Some Heat fans not taking LeBron’s departure well (Update)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 to sign with with Miami Heat, there were many Cavaliers fans who were upset with The Decision, enough so that they burned James jerseys and rallied against him in the streets. Four years later, upon his return home, James appears to be forgiven.

Not so fast in Miami, however. Yes, some fans understand why James would leave and return home, such as Heat owner Micky Arison, who took to Twitter to write…

But, according to WPLG Local 10 News in Miami, some Heat fans aren’t taking as well…

UPDATE: It appears at least one Heat fan is trying to right the wrongs of the other, angrier fan…


  1. Donna says:

    I’m very disappointed and just wonder where loyalty is anymore. You wanted rings….Riley and Arison made it possible for you and you got ’em and finished no worse than 2nd 4 years in a row. Just don’t get it so I’ll give the props to something positive. Thank you Dan Marino for sticking with one team for your entire career when you might have had better chances to win the ring and the “max” salary with other teams. And thank you Dwayne Wade, for remaining a Heat throughout your career [hopefully].

    • PGideon says:

      I must agree with you, but partly.
      First, Basketball is sport and business, not marriage (even within a marriage you got divorce).
      So, don’t blame Lebron on heading back home; we do not know hard it may have been for him to make that decision.
      Don’t forget, he is human; we are human. Don’t prove that Cleveland fans were right the way they overreact, by doing the same now. Miami fans are better than that.
      I am a true Miami fan, and I choose to keep and remember that Lebron (with others, of course) gave us 2 rings.
      I will continue to follow is career even if it is with Cleveland; but I remain a Miami fan for ever.
      I look forward to what Riley will do now to keep a competitive team in Miami; a Estern conf final between Miami and CLE will be great !

    • dd def says:

      loyalty? like walking out during the 3rd quarter of a finals game when your team is losing?

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Donna, he is not from Miami. He owes Miami nothing. He made it possible for the Heat to win, not the other way around. As far as loyalty goes, he’s shown he has learned that by returning to his roots. He gave you two championships. Deal with it.

  3. Lica says:

    LeBron’s my favourite player and my fandom is with him. When he left for Miami, I actively rooted for Miami because of him. I guess this makes me a bandwagon fan. However, while LeBron’s still the one I want to win the championship, the HEAT have in a way become my team. I have so much respect for Micky Arison and Pat Riley, and I love how the organization trusts its management, coaching staff, and players to all work together.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      no, you’re not a bandwagon fan since you stated that you are a lebron fan. bandwagon fans are those who leave as soon as their team is collapsing.

  4. Angelita says:

    I would say, everything was made for a reason in a season. Lebron and Bosh were invited by Wade and made sacrifices for themselves to be better. Whether they were in Miami that was good for a reason 4 straight wins to the Eastern final and there dream to have a ring not only one but twice. And they hoped for 4 and they were very close to attain them but the winner is always the best to win and only one team wins is a season. The two rings that they got is as good as their gift to the Miami fans. Lebron’s coming back to where his heart is – is freedom as he is human. Let us pray for him and if you are a Miami fan let us hope for what lies ahead with Miami and wish Lebron success with new genes at his side whom he will groom as his legacy.

  5. Keep It Real says:

    Got “us” a ring? Won “us” a championship? Im sorry but Lebron and the rest of the players didnt get ”us” a damn thing. They got “Their” rings and championships that THEY Wear on THEIR fingers. THEY are athletes and the NBA is a business.

    At the end of the day, Whether this player is on this team or that team or if the Heat wins or loses this year doesnt change the fact that we got bills to pay. Doesnt change the fact that the city of Miami is high in unemployment, poverty, gentrification, and corruption issues in local government.

    If you want to root for the Heat, fine root for the home team (weather winning or losing) but dont talk about Loyalty, feelings, and words like “Us” and “Our”. That aint “Our” team, its the team of Miami.

    “Mickey Mantle? Is that what you’re upset about? Mickey Mantle makes $100,000 a year. How much does your father make? You don’t know? Well, see if your father can’t pay the rent go ask Mickey Mantle and see what he tells you. Mickey Mantle don’t care about you, so why should you care about him? Nobody cares. ”
    -A Bronx Tale 1993

    • skrutz says:

      What are you talking about? You’re upset that they didn’t personally come out and fix your issues? Do you understand what sports teams are for?

  6. lojothehus says:

    I disagree totally! What if every marquee player in the history of the NBA flipped and flopped and wanted to emotionally disconnect when they felt that the chips were down? What if Miami had won a third straight ring…….would Lebron had jetted then. He gave Miami fans the finger and said I got my rings……..see ya. If he were truly homesick and thought he made a mistake by leaving Cleveland he would have intimated that even when the chips were up.

  7. sports fan says:

    Too many crazy fans out there. Cleveland fans were burning LeBron jerseys & now Miami fans feel like they’re stabbed in the back & someone ruins a mural that took 2 years to make. Ridiculous! The NBA is a multi-billion dollar business and players have a right to do whatever they want when they’re in a position to do so. And the teams have a right to trade any player whenever they can. Business as usual! There are far more players who’ve played for multiple teams than players who’ve stayed with just one team. Fans shouldn’t take it personally because they don’t know the players personally. It’s just a sport of millionaies & billionaires. All you crazy fans need to relax.

  8. celentano says:

    Ledecision is a pure ringchaser at costs of dollars and stacked team’s!!!Not a real champ with some loyalty,he ain’t gonna stay with his “home team”Cavaliers for just 2 years if he c’ant win another ring.He’s gonna jump again on another championship caliber, stacked team if the cavaliers c’ant win rings with him.Lebron is still at top level now and a very good player (maybe the best all round player recent) he won’t be considerd at same level with the hoffer’s from the past!
    Ledecision know’s already he’d be Lucky to finnish his career with 4 rings.

    • skrutz says:

      Wow, you just hate him for some reason? Every player is chasing a ring. Things are not equal, however, so how can you criticize someone for trying to accomplish their goals? If things were working, or he saw some potential with staying in Cleveland originally, he would have. He put in 7 years. Some teams get lucky, some are smart, and others keep treading water – cant blame him for not wanting to waste MORE of his life not getting anywhere.

  9. Spurs fan says:

    That’s why we’re special sports fans .

  10. LBJFan says:

    “Eastern conf final between Miami and CLE will be great !” haha haha..

    I don’t see heat making to conf finals for next 2 years, at least.

  11. T Dogg says:

    Loyalty? Like how the Heat were loyal to Mike Miller? Like how Chicago was loyal to Boozer? There is no loyalty in professional sports. I guarantee you that Micky Arison is angry Lebron left just like Dan Gilbert was angry not because the team wont win but because the team wont make as much money. Loyalty is for family and friends, not business.

  12. Everyone is sad to see him go, but we had the most exciting basketball these last 4 years. Be happy for that.
    We all wished he’d stay,
    BUT THE MAN WANTED TO GO HOME! Stop knocking him. I wish LeBron the best of luck. May him and his family find peace and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU LE BRON!

  13. 2004NBAChampions says:

    My Pistons bout to put the SMASH on Mia and the Cavs this year. LBJ should’a just stayed in the MIA because IT’S OVER!

  14. zenun says:

    lbj gave miami 2 rings?don’t kid yourselves! its miami that gave him that 2 championships .as i recall he was ring less before he got to miami

  15. Heat Lifer says:

    Ok People let’s not worry about Lebron because he seems that he has no clue of who he wants to be… In June he wanted to be the best basketball player ever and now he wants to help the people of Cleveland… We are talking about a person when the tough gets going he runs… Let’s look at the evidence 2007 Finals, 2009-2010 Semis, 2010 Finals, Games 6 2013 Finals, 2014 Finals Game 1 Cramps and the rest of the series… Lebron can’t handle the pressure when it matters the most… He and his marketing team said that he never wanted to be anybody but him… Lol Who is he kidding #23 and powder toss copying Michael Jordan’s number and before game ritual… LBJ will never be MJ or as a matter of fact he will never be DWade… He learned how to win in Miami and now he thinks that he figured it out… Good Luck Lebron with a College Coach and a Owner that called you a coward and posted the letter for 4 years… We will see you in the Playoffs!!!! P.S. NO ONE FALL ASLEEP ON PAT RILEY, HE WILL BRING US BACK TO THE FINALS SOONER OR LATER…

  16. mreynoso2014 says:

    Pat Riley will not bring you Heat fans no rings in years to come. Correction, it was 2011 NBA Finals. LeBron and the Cavaliers will defeat anybody who faces them in the Eastern Conference, and if they face your Heat, they will burn them in flames. If that happens and your Heat lost, I will laugh all day. The Cavaliers will surprise everyone and win the 2015 NBA Championship. GO CAVS!!!