T-Mac hangs up the cleats

By Joe Boozell

Former scoring wizard Tracy McGrady was last seen in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs, riding the bench in their 2013 Finals loss to the Miami Heat. T-Mac decided to exchange his sneakers for spikes in 2014, beginning an independent league baseball career with the Sugarland Skeeters. “Inside Stuff” had this short feature on McGrady’s quest to the mound a few months ago.

VIDEO: Tracy McGrady on “Inside Stuff”

Unfortunately, like his basketball career, McGrady’s baseball career has ended quite abruptly. CBS reports that McGrady is calling it quits after four appearances, a 6.75 ERA and an abnormally high walk rate. Sabermetrics talk aside, T-Mac is sure to be missed on baseball diamonds and basketball courts everywhere.



    • lbj says:

      Hey Mac if you still want to get a ring you need to play with our “king” LeBron to Cavs. We will trade Joe Harris, Dwight Powell and James Jones to your baseball team.

      Cleveland 1st championship ring and 3 rings for our “king” LeBron!

  1. william says:

    T mac come back to houston

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m proud of u Mac.. I’m glad u got to play your first true love too.. I remember your baseball charity games too. Your still my favorite today Mac they don’t make. me like u lol ,, I really miss u and still wish u stayed in shape but I no it was even harder to let go