Don’t call Damian Lillard a lizard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It seems like we’re constantly trying to come up with cool nicknames for NBA players. Some of them stick — one of my favorites was “B-Diddy” for Baron Davis — and some of them don’t — “Slim Reaper” for Kevin Durant.

Recently, an artist did a drawing of Portland’s Damian Lillard represented as a lizard. This was a nod to Lillard’s slithery game, but also a bit of wordplay — “Lillard” sounds a bit like “lizard.”

But as it turns out, Damian Lillard himself hopes this is a nickname that doesn’t stick. In a chat yesterday on ESPN’s SportsNation, someone asked Lillard about being called “Lizard.” And, well, he wasn’t really into it…


  1. Kristoffer says:

    lil’clutch? That makes sense:)

    • lbj says:

      lil lizardous much better! but no matter what name you wanted you will not win a ring unless you follow our “king” LeBron whether on Miami or Cleveland. If you want to get your first ring lizard you need to play with our “king” LeBron!

      3rd ring for our King in 2015 season!!

  2. El Stone says:

    How about Dame Lilly?

  3. Louis says:

    That’s a good guess, Scott.

  4. dd def says:

    since the day we drafted him and he started wearing the Letter 0, i’ve tried to get Lil-0 to stick, kind of a play on the big-o.

  5. C. Fo says:

    Surely D Lil is perfect

  6. Ben G says:

    D-light because his game is a delight to watch.

    • Ben says:

      I don’t get it.

    • Silent Fan says:

      Great! I like it!

      I thought about “Cool Kid”, or something like that, but your idea is great!

      But hold on! Could it mean for sombody, who defense slightly: D-light? In that way that would not be good…

      How about: “The Poise”? Like he is always cool, calm, collected…poised like the Poise himself! 😉

  7. Luke says:

    “Subzero” – he’s cold-blooded, man.

  8. Andy says:

    Great Dame, cause he will bite you like a great dane

  9. L-Max says:

    His nickname should clearly be “The Omen”

  10. CollinWS says:

    Well here in Rip City we like to refer to him as “Illard” or obviously “Dame”, he doesn’t need a stupid nickname like The Lizard…what does that even mean?

  11. monarc33 says:

    what about THRILLARD? He knocks down 3s during the game’s most thrilling moments!

  12. nick says:

    how bout Lil’ D?… cuz he plays very little d… I love you Damian!! Seriously I do. Better defense will take your game to another level.

  13. mgph3 says:

    What about THRILLARD? Cause’ he knocks down 3’s during the game’s most thrilling moments!

  14. BlazerMania says:

    He already has a nick name “The Great Dame”!

  15. B-dawg says:

    Damian (iceman) lillard

  16. K. Doan says:

    D. Liberate

  17. Paolo S. says:

    Guys, “Sub-Zero”!!!!! That should be his nickname!!

  18. B-Baller says:

    Just call him “Cold Blooded” because that will always be a fact. Howards tears still taste so good!

  19. Brad R says:

    I do like D-light but I prefer Absolute Zero

  20. Houston missed several crucial shots down the stretch but getting wide open and releasing with .04 seconds left. Ridiculous you got “lucky”.

    “Lucky Liliard” thats it. It took a rockets fan to figure it out.

  21. Niko says:

    Dame Dillinger

  22. CJ Hunt says:

    Just call him “The Overrated”

  23. liam says:

    Thrillard like somebody said is sweeeeeet

  24. Hawk says:

    Liver Lipped Lillard the Great

  25. Paul D says:

    “ill Lill” (PERIOD)

  26. Isaiah Johnson says:

    Damian illard. cuz his game his ill. in a good way.

  27. hooper says:

    These ideas suck! You guys need to step it up..haha.. Im forced to roll with lizard for now..hilarious..

  28. portland's own(abu) says:

    the Omen is good
    I like Skills or Skillard or D. Skills

  29. ElOhElSmileyFace says:

    what about THRILLARD? Because he knocks down 3s during the game’s most thrilling moments!

  30. Devon says:

    D- ILL

  31. Lizard says:

    Lizard is fine.

  32. simon alexander says:

    Damian “The Viper” Lillard

  33. Damian Lillard says:

    Call me Houdini

  34. Bill Christensen says:

    Damian “The Omen” Lillard.

  35. Ricky says:


  36. Ricky says:

    BillyRayLillard – because he’s the Billy Ray Cyrus of basketball

  37. J. Mercer says:

    License To Lill

  38. hmmm says:

    Thrillard & D-light are very good names…i am impressed

    what about Z-Man because his number is Zero and he has sleepy eyes = Zzzz

    Calmard…? Calm…Lillard combined

  39. hmmm says:

    Skillard is a nice nickname too or killard

  40. ivy 45 says:

    D the beat lizzy

  41. MoJo says:

    I like DLoc . Because DL that’s his initials, he’s from Oaktown and he’s crazy. He has mad skills. Duh.

  42. nbafan says:

    Lizard…I literally LOL! Now we know what the opponents can call him to annoy him.

  43. timo says:

    Dime-ian Lillard

  44. ptrxiii says:


  45. Looks Good says:


  46. justsayin says:

    He can really fill it up so how about

    Lillard Fillmore

  47. PGduece4 says:

    He plays on the blazers, just called him FIRE

  48. baftba says:

    You guys are overthinking it, it’s just “Ice.”

  49. mr. splash says:

    how bout d lill

  50. KratosRage says:


  51. aproud says:

    Da Killard or D. Killard sounds perfect.

  52. aproud says:

    Da Killard

  53. thatdude says:

    how about just Damian Lillard or the great dame (dane)

  54. blazerfan says:

    my list

    #1 Damian ‘Dragonlizard’ Lillard
    #2 Skillard
    #3 D.Skills

  55. yipyyeh says:

    damian “dagger”

  56. Tay Websby says:

    Frozen Nitrogen… he’s too cold. “I squared my feat and snapped my wrist” (Post game interview after he made the buzzer beater on Houston)

  57. Mark says:


  58. tim says:

    damn.. his nick name should be dam like damn lol … cause all you can say is damn … or daphadill lol

  59. tim says:

    or how about .. karl malone .. imagine someone with a nickname that is someone elses name .. ingenius lol ….

  60. ryan hanley says:

    His nickname should be Damien Thrillard

  61. Lisa Pease says:

    Just call him “Dame” like everyone else. Friends know he’s the “Great Dame” and to enemies, it’s their new cussword. DAME!

  62. JG says:

    The Real Deal (DL)

  63. JM says:

    The nickname for him should be “The Natural”. He seems to play at such a high level like he’s some 5 year veteran.

  64. pokchow says:

    Damian ‘Dam Good’ Lillard

  65. He's Ice Cold says:

    Damian Blizzard!!!

  66. nick says:

    damian forrillard

  67. nick says:

    demon lizard

  68. nick says: