Chris Bosh chooses elephants over free agency

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While social media goes crazy with free agency rumors, hints and allegations, former Miami forward and current free agent target Chris Bosh and his family took to Instagram to show exactly how far removed they are from the free agency circus…

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Chillin with my new friend

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  1. nba fan says:

    This is a lame excuse for a sports article. If i wanted to know what players do on their vacations, I would go to

    • nba fan too says:

      calm down bro, it’s the all ball blog… you aren’t forced to read anything

      • Bernard Mike says:

        News Flash:

        The Greatest Player is TIM DUNCAN

        Kobe, and the so call King and the rest of the WANT TO BE SUPERSTARS need to shout up get on there knees and beg to be in the present of a true Champion, Tim ” The Wizard ” Duncan.

        Duncan will win 2 more rings.

  2. lbj says:

    he should join lebron and wade and go to the heat. there he can win championships..Playing with the raptors wihtouth any support he shoul come

  3. edrik says:

    that is some inside stuff….

  4. online blogging

    Chris Bosh chooses elephants over free agency Β« | All Ball Blog with Lang Whitaker

  5. another NBA fan says:

    For real man. What’s with the anger? Correct me if I’m wrong, but they have an option for you to e-mail the article author directly if you believed this article is out of place. As a matter of fact, there is a disclaimer if you will, before the comments it states, category as being “off the court”. Is the article not about Chris Bosh and his family enjoying themselves away from basketball, and doing so without causing a controversy. Some people happened to enjoy seeing how care-free about their image some NBA players prefer to be. I am an NBA fan as well, and have been critical of Bosh’s decision to want to stay in Miami, but where does anyone get off being mad about the guy being transparent during his vacation?; rhetorical question.