Cleveland newspaper welcomes LeBron home

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami back in 2010, folks in and around the Cleveland area didn’t take it so well. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote a famously fiery letter to Cavs fans, while the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper created a cover image that was both memorable and blunt:


But with today’s announcement that LeBron was returning to Cleveland, the Plain Dealer has released their cover for tomorrow’s paper, with a memorable image celebrating LeBron’s journey home…


  1. These Cavs fans burn his journey now they cry that he is back. What low self esteem they have.

  2. dlox says:


  3. KingisBack says:

    Its not the fans that ended his journey. Its the king himself. He decided to take a different road before. Now he’s back to fulfill a promise. A promise that had been forgotten a long time ago. I’m a fan of the king 4years ago. And hated him when he left cavs. Now he’s back. Like me, the other fans have nothing to say just to Welcome the King. And expect more from the King. *NOFI*

  4. bob says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  5. Scorpio says:

    He took the easy street to rings, now he’s going back home to act like nothing ever happened. So over rated. Just another Lebron Flop.

  6. Noel says:

    Every time he looks at his rings it will say MIAMI HEAT , and that will never change !!

  7. rafa says:

    LeBron seems to gives himself bigger and bigger challenges in life.
    obsession of eclipsing Jordan might be his Achilles foot but might be his golden ticket.
    as a fan of bouncing ball I am thrilled what is going to happened in Cleveland.

  8. Bird33 says:

    I think Vince McMahon from the WWF has taken over as LBJ’s advisor – Hero, turned Villain, turned back to Hero with the “double, double cross”. I can almost picture LeBron hitting his evil partner, Riley, with the folding chair from behind when he’s not expecting it LOL

    Brilliant marketing, I must admit. Almost wonder if it was a 4 year plan. “Hey LeBron – why don’t you leave, become a villain, get a couple of rings, then stun the world by returning to Cleveland and be welcomed as a hero….you’ll be more popular than you ever were”


  9. Bird33 says:

    I wonder if the recent stress has Wade using his cooling towel to “relax and refocus” LOL