San Antonio Spurs hiring air conditioning specialist

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs - NBA Finals Game One

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Now that we’re in the midst of free agency, the Finals seems like years ago, but it was just a few weeks back that the NBA Finals tipped off in San Antonio, and we saw what will forever be remembered as “The Air Conditioning Game.” With the A/C out in the AT&T Center, temperatures soared close to triple digits, making everyone in the arena uncomfortable, particularly the Spurs and the members of the Miami Heat, and perhaps even causing LeBron James to cramp up and miss the end of the game.

Thus far in free agency, the Spurs have managed to keep the same championship team together. But they do appear to be looking for help in one off court area. According to this job posting, the Spurs are looking for someone to work in building operations. You need some verbal skills and some computer skills, of course, oh and also experience with HVAC…which means heating, ventilation and, yep, air conditioning:

Independent judgment is required to plan, prioritize and organize a diversified workload. The successful candidate will have experience with public assembly facilities operations including but not limited to, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and project management. The skill to handle multiple tasks at one time, possess energy and self-motivation, provide effective staff leadership, and communication is essential.

(via CBS)


  1. rj24 says:

    Pop what is this? another kind of strategy to getl attention to your opponent. You Pop.. You cheated to win the game.

  2. Louie says:

    lol, there waa no AC failure in the games played in Miami…. that is the joke

  3. Martin says:

    I understand taking some liberties when re-telling a story for journalistic purposes… Actually, I don’t. It’s supposed to be reporting. It is getting kind of silly that each successive article continually exaggerates the temperature in the ATT center. First, it was temps in the high 80s. Then, they slowly crept into the 90s as the story began to gain steam (no pun intended). Now, you’ve rewritten history and made it a triple-digit heat game. I know this seems of little consequence in the larger scheme of things but it just serves to perpetuate the asinine narrative that the Heat were victims of circumstance and we’re not (in very public fashion) dismantled by a superior spurs squad. That somehow, the cosmos lined up perfectly for the Spurs to steal one. The cramps are of no consequence as the Spurs proved by mollywhopping the Heat in games 3, 4, and 5. So, please, while I understand that this was supposed to be a fun piece: let it go.

  4. typpercat says:

    rj24 what a silly comment. You imply that the Spurs had personal ac suits and only the Heat were bothered by the ac malfunction. How ridiculous! Just an excuse.

  5. Tickerdude says:

    What is the real story behind the A/C failing?

  6. Josh says:

    you know. i’ve heard rumors that lebron james was binge drinking the night before the game. that would make sense and explain the dehydration. and while this rumor may seem silly it’s just as silly as thinking the heat lost because of the “heat”. If all the greats who played without a/c, such as Larry Bird were able to win championships without a/c, what does this really say about lebron? Perhaps, he isn’t as great as all the hype might lead us to believe. also, basketball is a TEAM support. Just because one man went down doesn’t mean the heat couldn’t have beaten the spurs. really the SPURS were, and are the better team that’s why they won. Duh!
    #back to back
    #can’t wait to buy my back to back championship SPURS SHIRT

  7. william says:

    this was a scam to curse LeBron from winning the championship this is why he left miami

  8. AirConditioningGuy says:

    I’m taking my talents to San Antonio

  9. htilcag says:

    haha…right typpe
    rcat…can accept that heat lose..jajaja.. spurs!