LeBron returns to Cleveland, billboards quickly go up

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It hasn’t even been four hours since LeBron James announced he would be “coming home” to Cleveland to rejoin the Cavs, but the city of Cleveland is already welcoming him back. In LeBron’s final years in Cleveland, a huge Nike “WITNESS” billboard hung on the side of a building across the street from the Cavs arena. This one isn’t as large, but it sure went up fast…


  1. JPH-Town says:

    Not a LeBron fan! But I do think he is still the best player in the league and props to him for trying to give the city of Cleveland a Championship way to MAN UP LeBron!

  2. Reality says:

    Does this mean they’ll bring back the old jerseys in Cleveland?

  3. Swag says:

    Will he get his number back?

  4. crazywarrior says:

    This was hard Im sure for both Lebron and Cleveland but make no mistake: Lebron James does not owe anything to Cleveland. He tried for years with the Cavs making it to the finals. He didnt feel they could win, so he left for a team which he felt could, admirable move. I guess now Heat fans are gonna hate Lebron? Even after 2 Championships? Who knows. Guess this finally puts the kibosh on the Lebron drama, and he can finally be seen as a good guy again, and the NBA world can finally move forward from this whole thing.

    In other news, the Cavs are now seen as the title contender? Um OKaaay. How very disrespectful to the seasoned Champion Spurs, and about 9 other very tough Western teams who have been playing phenomenal ball. OK. East Coast yeah!! Lebron is the East Coasts Son. Kudos. Him and the Cavs are gonna have to go through the ENTIRE WESTERN UNITED STATED VERY BEST, so good luck.

    GO DUBS!!
    and yes even Clippers.

    Oh but nooooo, the Cavs are the immediate title contenders. GOOD LUCK Getting through that Western Wall of Mega Talent

    • james says:

      Dude, they are “title contender”. They are not dubbed as the “champions”. The two words are completely different. Know your vocabulary first!

    • LBJallday says:

      No. He just has to make it to the Finals and then get past whoever represents the West in the Finals. That’s all…and he did that. Twice. He’ll do it again oneday. The basketball Gods can’t let a fairytale like this end any other way.

    • rasheed says:

      Wrong. He only has to go through one of them in the Finals. And Lebron automatically makes the Cavs a high 50s/low 60s-win team.

    • cooperj00 says:

      they only have to go through one in the playoffs Einstein

    • jkblackburn says:

      Cavs are in the East you big dummy. lol

    • sports fan says:

      Do you know “contender” means? And he only has to beat one western conference team in the finals.

  5. rasheed says:

    Genius move by Lebron.
    He leaves the Cavs for the Heat.
    The Heat get 4 Finals appearances, while the Cavs rebuild with 3 number one picks.
    And now James returns.

  6. jkblackburn says:

    Crazy warrior…you do realize the Cavs are in the Eastern conf right?

  7. Hal says:

    I gotta say the Cavs jersey looks way better than how the Heat jersey looked on him.