The time Jim Jackson talked trash to Michael Jordan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJim Jackson had a tremendous NBA career, playing for 15 years and scoring almost 13,000 points. But he was not Michael Jordan. Yesterday during a summer league game on NBA TV, Kendall Gill recalled a story about a time when he was teammates with Jackson, and they ran up against Jordan. And we’ll just let Kendall take it from there…

VIDEO: Kendall Gill remembers when Jim Jackson talked trash to Michael Jordan


  1. Max says:

    What even?

  2. Erlo says:

    It’s a shame Jordan is such a jerk and still living in the past.

  3. JeRm says:

    Wow! Got to agree! Jordan crumbled him up and threw him in the recycling bin with that one.

  4. El Stone says:

    Jackson put up 25 points on Jordan in the first half and Jordan’s talking about shoes?

    Weak comeback.

    • danmacatuno says:

      and 20 years later, MJ is still the GOAT and Jim Jackson is not even top 500.

    • kris says:

      he also beat jim jackson and outscored.him that game

      • MJ Fan says:

        Actually, Jackson scored 33 and Jordan had 21, but the more important aspect of that game was that the Bulls won. That’s what MJ would have cared about most. He always says when asked about some of his greatest performances that the ones that bother him are the losses in which he scored a lot of points.

        Game occurred on March 29, 1997. The Bulls won 111 to 101. Pippen had 31 points to lead them in scoring.

      • charless702 says:

        Look at Kris making stuff up. @Kris: Not only do you not know what you’re talking about but you’re too lazy to even look it up. I’m not really sure which is worse. Maybe you should take your nonsense somewhere else. @MJ Fan: Oh, you mean like the previous game they played against each other?

  5. a real bball fan says:

    Y’all jordan haters are a trip like mj wasnt the man. The fun thing is 90% of the ppl that hate mj I bet y’all once had a pair of jordans or they love kobe(the wanna be mj)

    • matthew brown says:

      Kobe isnt a “wanabee” MJ, Hes gunna go down as a top 5 player of all time (number 2 in my book). Yes he has copied some of jordans moves, but who hasnt? Hes an amazing player in his own right.

  6. TheKush says:

    That was the highlight of Jimmy Jacksons nba career and just another day at the office for MJ!

  7. j master says:

    jordan is just another person in life that is here one day and gone the next good things dont always leave forever he was good for his time but there is always somebody better then you.

    • kris says:

      Who…ill wait

    • stopn'pop says:

      michael jordan’s accomplishments not only made a difference in his time but also today and in the future. anyone better than that will be your “dream guy” ^_^

    • ak32 says:

      j master, you don’t know much about basketball period, do you? I mean to say something like that, you can’t possibly know the game of basketball and who Michael Jordan was as a bball player.

  8. Michael Jordan was and is the greatest ever.

  9. Ballaholic says:

    Cool story bro

  10. baby shaq says:

    if you put MJ, Kobe, Lebron in there primes MJ would smack both of them 1 on 1 Kobes ring era came when Shaq showed up and Lebron got his when he Went to Miami, GOAT did it with one team without trying to recuit another star(a Bird or Magic) he is and always will be the greatest

    • Hyde says:

      What are you trying to say about Pippen who was a superstar? Or the other solid players that could have easily been stars (not superstars) on other teams. You also forget about the significance of Zen master (phil jackson). Definitely not a Jordan hater BUT, a lot more to it than what you’ve said. Kobe got his ring with shaq…. but his last two with shaq too? It is safe to argue that jordan (or kobe) wouldnt have done any more than Lebron did with the caliber of players in cleveland without a phil jackson, This is from a guy that believes Jordan is the GOAT, Kobe might be second to that. and Lebron is carving out his own spot.

  11. magicjb says:


  12. kaare weidling says:

    I have to go with jordan being the g.o.a.t. just check the stats…and we all just witnessed how hard it is to three-peat. He did it twice…

  13. Devyn Landin says:

    Earl “the goat” Manigault was the greatest… but you guys don’t know anything haha

  14. predictor says:

    mj is an old news ……….. he was great player ….but old man now

  15. shane says:

    All the kids out there who doubt MJ, go and watch some footage throughout his entire career…..he won 3 championships….retired and went and played another (pro) sport for a while…..oh yeah and then came back and won 3 more rings without too much trouble! He also never whored himself out to other teams to chase rings. He just won them the hard way by dominating everyone in his “teams” path!

  16. Roger Jordan says:

    I live in chicago, i watched MJ play live as a kid.

    MJ was the GREATEST ever.

    I’m so happy i got to watch him play live at the united center!


  17. D.Rose Fan23 says:

    It’s funny how the story was about Jordan and his shoes, but the camera man showed all Nikes!! Only saw 1 pair of J’s and they were on the screen for like 2 seconds!

  18. Ron says:

    MJ was great! I don’t think anybody will ever come into the league and dominate the way he did. His athleticism gap became tremendous, and sparked the a nation of young men striving for the same thing. Guys like MJ, Isiah Thomas, Dominique Wilkens, Karl Malone even, were just so much more athletically gifted and skilled at their positions. But today 99% of the players bulk up some. The gaps in athleticism have become less. And there are still freaks of nature like Vince Carter, Blake Griffin, Lebron, but they can’t dominate like MJ used to because the players have all prepared for the NBA as if they want to be as great as MJ, so therefor they have developed their bodies to new levels that we didn’t see a lot of in the 80’s and previous… A big 3 of McHale, Parish, and Bird would never dominate like the did in the 80’s, today. They just aren’t athletic enough… Pistons of 80’s were very athletic and would probably still dominate today. Isiah, Dumars, Rodman, Mahorn… all very athletic… But MJ’s athleticism was his main advantage once he bulked up some more. That was the key difference that made him stand out… You won’t see that kind of domination today though, because everybody is so athletic in general. Guys like Mikan and Cousy were great for their time, but they couldn’t hold a card in today’s game. Just not athletic enough. Bill Russell stood out and won 11 rings, because he was so athletic for his time. A 6’9″ center that dominated. Admittedly the league only had two 7-footers in his day, but he was still so much more athletic than everyone else equal to his size or taller… he was a top competitor. Guys may come along as good as MJ, but they will never dominate the game like MJ did in the 90’s… not until we get 7ft point guards.

  19. Flava Negro says:

    MJ=Basketball GOAT, what u wanna say wanna bs????If u dont know the ,meaning of greatness go to Dictionary…….

  20. SPK says:

    That was a FAKERS team.. No one left from the glory days on that LA team. I’m a Celtic Fan. No way the LAkers should have even MADE the Finals that year. No Jabbar, No Pat Riley, No Wolridge, No Cooper, No M. Tompson… NO SHOWTIME! Mike won NOTHING during the Bird Magic era.

    • MJ Fan says:

      Magic was known for making his teammates better, but I’m sure MJ could have made his teammates better if they had been named Jabbar, Scott, Cooper, and/or Worthy.

      By the way, Woolridge played for the Bulls, not the Lakers. I think you meant Worthy.