The Knicks welcome back Carmelo Anthony

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There was some question the last few weeks as to which franchise Carmelo Anthony would end up playing with going forward. But after visiting teams from coast to coast, Melo ended up re-signing with the New York Knicks, and the Knicks made this video to celebrate his return.



  1. austin cane says:

    Melo , terrrific player, good to see he will be returning to NY , but a little too overated, his return won’t solve the knicks problem.

    • al says:

      YEP. OVERATED. dissapears at the biggest times. started the first playoff series at boston when he scored a ton of points and had the ball in his hands with the clock running down and flopped. unless they can get some clutch player to finish the job and he is willing to step aside at big moments….. they aint gonna do it

    • reach says:

      totally agree good guy great player but not the ultimate answer

    • Kevin says:

      Just like Lebron ,um (Cleveland), but decided to go to heat,2 EASY championships, besides spurs, but look now, he has another all star, kyrie, you think he’d leave if he knew kyrie was coming, kobe had shaq, and the twin towers bynum n gasol, give him a chance, they said WORKING PROCCESS, not we solved our problems

  2. lyndon says:

    things are really looking up for the knicks.

  3. Marvin says:

    People who comment here do not understand the dynamics of a basketball team. The current NYK leadership highly spoke and implemented a basketball system and a team first philosophy. Ergo, each individual player with special skill sets can definitely help in the triangle offense and contribute to the team’s success. which is winning an NBA championship. Carmelo Anthony is a special player that can attract more important pieces in the triangle offense. It will be a process depending on how each players adapt to the new system of Phil Jackson. When everybody is already on the same page and the pieces are in place, then all NYK yaters will be shut down. NBA championship in 2016. That is my bold prediction.

  4. haha says:

    not a game changer… they needed chandler… get rid of STAT… off id great def is ZEROOO

  5. Stabrovsky says:

    Carmelo, is Soul of nowadays Knicks … Despite of any criticism, hatred or non-understanding of his role in the newly created system. Carmelo willingness of winning is a key factor even if he is not a pure clutch-player. He is here, he wants to compete, he has an abilities, talent and motivation. Add more players who wants to win, add Phil Jackson, add young Coach who wants to prove something to himself … I think it will happen. All the gaps, all the loses, all the breakdowns, were here … Now it is time. It is New York Knicks time. Believe or go away. Thank you Phil, thank you Carmelo. YOUR FAN.

    • Dieter says:

      This year they won’t have a good team, next year they could add another superstar and build on chemistry… in 3 years Melo will not be in his prime anymore, and right now he’s not Lebron, Durant, Lillard, Curry, Parker, Aldridge or …. they took a gamble on Stoudemire/Melo and it failed.

      Giving Melo a max contract is only for pleasing the fans/sponsors -> selling tickets and big exposure. Trade him for Wiggins or Parker or Exum and some other young players/draft picks, and start rebuilding instead of hoping for the second round of the Playoffs. I’m not a Knicks fan, but a big market team that has no problem with going over the salary cap, should only try to win championships. Giving Melo a max contract and not trade him has nothing to do with dreaming of a championship.