Spencer Hawes challenges Blake Griffin to arm-wrestling contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The numbers NBA players wear can be just as important as their shoes or their haircuts. Some players have worn the same number since childhood, or they have some deep attachment to the number. I know one former NBA player who’s phone number ends with his uniform number repeated over and over — and yes, he said he requested it that way. But when a player changes teams, sometimes his former number is suddenly in use by a different player or, worse, retired and totally unavailable. At least when a different player is wearing your number, you may be able to convince him to give up that number, whether through monetary recompense or, as newly acquired Clippers center Spencer Hawes suggested to Blake Griffin on Twitter, even a feat of strength…


  1. TheKush says:

    Spencer hawes needs to relax slow his role grab rebounds and shoot threes It’s Blakes team ain’t nobody going to watch a Clippers game headlined with Spencer Hawes! Grab rebounds and shoot threes Spencer’s number should be 16 end of story!

  2. TheKush says:

    Furthermore Spencer better make sure he can make clutch free throws and block or alter shots because the Clippers signed him because DeAndre Jordan can’t make a free throw and the Clippers will need someone to step in, in pressure situations to make shots.

  3. wmresrfge says:

    Why not wear back the number 00 he wore with the Sixers?

  4. 1+1=3 says:

    What about the number he had with the Sixers????

  5. nba fan says:

    Sometimes Blake reminds of a teenage high school girl.

  6. JeRm says:

    Spencer is smoking rocks if he thinks that’s going to happen. Sorry Spence. If anything it gets a chuckle.

  7. Jim says:

    It’s very childish when players are fighting over jersey numbers.

  8. Chris Jones says:

    32 was retired by Sixers, Billy Cunningham

  9. Bert says:

    It’s obviously a joke.

  10. Jon says:

    Haha, I’m pretty sure this is a joke right?

    • dave says:

      After all that happened with a priivate phone call of Sterling, the Clips hire Hawes who wipes his rear with photos of our only African American President. What are they thinking?

  11. bally says:

    Easy, decide who gets the number with a dunk contest

  12. brian says:

    you can tell that they are joking but a lot of players will see if there is anything they can do to get a number from a player already on the roster. Look at Demarcus Ware, he asked for the number from someone else and basically bought it off

  13. Karl says:

    I’m pretty sure this is a joke…

  14. DjMamba says:

    It is a joke.. wow some people have no sense of humour. LOL

  15. Scientific Gangsta says:

    if ever this fancy arm wresslin happens:
    griffin will flop, hawes will get suspended.

  16. Hawesfan says:

    PREP #32
    UW #10
    SAC #31
    76ERS #00
    CAVS #32

    Spence..why cant you wear one of your other 3 jersey numbers?

  17. wowwowbad says:

    it’s no Blake’s team, it’s Chris Paul’s team !

  18. Ben talisman says:

    Lol yall are takin it serious.. he was kidding. Maybe people like to make jokes sometime especially after all that cap with Jeremy lin. Calm down.

  19. Brett F says:

    really guys he is pokeing fun a nfl QB charlie whiteherst who told a big fat lie that he lost the number 6 jersey the number he had worn his whole life to the punter…. get your facts befor you start bashing on a guy

  20. flip says:

    Some people can’t get a joke.

  21. mike says:

    haha… this is a joke…
    and everyone is like reacting to spencer hawes lol….

  22. Exiled says:

    You might see Lin arm wrestling Anthony soon

  23. Freethrow_master says:

    How about spencer try to challenge blake griffin in a freethrow shootout?

  24. Jelani says:

    I think he was joking. He should revert back to his 00. It would look real cool. Plus, Aaron Afflalo said that he didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes, so he picked an available number that related to him. Spencer should either pick 00, or a different available number. Common sense.

  25. clip says:

    will blake flop before he loses?

  26. rskinzluva says:

    If Griffin is as fragile as some say, maybe he should just give up number. Lest he suffer a season/career ending injury. Wow, a nobody telling an All Star I want my number,even though, you wear it. The drama just won’t leave the Clips.

  27. jayfs says:

    Whys everyone being stupid! It’s clearly a joke haha – he’s breaking the ice with his new teammates coming in with a joke ;).

  28. jayfs says:

    It’s clearly a joke, whys everyone being stupid haha! He’s just breaking the ice with his new teammates coming in with a joke ;).

  29. my name says:

    i just enjoy basketball to an extent that i did not believe was possible nor even fathomed in my entire lifetime up to this point. it wasnt until i witnessed these creatures attributed with the physical dynamics of apes flying in the air as if it was their best chance of escape 200 years ago that i fully understood this enjoyment. we all should be so considerate to the fact that they are willing to do this on their own free will as if it doesnt remind us only that these vermin are here for our amusement followed shortly after by exterminating them. i applaud these inferior beings for their efforts on trying to stay relevant to the actual future of our people

  30. boogiefan87 says:

    If you know anything about Hawes, this is obviously a joke.

  31. bucky says:

    Are people really that gullible? You’ll find this is just banter. A joke between new team mates..

  32. Darwin says:

    They shudnt even have acquired Hawes, and Hawes shudnt even have let himself be a backup to DJ and Griffin.

  33. al says:

    Are all you guys soo stupid that u can’t tell he’s joking around?

  34. Jaamnoo says:

    jeee people… you need to discuss EVERYTHING.. ?

  35. Aristotle says:

    I just think it’s all fun and games between the new recruit and the star. That’s the way you want a team to be… where you can say silly stuff like that.

  36. qoingqwogin says:

    You all are idiots. It’s a joke

  37. C says:

    Blake should have to go through the inconvenience of having to change his number and his Twitter name @blakegriffin32. That’s too much!!! Just keep the 00 Mr @spencerhawes00. Pffft arm wrestle. How about a dunk competition for it!

  38. C says:


  39. salster says:

    you guys are soo stupid its not like hes acting like hes the most important guy on the team.. making jokes like this is how new teammates get along with the rest of the guys obiously spencer hawes isint gonna be begging the man for a stupid number…lool reading all these comments just shows that you guys love to suck blake griffin’s C***

  40. Olopes says:

    I don’t undestand this comment section. Hawes was clearly joking.

  41. jacknohara says:

    nobody could imagine that this might be just a playfull joke from hawes ? like when bill wennington combined for 57 with MJ ?

  42. Jimmy says:

    Exactly. -_- people are goofy, he’s being funny.

  43. JM says:

    That would be a great idea, promotional stuff for a Clippers team who had its owner kicked out. And then, it would be a three-point shoot-out and a slamdunk contest.

  44. mee(a)t says:

    you people need to calm down