upcoming season.. Go for the real three-peat LA!!

  98. Yan D says:

    Kobe is over. Lebron is not.