Embiid denied once again on Twitter

By Joe Boozell

Joel Embiid is unable to join the rest of his 2014 Draft class on the court in Summer League due to a foot injury, but that hasn’t stopped the talented big man from making a name for himself this offseason.

Embiid recently made an attempt — an unsuccessful one, granted — to woo LeBron James in joining his Philadelphia 76ers. It was far more humorous than it was convincing.

Well, Embiid is back with a vengenace. But this time, he’s not recruiting free agents to join the 76ers. Nope, he’s recruiting actress/model extraordinaire Kim Kardashian to hit up his Twitter DM (direct message) line.

When informed by numerous followers that Kardashian is married to Kanye West, poor Embiid did what any stand up guy would do: some serious backtracking.

Joel, I think I speak for everyone when I say this: Please keep tweeting.





One Comment

  1. RJ says:

    Haha. Stupid…

    I give him props for either taking a little jab at Kanye West by either acting like he didn’t know she was married (as if to say he had no awareness of Kanye West being with her, like he’s not noteworthy enough to be aware of), or being 20 years old and actually not knowing they were married. I wish I didn’t.

    Kanye West is way corny, so I’m hoping it was a jab.