LeBron James needs your help

By Joe Boozell

VIDEO: LeBron on choosing No. 6 in 2009

23? 6? Pull a Michael Jordan and bust out the 45 jersey?

LeBron James needs your help, NBA fans. Despite deciding to change his jersey number to 6 before even signing with the Miami Heat, The King is thinking about bringing back his Cleveland “23”. James took to Instagram to see what his fans think he should do.

Regardless of his choice, LeBron appears to have a bright future in Photoshop design ahead of him once his hoops career ends.




  1. lbj says:

    Regarding what numberour “king” LeBron is wearing this will be his 3rd ring with the CAVS but I suggest to wear number 3 since this will be his 3rd ring and Miami heat will be the runner up in East Conference Final because of DWade,Bosh and Deng. I hope in 2 yrs time once our “king” LeBron got all the money from CAVS he will be back to Miami to retire his jersey and win 2 more rings!

    • Dave says:

      Troll harder bro.

      • Sam says:

        #3 with Cavs. Not anytime soon. West is way too tough. Heck, lbj’s record in the finals vs. the spurs is 5-11 and only improves slightly if you add the series win over okc and the series loss to dallas. Still well below 50%. Weak, bro, weak.

      • Lebron should use #2 jersey.. says:

        Before Lebron went to Miami, Craig Sager interviewed him after his game with Cleveland and Lebron say’s “No guy in NBA should ever ware #23 with respect to MJ”.. well a lot of NBA fans knows already that Lebron’s mouth is faster than his brain and he talk too much because of his boastfulness.. now if he wares number #23 again it’s not only that he disrespect MJ but he disrespect himself as well.. face it! Lebron already failed and he shouldn’t ware that jersey number anymore.. he can’t beat Kobe and MJ anymore on the NBA’s Greatest Players of All Time list..

        Lebron should ware jersey #2 not because of his Finals MVP’s that he don’t deserved.. because that jersey number wore by a 22 yr old player that beats him so bad on his face.. not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 times and 3 times in a row during the NBA Finals Spurs vs. Miami and exposed Lebron’s skill weaknesses in the game and the questions about his legacy.. If Kobe Bryant and MJ is in the NBA top 5 G.O.A.T’s as they do have three-peat championship rings that is so hard to achieved in NBA with their killer instincts and able to carry their team at their back with their unremarkable skills and I.Q.. for Lebron’s effort maybe he will end up at top 10 G.O.A.T’s just next to Duncan even if Lebron won his 3rd ring with Cleveland or with other team again..

    • Garen says:

      Que Trolaso. Trolaso mas? gg no re noob

    • scott says:

      #23 return of the king, leave that #6 with miami.

    • Lebron should use #2 jersey.. says:

      Before Lebron went to Miami, Craig Sager interviewed him after his game with Cleveland and Lebron say’s “No guy in NBA should ever ware #23 with respect to MJ”.. well a lot of NBA fans knows already that Lebron’s mouth is faster than his brain and he talk too much because of his boastfulness.. now if he wares number #23 again it’s not only that he disrespect MJ but he disrespect himself as well.. face it! Lebron already failed and he shouldn’t ware that jersey number anymore.. he can’t beat Kobe and MJ anymore on the NBA’s Greatest Players of All Time list..

      Lebron should ware jersey #2 not because of his Finals MVP’s that he don’t deserved.. because that jersey number wore by a 22 yr old player that beats him so bad on his face.. not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4 times and 3 times in a row during the NBA Finals Spurs vs. Miami and exposed Lebron’s skill weaknesses in the game and the questions about his legacy.. If Kobe Bryant and MJ is in the NBA top 5 G.O.A.T’s as they do have three-peat championship rings that is so hard to achieved in NBA with their killer instincts and able to carry their team at their back with their unremarkable skills and I.Q.. for Lebron’s effort maybe he will end up at top 10 G.O.A.T’s just next to Duncan even if Lebron won his 3rd ring with Cleveland or with other team again.. period..

      • Elijah hunter says:

        Dont hate on our king james u just know he will beat all of ur players on ur home team he is The best ever and always will be btw kyrie is number two clevland is my home team we r da best deal wit it

      • Elijah hunter says:

        King james 23 cavs we da best

    • oby20 says:

      so after he won 3rd ring, he have to wear no.4 jersey? then next yr no. 5? LOL Thats stupid crap!

    • White Mamba says:

      Lebron already said that he’ll be staying in Cavs and will retire from there… sorry Miami fans

    • BB Fan says:

      Whatever way he goes…. it’s all new since Cav’s/LeBron fans burned up the first #23 jersey… so have no fear you’ll make money either way!!

    • Billybob says:

      I say he should wear nr 0

    • Jeffx21 says:

      Hey Troll-hard which team are u for Cavs or Heat…very confusing for all of us……we don’t which team is “not going to get their ring with”. LOLOLOLOL

    • rye says:

      @lbj…why would he get #3…and it doesnt matter what number he wears…its already proven that he is a quiter….and he shouldnt be compared to mj and kobe coz they are the man who can stand on their own word…mark it even if how many sharp shooter around him he cant have any ring…like before he left cavs he had a lot of sharp shooter around him but he didnt get any for 7 yrs…watch out for dwade if get healthy he will have the minutes of playing time…

      • Melo says:

        I totally agree.. Lebron didn’t earn his popularity!.. Media just hates Kobe and that’s the bottom line.. They are doing their best to cover up Kobe’s greatness.. Media made Lebron and not Lebron made himself.. They made Lebron’s head so big that he proclaimed himself “King”.. LOL! pathetic.. If Lebron is a great player he should’ve at least 1 championship ring with Cleveland before while he stayed there for 7 YEARS.. and this stupid morons say’s that he put Cleveland in a play off team.. Then he went in Miami together with three great players around him and he say’s he will not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 rings with Miami then where is it? 4 finals appearance he only got 2.. imagine he got 3 All-Star players around him.. LOL! While Kobe only had Shaq and MJ only had Pippen and both of this players had there own three-peat..


      • RJ says:

        People, stop hating. LeBron did fine in Miami. Wade is on the back end of his prime and he’s been battling injuries through it. So he has generally been less help than Pippen and Shaq were in their primes. Bosh is no better impact wise than a guy like Horace Grant or Rick Fox or Eddie Jones to me, and certainly less impact than Rodman. So stop saying LeBron had so much more help than Jordan or Kobe. It was about equal, if not less than what Kobe and Jordan had with many years of those teams.

        And I don’t do instagram, so on here, I’m still saying he rocks 45, just for kicks, for a season.

  2. Troy Gulley says:

    I think if combine the two greatest players of all time numbers together it will be 23 + 6 = 29 ( Labron and Jordan history)

    • Bron says:

      Lame!….Stick with NO. 23. He looked like an unstopable beast back then and that image stuck in many people’s mind. So bring it back, Bron!

    • Akotintin says:

      actually, i was thinking the same thing. wear 29. 23 + 6. it’s like honoring the numbers u wore and made a name out of. I’m not really a LBJ fan. i kinda hated how he moved to miami while he’s still young. but the guy did what he had to do to win championships. you play in the nba not only for the money but to win championships. and he really proved himself in miami. he improved his playmaking, shooting and leadership skills.

      and may I just add, NEVER compare a player with another whom he can never play with. like why the hell should people compare MJ with LBJ??? you can never prove who is better because they simply never played with in the same generation. you can only compare them based on their averages, individual and team success… so if that’s the case, is Robert Horry better than MJ coz he won 7 rings??? give them a break…

      • KingJamesLinSanity says:

        WELL Said Troy and Mr. Akotintin….Afer all is said and done and if King James win ones in Cleveland you HAVE to put Lebron above all because no one returns to Cleveland and wins it all…unheard of courage and focus..Jordan could not do that! I still put Magic above Jordan because he was a better teammate , better person and can Play ALL 5 positions! LOVE both of your comments

      • Jeffx21 says:

        Ah Robert Horry …….a good spot shooter……with an uncanny ability to be traded to the right team. Maybe the Cavs should get Horry back.

  3. illuminati says:

    I thought he was going to go with #32? lost in 07+11+14 finals. what what! and guess what he announced his return to cleveland on that day to. Strange ehhhh.

  4. Robdiggity says:

    Our king wore 23, and he should go back full circle!! Lets get it Cavs

    • BB Fan says:

      I guess either way he’ll sell jersey’s since all those loyal Cav’s Fans burned his first #23 jersey in Cleveland.


  5. Tc says:

    No more Jordan. #2 for two time champion.

  6. LBJBK2MH says:

    I think you should choose #6 again.

  7. Vilhjalmur Ingi Sigurdarson says:

    Hi Lebron. Please wear back nr 23! 🙂
    That´s your Cleveland number.

    • Billybob says:

      23 is Jordan’s nr.
      Le bron not deserving of this nr.

      I say. Nr. ZERO is a good nr.

  8. Keith says:

    Number 23

  9. RJ says:

    He should come back like Jordan did coming back to Chicago from his first retirement: Wearing 45. haha

    Seriously, though, I agreed with his sentiments on no on wearing 23 anymore. So he should just stick with 6.

  10. Most likely #6… will be anything but #23 so he can get his jersey to sell more – it only make $en$e

  11. Adam Mak says:

    Just were 23 It suits you. Only the greats can were 23 any other number just does not suit you like 23 does

  12. Most likely #6… will be anything but #23 to increase his jersey sales – it only makes $en$e

  13. nickyzfy says:

    you want to bring the feeling of championship to Cleveland, then bring the #6.

  14. TheKush says:

    I say go with number “62”

  15. PHILLYFAN4LIFE says:

    “In respect to MJ”. Lebrin, Wade and Bosh already knew they were coming together before 2010 for the 2010 season. LeBron knew that before MJ retired from the Washington Wizards the Miami Heat retired the number 23 and Pat Riley said none will ever wear the number 23 again for the Heat organization. So, LeBron in knowing that changed his number to 6. And now that he is going back to Cleveland he can wear his number 23 again, (i think he should).
    Although I was not a heat fan the past four years, I’m going to miss that team being together. They were special.

  16. tomdriesen says:

    number 1 like Oscar Robertson and he still is the number one player. And he wil make the cavs the number one again.

  17. Joe says:

    Flashback…switch to 23!

  18. jkrich says:

    Go oumber 6! You look better with your own number than in mj’s #!

  19. T BYRD says:

    Number 6 would be my choice because it was Doctor J’s number and Mike is always hating on LeBron

  20. Thomas Hogan says:

    23 cleveland Cavaliers for life baby

  21. v1ncente says:

    Ofcourse they will choose No. 6, so that NBA store will have some new shirts to sell, everybody in cleveland and across has already 23 in their closets.

  22. Emmanuel Clark says:

    Wear a different number and make it famous like Jordan did with 23 & Julius Ervin did with 6. But if not go with 6 you coming back, its new this time. Number 6 is the number where u grew into a whole new player so keep it. New roster new coaching everything new so don’t go back to 23.

  23. Fan of the Game says:

    James wore #23 for seven years paying homage to Micheal Jordan. It is time for him to separate himself from all things Jordan and continue his own legacy, the one he started when he wore #6 during the Olympic games

    • kobefanjay says:

      its not paying homage it called invocation…he was invoking the spirit and characteristics of jordan into himself…wearing the number just helped him with his visualizations…he wont need it anymore so he should choose a new number

  24. HeatFan says:

    Sense you abandoned the Heat organization as well as the Cavs the first go round – choose your number you had in high school.

  25. Some Guy says:

    Gretzky’s #99 is retired from hockey. No player in the NHL can wear it. Never understood why the NBA hasn’t retired MJ’s #23…

  26. O says:

    Number 23

    • O says:

      Actually do 6 to represent your self because you aren’t Mj your LEBRON and in the future u will be your own legend numba 6 despite dr. J !s number brings six but I’d rather be six then 23

      • O says:

        Wait doesn’t someone on the cavs already wear number 6

      • O says:

        LEBRON listen carefully you shouldn’t do 6 or 23 you should do 25 the next great after Mj Kobe then u and also u won in 12 + 13 finals now add that and u get 25 I think that suits you but it’s ur choice and I respect that

  27. NBA Live says:

    Roster Player 99 – maybe?

  28. Lebron Fan For Life says:

    Man, Lebron said it himself, he has SO much respect for Jordan and what he has done for the game of basketball that he said nobody in the NBA should wear the #23.
    So he should stick to what he said, keep showing respect and pick another number. Might as well keep #6 or MAYBE just MAYBE he could show a tribute to D-Wade and change his number to #3 !! Would be pretty cool.

  29. dd def says:

    i think he should go back to his original cavs number. but all in all, i think people put WAY too much stock in jersey numbers. funny thing is MJ didn’t want 23 originally, he wanted 45 but his older brother beat him to it so he grew up with, essentially, half of 45 and it just stuck.

  30. Kobe24Legend says:

    Lebron James will NEVER be great in my eyes.

  31. Enold francois says:

    # 6 that your lucky number king because you have 7 years with Cleveland Miami heat only 4 years and than you have 2 Rings with it think about it LeBron # 6 that your number king

  32. Isaih Pruitt says:

    63 Since no 623 just shorten it to 63

  33. ego_boss says:

    Hey Playa, I say rock #23, not because of any connection to MJ, but because it will be a slap in the face to all the people who will remain nameless that had the nerve to burn you jersey when you came down to South Beach. Number 6 will remind everyone of your time down here. #23 reminds me of something the say in my mother’s church, “the way forward, is the way back”… translation, you won’t get where you’re going until you acknowledge where you’ve been. And if all else fails, think of how ridiculous MJ looked when he came back rocking the #45.
    The same as you REP Akron, Akron we always see you as #23. Good look with you decision, no matter what number you wear CHAMPIONSHIPS are in your future. GO CAVS!

    • alvin strain says:


  34. B Radd says:

    LeBron should wear “1” not because he’s the best player in the world but because he’s the one player who will bring an NBA Championship Title to the city of Cleveland.. he’s the one, the “1”.. Get it?!

    • will Taylor jones says:

      Yes but only 1 chapionship, 7 is better. 6 is jordan 5 is kobe 7 is labron

  35. Enold francois says:

    LeBron I love you to much go with # 6 that your lucky number and your # 6 retired in 2 team Miami heat and Cleveland

  36. Eric says:

    Number. 6

  37. Rick says:

    LeBron, go with number “6”. Your reason for the change was sound.

  38. 16going417 says:

    If his original intent was to pay respect to Michael Jordan, then he should continue to honor that. So, NO to 23. If he feels 6 is a connection to Miami then he can choose any other number. 8 and 24 are good number LOL……..

  39. future says:


  40. JOSH says:


  41. Jesse says:

    the only certainty is that the headband will continue to rise higher and higher on the forehead.

  42. Stephen Shum says:

    23 for sure

  43. VC says:

    He should wear #6. Then instead of his last name at the back he should use “LebRUN”. HAHAHA. Cavs fans after two years and still no championship i bet LebRUN will run again to a different team. #Lechoke #Lecramp #Leflop #LebRUN

  44. go for 6 just make sure you win a ring for cleveland

  45. JBR says:

    Fresh start, fresh number. Put a bunch in a hat, pick one out.

  46. Alex says:

    #23 Jordan, #24 Kobe, so what about #25? 🙂

    • Alex says:

      he scored 25 points on his first game with cleveland… my vote for #25!

    • Xero says:

      I have seen a few people say 25. You must not be Cavs fans, or not very good ones anyways. #25 Is retired (Mark Price) along with #43 (Brad Daugherty), #22 (Larry Nance), #7 (Bobby “Bingo” Smith), #42 (Nate Thurmond), #34 (Austin Carr), and #11 (Z)…. Any number but those 7 will work just fine, and I’m sure if any current players have the number he wants they will give it up…

      • will Taylor jones says:

        7 isn’t famous like it will be. A lot of players have those numbers but like 23 jordan made it iconic like labron can make with lucky number seven. Not 25 to one up kobe. But seven for the rings he wants and he will one up himself in all areas, 6 he won in and also lost in 7 I’d what makes sense and all previous numbers come down to the number seven

  47. Jordan Tesch says:

    I think you should have it be number 23 again, bring it back. You look better with that number that Jordan did with it.

  48. Ken says:

    I think you should stick to what you said in the above video and still wear your # 6 jersey. What a man say and his word is more important then anything. But it also comes back to how you feel. If you feel the same way as you did on that day.

  49. Neef da boss says:

    #6 cause 6 is the champion

  50. Dylan says:

    I think he should use 6 as he was successful with two championship rings with 6

  51. Michael says:

    How about the number 5? Its the number that is the closest to the $ sign.

  52. pointy says:

    I would recommend nr 26, new page, new nr.

  53. Ced says:

    Pick a new number…. 4 maybe?

    6 – Old Cavs days
    25 – Miami
    4 – 4given

  54. All Ball 15 says:

    Really? I remember LeBron saying that NO ONE should be allowed to wear #23. Seems like he’s changing his mind again. I would like him to show more loyalty and commitment to his decisions. He should wear anything other than #23.

  55. Litvin says:

    9 C-l-e-v-e-l-a-n-d
    9 C-a-v-a-l-i-e-r-s

    9 is the Number

  56. TheAll-Star136 says:

    What if the NBA retires 23? So no one will wear number 23.

    • Michael says:

      A super star that was truly great, so great that if you touched him when he had the ball, it was a foul. I don’t doubt Jordan’s greatness, but there were simply too many lame fouls that they just gave to him and drove me crazy. Retiring his number is silly.

  57. Doron says:

    Lebron, you gotta think outside the box here. Choose number 86112432369007, no one’s expecting this.

  58. kcujoe says:

    please wear #23 lebron

    anything else but #6

    please dont wear #6

    #23 is the best number you could wear…..
    whenever i think of lebron and cleveland…..i always think about #23 on the back of the cleveland jersey

    please wear #23
    or any other number than #6

    PLEASE WEAR #23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  59. kcujoe says:

    please wear #23

    please anything other than #6

    please wear #23






    WEAR #23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  60. Armelius_the_third says:

    I like 29,
    It shows hes still both players 23 and 6
    It is original (dont know anyone with that number)
    And hes 29 years old
    And it looks good on a jersey (tried it on NBA2K14 🙂

  61. Edward says:

    Lebron James should wear # 23 for the unfinished business for the cleveland fans.

  62. Yamil says:

    Return to number 23

  63. aces says:

    LeBron should wear 1 because his favorite player to watch growing up was t mac and he is trying to win cavs 1st ring…

    This has nothing to do with lebron but 1 is my fav number because of penny Hardaway, the guy who was supposed 5 be the GOAT if it weren’t for those damn injuries

    • justsayin says:

      I lived in Memphis back then and went bonkers when he got traded on draft night to play with my other favorite – Shaq. Still a shame about those injuries and how they never won it all. Well – Shaq did and fueled the best Laker era since Kareem/Magic but I digress.

  64. Cabal says:

    91 !!

  65. Edward says:

    We all know you as 23, no disrespect to jordan. is like superman # 23 was hidden to the closet for so many years now #23 is back in the Q building. most cleveland fans that keep your jersey is kinda wearing them now so am I, please wear #23…

    #6 is for Miami Heat and #23 is for Cleveland fans.

  66. Sonny says:

    Go with either one, If it doesn’t work for any reason just abandon it and use the other one. You know how it works. You are good at it.

  67. Chris (T.O) says:

    He should wear #25 to one up Kobe like Kobe did to Jordan lol.

  68. Daniel says:

    32. If he’s going back to his Cleveland roots, why not go back a little farther to high school? that’s what he won a championship in Cleveland wearing.

  69. Graham1984 says:

    He only ever swapped to number 6 as Miami had 23 retired in Jordan’s honour already. As soon as he announced the swap I knew he was off.

    Regardless, it’s great to see him go back.

  70. Mac says:

    I think he should wear number 0 for a few reasons. 0 can stand for O in Ohio. The state where he’s from. Also can stand for a circle or ring. Circle of events that brought him home after he got his ring. And the rings he plans on winning for the Cavs. IJS

  71. Cavs fans are the biggest Bandwagoners says:

    Uhm……wasn’t it Lebron who said back when he DUMPED the Cavs for Miami that he was changing to 6 because he felt no one should wear Jordans number and it should be retired from the League…?

    Damn this dude is SUCH A HYPOCRITE!

    “Going back home”…didnt LEBRON say this was all a business, just to make money?

    Damn this dude can never stick to his word

  72. RAM says:

    he should keep #6 . . . NUMBER 23 SHOULD BE RETIRE FROM THE LEAGUE #RETIRE23

  73. KoolKat says:

    Wear #6 and show Cleveland you have become a different, more mature player!

  74. Ben Monk says:

    Lebron should go with #45, that’s what former #23s do when they come back to same team.

  75. Josepe H. Morel says:

    I think we should stick with the number 6, because he has to make history with the number 6 as MJ did number 23.

  76. Whodatboi says:

    #23 Lebron got some unfinished business. #6 Lebron accomplish a lot with another team.

    • Dilshan says:

      #23 Jordan, #24 Kobe….. #25 Lebron, cos he scored 25 points on his first game with cleveland.

  77. Jake says:

    Number 23

  78. Erikgarcia says:

    Just use his Miami jersey #6 where he got his Championship. Maybe that’s his lucky number.. 🙂 Using #23 can be good choice as well since he already return from home, so using his old #23 is also a sign that he REALLY is HOME.

  79. KingBron says:

    I would go with #30 since he is staring fresh and that’s his birthday plus his gonna be 30 lol

  80. Orlando says:

    Here we go Lebron ,finding something to talk about you again ! Who cares Lebron #23 or #6 just pick one you are not winning this coming up season anyways .

  81. MA says:

    I feel since this his second time(2) around and he has been gone 4 years, it should remain # 6. He should retire with number, this number represents the past and the future. He will bring a Championship too Cleveland and this is the team he said he will remain with.

  82. maddy says:

    #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99 #99

  83. Orlando says:

    Regardless off what # he picks the Cav fans gave to buy jerseys cause last time I know they burned his jersey down ,what a difference in Miami Heat fans all they have said is good for Hiim those are really his FANS , GO HEAT !!!!!!!!!

  84. d fres says:

    go back to the deuce 3 and pay homage to the g.o.a.t.!!

  85. David Alonzo says:

    Who cares you whiner

  86. Alezzz says:

    Lebron should wear #14, the Return of the King’s year

  87. Orlando says:

    Right ,who cares !!!! Just pick a #.

  88. Hal says:

    He should go with number #1

  89. Orlando says:

    He just wants people to be talking about him all the time ,we should be talking about DWade !!! Hope to see Dwade get at least 1 more Ring !!!

  90. aLiEn says:

    I think there are only two numbers… #6 or #32 (reversed #23) with that said i say remember the past but embrace the future.

  91. James says:

    29 for symbolism. Equals the sum of his two prior numbers, acknowledging that he is now a product of both his Cleveland and Miami years. Also, 29 admittedly looks dumb now but LeBron will make it cool just like Jordan made 23 cool. I bet 23 was an odd, random number when Jordan picked it. LeBron could make 29 his own.

  92. Orlando says:

    Let’s see what new # he wants to use in 2 years when he decides to leave the Cavs.

  93. Trish says:

    I am asking you to keep number 23! I kept your jersey from 2010 hoping you would come back someday. It’s a new beginning with the same number and it will go down in history when they retire your number it’s like you never lift.
    Thanks for your letter it meant alot, who am I not to show you grace when grace has been shown to me by our Lord and savior! I am a die hard cavs fan. Trish Lewis

  94. Sugg says:

    Number 30 like birthday.

  95. greg says:

    everyone is talking about jordan and lebron or even dr J??? The greatest ever is hands down Bill Russell You wanna talk rings??? Show that guy some respect and wear his number

  96. EL B' JAY says:

    #23 would be nice! If he gets more championship in Clevie and retire someday, #23 is ideal to hang. It’s more iconic coz he started with the number where all it began…

  97. greg says:

    Russell doesnt even have enough fingers for the rings he has. the guy gets no respect. im sick of hearing about jordan. Hell… im sorry lebron but you wont even come close to getting as many rings as Robert Horry!!! wear Russells number

  98. Zach says:

    Wear a completely new number. The uniforms are different from the last time you were in Cleveland, and it’s a new team, a new chapter to his career.

    • will Taylor jones says:

      New chapter , New number .. and Jordan didn’t go to Cleveland but 23 is related to jordan, do you want it to be jordan and Labron . Make your own legacy and begin a new chapter. Lucky number seven, not only makes sense like I previously commented on with all the numbers that make 7 right but how many did jordan win 6? 7 is the number of championships to shoot for anyways. #ballintothebank

  99. Pooda wallace says:

    Keep #6 bring a new King James back home, you gotta come back a new man!!

  100. TheAll-Star136 says:


  101. spurs#5 says:

    Just give him “$$” because that all he thinks about.
    Just ask Wade and Bosh how much they lost because they believed in him. hahahaha!!!!

  102. number 6 cause 23 you have to eat your words about the number 32 would be you going back reverse back to cavs but first time brought no rings so number 6 is the luckiest of them all 2 outta 3 aint bad vs 0 and 1 . 32 could bring good or bad luck. 6 is my favorite number and i’m white gold the lucky charm of the folks so i got irish luck so 6 i say lebron if you ask me your chose doe

  103. TheAll-Star136 says:

    6 6 6 6

    23 23 23 23

    32 32 32 32

    25 25 25 25

  104. shane says:

    The league should retire 23 for the greatest player ever. Lebron should continue to wear 6.

  105. Jovit says:

    I think you should pick a new number for a new start 🙂 I don’t think 23 will suit you. But I agree to their previous comments that if you feel like not wearing number 6 as it’s somehow related to Miami.. then go choose a new number for a new start and for your Legacy. I think that’s the best thing to do, but then again, it boils down on how you accept things.. weather you will be swayed by the feelings of your haters not wanting you to go back to 23 due to MJ comparison, or your feeling about number 6 as related to Miami. It’s your choice dude..

    -KingJames Fan from PH 🙂

  106. Takebreak says:


    Your family is very happy and proud for you. Great man always does valuable thing! You ‘re a diamond in the NBA.
    Please leave past in the past. In GOD, number 7 is the best. You deserve the best and wish your dream come true.


  107. Sick of it says:

    Nr 6. Jordan never screwed his team… twice

  108. MoneyIsImportant says:

    #6 LeBron. That raises the value of the #23 Cavs jersey and those who have one can prove they didn’t quite on you when you left.

  109. carlo says:

    Number 23 for the world. That number feels like attached to him even though he changed his number to 6 in Miami but #23 of Cavs still attached to him. I’m glad that I don’t sell my #23 Cavs jersey a year ago, I bought it back in 2009-2010 season and the next season he decided to move on to Miami. Go LBJ!

  110. Asante says:

    Go with 23, YOUR ORIGINAL NUMBER, you wore 6 with the HEAT, let it stay with HEAT!

  111. james 6 says:

    Lebron should keep #6. Like he said.. he compares his time in Miami to being in College. (improving his game in every area) as well as growing up outside of basketball. Most players that come to the NBA from college keep their number so why not. Plus this is a new chapter for Lebron James to prove himself all over again.. minus the pressure of being a NBA Champion. Plus that would be a hot commercial. Him sitting off at home with his cleveland 23 on the couch. watching videos of people burning his 23. at the same time he will be contemplating on should he wear 23 or not…and thinks na/Nope. So he goes out to his yard. to tin trash can (burns his own jersey.. then out of no where it starts to rain. (what can rain mean: wash out the old /new beginnings). so he goes back inside start getting ready like he is going practice.. puts on his T (CLeveland color T shirt). before he goes to his car. checks the tin trash can. and sees a fresh and folded 2014 Cleveland jersey # 6.. looks at the camera with the gesture.. i like that>>> puts it in his gym bag. #6… #23 is done…

  112. japanamayshunx says:

    I Say #………π……..Yea, That’s Right! The Pi Symbol or 3.14…..Hows About That Queen James!

  113. Tony says:

    Lebron bring back 23! I am a bandwagon fan when it comes to team, but when it comes to players I always been #23 lebron james. I ain’t no player bandwagon I always been a true fan since st. vincent-st. mary. Bring back the glory of #23. 50 point nights baby!

  114. will never be jordan says:

    this guy is so fn full of himself. when he came to miami he said that no one should wear the # 23. what a joke this guy

  115. Mike P says:

    Wear #1 suits the number 1 player in the nba. 23 was jordan’s number, and 6 will remind cleveland of the past.

  116. Gigi says:

    How about talking real basketball? Or is it that until oct the only subjects allowed are LeBron’s jersey number, Hornets’ jersey color, Bucks arena name? Not to forget the talk about getting a team to Seattle.

  117. BigDaddy says:

    Lebron should wear #1 cause he will be bringing Cleveland their first NBA championship

  118. n_a says:

    #9 would be nice !
    – it’s up side down of #6
    – it’s three square

  119. nika says:

    Lebron make your own history take number 26

  120. allan says:

    23 is good

  121. steve says:

    If i remember correctly, Lebron said he was switching to 6 because no one should wear number 23 because it was MJ’s number. So giving him the benefit of the doubt, he was being honest, so he should not wear number 23

  122. i think number 6 is good for him coz its nice in the jersey and he is lucky in that no.remember 4 championship appearance and 2 championship ring…goodlck LBJ.

  123. NickBlaster says:

    Number 6 is your lucky number you got nothing with 23.

  124. JP says:

    For the Jersey number change, he SHOULD have done something like THE DECISION….

  125. Z says:

    Stay with nomber 6 becouse obviously it brings you more luck.

  126. Joe Lemon says:

    go with something new.

  127. Kai says:

    WEAR #14#14#14

  128. nagaraya says:

    AKRON, OHIO = #9

    #9 i thought would be the best fit for the “King” in his comeback. #TheKing

  129. Kendall says:


  130. Dustin Phan says:

    I say #10 becuase #3 is Wade, #1 is Bosh, and #6 is Lebron, the big 3 added together is 10!

  131. Todd McCourt says:

    I say you take 6+23 = 29+2 from number 23 and then you get 31that what I think he should do or you could add the mvp awards and you got 35 then plues 2 championships that’s 37 so I would go with 37

    • Todd McCourt says:

      And 7+3 is 10 for Dennis Rodman my fab player of all time one of the best defenders and only person in any sport to lead a league heaven straight years in a row in any statistic

  132. Poe says:

    Illuminati satanic #6 he can’t and won’t change it

  133. Jason says:

    I think he should wear 6 because he will alway be just a little over 25 percent of what Jordan was !!!!!

  134. Jimmy says:

    16 because it takes 16 wins to win a ring in the playoffs.

  135. Ari says:

    23 looks way better, he kinda does look unstoppable in it

  136. Jerald Howard says:

    I suggest keeping the 23. If you do what your legacy will be the greatest if you wear your original number. You will go down as the greatest ever!

  137. Shavon says:

    Its simple……..No. 23 all day baby!!!!!!

  138. Roy says:

    23 + 6 = 29

  139. Nicholas Ablong says:

    #6. Just to piss off the so-called “Heat Fans”. ;D

  140. X says:



  141. plyply says:

    #15 1+5=6 for new cavs wear #15

  142. qdog112 says:

    Did I just imagine the reason he gave for dropping #23? Wasn’t it as a tribute to MJ? So, what has changed? Is MJ no longer worthy?

  143. plyply says:

    or #5 2+3=5 another suggestion

  144. he is full of himself says:

    Saying he is willing to initiate the movement, LeBron James would like to see any NBA player who wears No. 23 to choose another number as homage to Michael Jordan. With Jordan looking on from a third-row seat Thursday night, James scored 34 points to help the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Heat 111-104 in Miami. Afterward, the reigning MVP told TNT he plans to switch his number from 23 to 6 after this season.

    “I just think what Michael Jordan has done for the game has to be recognized some way soon,” said James, who has worn 23 since he was a high school sophomore. “There would be no LeBron James, no Kobe Bryant, no Dwyane Wade if there wasn’t Michael Jordan first.

    “He can’t get the logo [Hall of Famer Jerry West’s silhouette adorns the NBA’s logo], and if he can’t, something has to be done. I feel like no NBA player should wear 23. I’m starting a petition, and I’ve got to get everyone in the NBA to sign it. Now, if I’m not going to wear No. 23, then nobody else should be able to wear it.”
    “If you see 23, you think about Michael Jordan,” James said, according to The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer. “You see game-winning shots, you think about Michael Jordan; you see guys fly through the air, you think about Michael Jordan; you see fly kicks, you think about Michael Jordan. He did so much, it has to be recognized, and not just by putting him in the Hall of Fame.

  145. Sanam Singh says:

    #23 The number twenty three.


  146. I8A4RE says:

    How about he jumps off a cliff instead , don’t like him don’t care

  147. Justin braxton says:

    I think LeBron should wear 23. Cause 6 was a even number. And lebron won 2 rings. 23 is odd lebron and Irvin gonna win 3.

  148. lacrampa says:

    the nba tells please lebron, not the 6; not the 23. a new one, a fresh start, and obviously new jersey sales baby.
    we want every lebron fan to buy the new jersey 😉

  149. sports fan says:

    Spin a wheel numbered 0-99 and whatever number comes up that’s his number.

  150. Eric Quinones says:

    Mron James stay with #6 because u should stick with your own legacy and identity be the player that when someone sees the #6 on a players jersey they think bout u. This number so far represents your success as a champion and your maturity as a nba player. Dont go back to the old u to symbolize someoone else and to bring back the bad memories of u before as a cavalier as it was burnt and meant to be vanished. Thats over continue your legacy to be the best that ever played this game so other young players can choose the #6 for LeBron James and that number can remind you what u have accomplished. #Be yourself Message me to let me know how u felt about my adviced THANK YOU

  151. Inder says:

    Lol he doesn’t photoshop those.

  152. dolladdiict says:

    23 suits him just fine.

  153. joe says:

    23. I hate it when players go back to a team they previously played for and change their number. Like Jason Kidd when he went back to the Mavs. And I didn’t like it when kobe changed to 24. 1 number for each team.

  154. August says:

    Since he turned everything for Miami upside down, I think it should be #9.

  155. yifan says:

    cannot be 23 (for MJ or burned 4 yrs ago) or 6 (remind fans of his days in Miami). should be 29 that is a combination of his pro jersey #s, also his age returning home.

  156. Tony Clegg says:

    He should go back to number 23. So that if the Cavs meet the Spurs again in the Finals, the Spurs will see it as the young immature Lebron coming back as a better, matured player with a better Cavs team.

    We’ll do it this time!

  157. Andre says:

    32, man. Switch the past around and move forward BIG.

  158. JOEL says:


  159. Daredevil says:

    #1 because ur the Chosen One by the Cavs!

  160. blazetheendlessblaze says:

    This isn’t news.

  161. wad3 says:

    its definitely 6 since he stated that number 23 should be retired out of respect to the goat that is MJ..

  162. KEvin says:


    Please go back to Number 23. It was the number you were for HOME, now that you’re coming back HOME it is only fitting that you wear the number that made you who you are since high school throughout a bulk of your career at Cleveland.

    Number 23 is your legacy, your identity and your CALLING.

  163. 316VINO says:

    10, 44, 9, 17, or 4

  164. Toni says:

    Since Cleveland fans commenced to burning his number 23 Jersey when he left, he should keep his number 6 out of respect for the bond and brotherhood he experienced with the Heat.

  165. patrick says:

    23+6+ 29!!! great number for him

  166. 316VINO says:

    #10 One person coming full circle or #12 meaning knowing and becoming wise of, plus the year you won your first title!

  167. Deutztony says:

    Either number 6 or 24 would be fine, he will always be Lebron James, both a Heat and a Cavalier, and the KING…

  168. pinky says:

    84 DOB

  169. Pívæ Johnson says:


  170. rc says:

    he should wear no. 33

  171. carlos says:

    hi LeBron i’m a huge fan I think u should be number 6 to represent your 2nd home Miami heat or number 23 for your old number

  172. Clayton says:

    I think number six because you can make more of a name for yourself, you know?

  173. 23, so fans don’t need to buy a new jersey. LOL, kiddin kiddin~ I think 23 resonates better in Cleveland. People can relate to it.

  174. satish says:

    23 is a good number. LeBron should use 23.

  175. Jaylin Amos says:

    Lebron should pick no.23 that’s the number he strated out with 6 is for his second home 23 is for his first home ohio Cleveland Akron keep your no.

  176. jjcapone209 says:

    #7 cos when you get those 7 rings aint no one gonna say anything about you or to you #KINGJAMES #TAKETHETHROWNBACK

  177. WOW says:

    I think he should put on #4
    Remind him to do something in the fourth quarter

  178. Daniele Arvin Rodriguez says:

    #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23 #23

  179. Blake says:

    IMO base the # off yourself. Youre not Jordan #23 or Dr J. #6. Pick another # thats not based off of some other great NBA player.

  180. CJ says:

    STAY WITH #6

  181. LeChoke says:

    I’m getting rid of this. No need to ask people for this. We don’t care. WHINER!

  182. Achyuth says:

    NO 23

  183. David says:

    Turn the 6 upside down. Matches what you are doing.

    # 9 !!!!!!

  184. a Fan says:

    Just stick with the number of 6. The number of greatest defensive player of all time!

  185. Smartest says:

    He should add 23 and 6 to wear the number 29. It is a relatively uncommon number that he can make his own. It is also symbolic of how he is a combination of his past experiences and how he is ready to diverge into becoming a player of his own kind without the constant comparisons (though inevitable).

  186. james says:

    wear the number 23 again

  187. Oak Tree says:

    Sad that a 2-time NBA champion and arguably the best out there today still needs constant reminding that he is loved.

    Pick a damn number, champ.

  188. JerwinM says:

    11 for 11 seasons in NBA…

  189. theo says:

    bring back the 23

  190. Fesauai Thompson says:

    He should wear his finals record. 2-3

  191. paolo says:

    he looks better on a no. 6 jersey

  192. JCS says:

    Bron wear #6 Again. You’ve won 2 Championships with that number and you will still win if you use it, #23 for you means imitating MJ and it hasn’t done any good for you for the past 7 seasons with the Cavs. You will also be honoring your teammates in Miami if you wear #6 again. All the Best “King James”.

  193. meize says:

    how about 00 or just 0 ?

  194. DALE W says:

    23. When you retire the Cavs will also retire your number. You should be consistent and take # 23.

  195. gedeonalulod says:


  196. MOGENS says:

    LeBron should go with #6. Starting a New Era,using #6 is a much better choice. Recall #23? That did not sit well, when he left the Cavs. That Number should not be worn ever again by LeBron, or anyone else in Cleveland…

    LeBron is setting a great image now for the young folks too. It shows you can still admit when you and others makes mistake,
    and man enough to admit it. Good Luck once again in Cleveland. You’re definitely “The King” of NBA.

  197. jose chavez says:

    That was nice of him to do but Mike is and always will be the best. Just a fact.

  198. dorkiz says:

    In other important news: LeBron James had sausage and eggs for breakfast this morning. He opted to not partake in toast and waffles.

  199. Jaims says:

    bring back the old #23, he doesn’t denies that he idolized MJ

  200. Darryl says:

    He change to honor M.J why change back so # 6

  201. jdub455 says:

    the only player who could wear #23 right now is the King!

  202. choco martin says:

    coz he’s the self proclaim chosen one… why not #1???

  203. Henrik Jensen says:

    no lebrons finals record vs spurs, can’t be 5-11, cavs met them in 2007 as well, where they went 0-4 sweep to spurs..

  204. Henrik Jensen says:

    yeah he have had jordan’s number, then russell’s, maybe its time to try out barkleys/shaq’s 34, or just keep the 23 he have had before in Cleveland..

    I call a much harder year in east with teams being lot closer:

  205. silenceofthetaru says:

    #23 then this number will be retired by Cleveland Cavaliers when you retire.

  206. Don says:

    Lebron, I thought you said you want to retire the number 23 with respect to MJ?

  207. tesnep says:

    Great playmakers wear no 10. Pele maradonna lebron

  208. tesnep says:

    Playmakers wear no 10



    King James

  209. diego says:

    yes remember what is best if well again number 23 lebron james return cavs like play ?

  210. Rosetta says:

    I think LBJ’s # should be #1 because he IS #1!

  211. Jackie Moon says:

    # 46

  212. RUBY says:


  213. sean says:

    6 cause jordan wore out 23 like kobe wore out 24 and how magic wore out 32 why cant lebron wear out 6

  214. ryan says:

    Always thought he was a bit Jordan a bit Magic combined… So 55

  215. Anthony Calhoun says:

    I Think Lebron should were # 25 because this is a new and very challenging chapter in his life and he should think about starting over. Have a fresh start with something new on your quest of bringing a championship to Cleveland. People will remember that James 25 brought us the title to Cleveland rather than James 23, who tried desperately but came up short, or James 6 who won 2 rings with the Heat. NBA Champs that had the most impact on their teams are Chicago Jordan 23, Los Angeles Kobe 24, Miami James 6. It’s all about Cleveland (James 25).

  216. Kigwa says:

    #23 will be the best! cause his Finals record is 2-3 hahaha

  217. Jose says:

    Throwback no.23

  218. san says:


  219. celentano says:

    ledecision should choose nr 2! why? well lebum has only 2 rings! !hahahaaha,lol.

  220. Gojny says:

    Definitely 23

  221. adam says:

    24 man is the best for you…

  222. aaaa says:

    hey lebron….peaple in all over the world know you by number 6

  223. erfan1997 says:

    number 23 baby

  224. D'kidd says:

    Stick with #6. and always make it target or a goal to have 6 championship rings.

  225. Big Al says:

    He may have picked 23 in wanting to become Jordan when he started, but now that he made a name for himself, LeBron should stick with 6.

  226. Aaron says:

    26…. 2 rings…. #6

  227. Rhedz03 says:

    James Should Just Pick A New Number…He Said it Before That “No One Should Wear The #.23”. He Had His Time With 23 In The Cavs And 6 In The Heat, So I Think That He Needs To Move On And Pick Another Number For Another The Upcoming Chapter In His Life.

    12 – Month Of His Birth
    30 – Day Of His Birth
    84 – Last 2 Digit Of His Birth Year
    23 – Cavs Old Jersey No.
    6 – Heat Old Jersey Number
    2 – Nba Champion
    2 – Nba Finals Mvp
    4 – Season Mvp
    2 – Nba All Star Mvp
    10 – Nba All Star
    1 – Scoring Champion
    1 – Rookie Of The Year
    1 – Nba All Rookie First Team
    1 – Nba All Defensive Second Team
    5 – All Defensive First Team
    8 – All Nba First Team
    2 – All Nba Second Team
    2 – Olympic Games Gold Medal
    1 – Olympic Games Bronze Medal
    1 – Fiba Bronze Medal
    1 – Fiba America Gold Medal
    3 – Mr. Ohio Basketball
    1 – Naismith Prep Player Of The Year
    1 – McDonalds All AMerican Game Mvp
    1 – Sports Man Of The Year
    1 – Sporting Athlete Of The Year
    1 – USA Male Athlete Of The Year
    1 – Ap Athelete Of The Year
    1 – Cavs All Time Leading Scorer

    TOTAL: 209 Achievements Etc.

    1 Wife
    3 Kids
    1 Mother
    29 – Current Age

    He Can Choose From The Following:

    34 – No. Of nWife, Kids, Mother And Current Age Added
    16 – No. Of Wife, Kids, Mother And Current Age Added Then Divided 209
    29 – Total Calculation Of His Achievements etc.
    9 – Added 29+No. Of Kids, Wife, Mother+ Total Achievements = 243….Add 2+4+3 To Get 9.

    So Either 34, 16, 29, 9…This Numbers Are Just My Suggestion. But Whatever No. You Choose I’ll Still Root For You…

  228. will Taylor JONES says:

    I have have good seasons and great seasons in my football and baseball career. Play b ball too but not next level. Anyways I wore 28 my first year 82 second season #2 next two, then 24,21 and 34 ad a sophomore couldn’t pick at the bottom but then I thought which are my lucky numbers #2 was almostalways on my jersey and as a senior I chose # 20 to be safe
    ….. I ve played football sense I was first year pop warner up to indoor semi pro after college and have only list 5 games total. I wou k d go with what number you feel best in but what you can retire a differrent number. 23 has been retired, of course at Chicago but ur labron and think of all the numbers you ve worn and which will mean the most and . You wore 23 , then 6 but in high school 32 and 23-6 is 17 which is also the Celtics champ lucky number but if you take 23- 6=17 and 32 – 17 =16 break it down to 6 +1=7… those all reachieve a number with 7 in it and with two championships at # 6 adding to your number and this new chapter and start adding titles and fans and freinds. Make your decision based on how you feel in a certain number but elevate your game and teammates so the number you finish in the end is always related to labron james like 33 is already to Michael jordan…. labron is the best all around player and person u do u and everything will work out! Good luck.. go jazz, and cavs. #be-who-you-are #striveforgreatness!

  229. Jew zeus says:

    2 rings 5 trips
    next year
    then 69
    game changer in jersey sales

  230. niala says:

    go to #6 Bron.. bcuz u had a 1st title wen u wer #6 jersey.. dat is very memorable

  231. theOracle says:

    neither is any good. 23 is Jordan. 6 is Russell. LeBron needs a number to make his own

  232. BenedictSanqui says:

    Number 9

  233. Dave says:

    i love to see him wearing 23 since that was the number he used when he started and became famous in NBA as a member of Cavaliers, on the other hand i still love to see him wear #6 because he became a champion with that said #. But that belongs to Miami Heat, if he wears #23 alot of people might dislike it ‘coz its Jordan’s great number. no question i agree with that. But since this will be a new chapter of his career and a new beginning, why don’t he use a new number for a change, symbol of a NEW life. my suggestion “# 22 ” close to 23 of Michael Jordan & 24 of Kobe Bryant. They belong to be close together all 3 great players. 22-23-24. #22 also represent his 2 Championship rings, 2+2 = 4 consecutive NBA finals, 4 NBA MVP’s. So to me Lebron James should wear # 22 as much as i love 23 & 6. Thats just me;]

  234. mikep32 says:

    Pick number 1 suits the best player in the nba. 23 was jordan’s number, 6 will remind cleveland of the past.

  235. Ian says:

    2+3+6=11 or 23+6=29 so my vote 11 or 29

  236. hi says:

    even if he wants to honor MJ, he should still wear 23 because then, the two best players of all time would have wore the same number,

  237. Wirgiz says:

    King you should take number 77, and tribute, the center Gheorghe Muresan, if for real take number 81, nobodys have it, make it famous 🙂

  238. Xavie Andro says:

    61 he should wear

  239. #30 it’s his birthday..i don’t like #23 jordan is history now…lebron the greatest basketball player now o earth and soon to be a legend..

  240. vincent says:

    for me, I think much better the # 23, He should be the next greatest, his journey in Cleveland will decide his greatness and accomplishment.

  241. Alma says:

    I think LeBron James should stick with #6. The number #23 was during his 7 years in Cleveland, and now he is coming home, and I don’t think putting the number #23 back on is the right jersey number. King James is #6 now, the tide is turning, the King has returned home, a new age is coming.

  242. Chupa Chups says:

    I had a dream last night that the Cavaliers won the championship this upcoming season.

    • Billybob says:

      I had a dream last night that San Antonio kicked the crap out of Miami Heat.
      Oh wait that already happened….and LeBron left…..
      I say ….nr. ZERO is a good number for the King.

  243. michel says:

    if you are very sure and positive that you will bring the cavs their first v er championship you should get number 1

  244. glenn brix says:

    i would love to see lebron in another jersey number other than 6 and 23. 🙂

  245. august says:

    Bron should wear no. 69

  246. isaac says:

    he should wear number 0

  247. august says:

    or bron should wear 32

  248. Mark Dave Dizon says:


    favorite jersey number

  249. Defense!!! says:

    I think LBJ should choose a new number because 23 and 6 are the past. Think of something new for the future and could be he legacy like jordan on number 23.

  250. Anthony says:

    I think he should wear #6 that’s when he stopped living in the eyes of what we expected from him, he walked tall in his own shoes and became head strong as a man and did what was best for him in his life.

  251. chris R. says:

    I think you should go with 25 like the other guy said lmao you have your own image and you are the best of the best 🙂
    Coming from a kobe and huge lakers fan i beleive number 25 suits you!!!

  252. mafiawardz says:

    23 man, the only reason that you are unable to use 23 in Miami is that it was retired.
    That’s your legacy. #23 is your legacy.

  253. Dale says:

    I think he should change his number every time he wins a ring. So go with 2 this year. Next year it’ll be 3 !!!

  254. bob says:


  255. Bob the magic Hornets says:

    23 Young and Hungry 6 experienced and Mature = 29

  256. Oyie gaddi says:

    No.6 won him back-to-back championships and back-to- back Olympic gold medals. Number 6 is the best number for you bron.

  257. Shumile Mirza says:

    Just wanna say that if you pick number 23 you will be following Jordan.
    you don’t wanna be a follower you wanna be a leader.
    so i suggest you to keep with your number 6.

  258. bjorn says:


    Jordan has 5 numbers tied to his legacy, would not hurt LJK to have another.

    choose a number that means something to your roots

  259. hmmm says:

    I thought he was going to go with #32? lost in 07+11+14 finals. what what! and guess what he announced his return to cleveland on that day to. Strange ehhhh.

    #23 Jordan, #24 Kobe….. #25 Lebron, cos he scored 25 points on his first game with cleveland.

    32. If he’s going back to his Cleveland roots, why not go back a little farther to high school? that’s what he won a championship in Cleveland wearing.

  260. whocares says:

    29, which includes both 6 and 23.

    it’s sure an epic choice.

  261. SW707 says:

    Start where you finish. #23 is where it all started in Cleveland, now he’s back in his NBA birth city. Number 6 never seemed to sit well on LBJ’s jersey, wearing #23 is no disrespect to MJ, LBJ has proved he has valuable NBA skills of his own. But when it all comes down to it, just start where you finish with #23.

  262. Jblazed1 says:

    He should wear #0 for the number of rings he’ll win in Cleveland…

  263. Billybob says:

    Nobody gives a hoot what nr. LeBron wears.

  264. wafflechickenaaa says:

    23 looks way better, I did not like that #6 when he went to Miami for some reason. But if he chooses something besides 23, its for more jersey sales

  265. Mo says:

    I say #32 or a new number.

    The reason why LBJ shouldn’t wear #23 again is because he said #MJ23 shouldn’t be worn, so why go back to it?

    The reason he shouldn’t wear #6 is because it represents LBJ leaving Cleveland to play for MIA. Why use the same number you left your team with to come back home with?

  266. .... says:

    For me, I think LeBron should wear #2 reminding him that he will only have 2 championships in his entire career. He will never be one of the greatest players of all time. Look at Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, did they quit the San Antonio Spurs when they got knock out in the Finals during 2013? No! During the 2014 finals, they really showed the Miami Heat that they were very mad and hungry from last year’s lost. Unlike Lebrick after losing in the finals he quickly quits the Miami Heat and go team up with a bunch of kids in Cleveland and play with them.

  267. No doubt about it.

    LBJ will definitely wear #6 for playing his part in helping the San Antonio Spurs win their SIXTH CHAMPIONSHIP in 2015.

    Any questions???

  268. zencricket says:

    He should wear 25. Next in line. 23 jordan. 24 kobe. 25 james

  269. Theo says:

    I say 23

  270. Kristen Curtis says:

    Who cares what number you wear. Just go out on the court and do what you’re pain to do, and not be a bitch.

  271. bran blum says:

    his new number should the number of inches his hairline has receded since leaving the cavs, so back to #23

  272. User X says:

    Not #1, not #2, not #3, not #4…

  273. Madly Eccentric says:

    Really? You will ask the fans about your Jersey nos?
    Media mileage, Jersey sales,

  274. Bodjee says:

    Rotate #6 to #9 …

  275. KingBeastmode1 says:

    Lebron im a big fan from Miami & I apreciaste what you have done for Miami . Now that you are in Cleveland you should wear 23 because you are the next Jordan with all respect to Jordan

  276. james says:

    23 is kind of following mj.
    6 I think is appropriate for the Heat era.
    29(23+6), 17(23-6), 30(23+7 years in cleveland), 27(23+4years in miami((4years of hate from cleveland)) )
    These are just my opinion.
    30 is kind of boring. 27 or 29 or 17 would be nice.

  277. Denise Hilton says:

    Who here thinks he will wear #1, surprising everyone who’s only thinking #6 and #23?

  278. bclark says:

    12 for the month, 84 for his year, 36 for 6 x 2 x 3 <- numbers he had in other jersey, 3 for number of kids "think he has girl on way, 27 for his per%. or maybe 19 for 1900's and because nobody wears it. or 8 because no teams ever retired the number 8 if im correct. It dont matter to me was a lebron fan was he was with the cav's lost respect when he left. Simple fact is As a kid you grow up most like watching your states team/teams. You most likely become a fan of that team or choose a team in your state. He grew up in Ohio got drafted by them and was living the dream. Who wouldnt want that??? Close to home have all that money to travel as you pleased but best yet having those fans"that you once were" idolize you those home town fans that watched you grow up play for a team that they grew up watching an loving. sounds pretty good to me. We have D-Rose here in chicago Always been fan of him I probably am his number 1 fan at heart"Next to his mom but not blood related". But like i said all that home stuff. D-rose wearing number 1 for my number 1 bulls and his home town/grew up in so why not set the trait. Any number good with me TBH

  279. Arthur39 says:

    #23 otherwise The Cavs must retire 2 jersey’s…

  280. Stavy says:

    He should be 23. Straight up. Becuase he’s coming back to he’s old number “23”.

  281. DScott says:

    What does a number actually signify? Its that name that goes into the history books. Just pick a number and play ball…. Who Cares….. Not the NBA

  282. Jason says:

    What legacy do you want to leave?

    Two things:
    -Only one player will be remembered as 23.
    – Never erect a statue of yourself if your still alive.

  283. jack says:

    i think.. 25 is very good. mj is 23, kobe is 24, then james 25

  284. Bulls says:

    23..6..45? oh wait, no one cares.

  285. Steve says:

    #1, enough said

  286. estaveo says:

    Wear 46 thats Double of 23

  287. frank says:

    If he change his number illu will be mad

  288. yrrejaj says:

    new no. for your own identity. 6 is dr. j, 23 is jordan.

  289. Billybob says:

    I am so glad San Antonio beat the crap out of Miami.
    Who cares about what number you wear LeBron?
    some teenagers buying Jerseys?
    I say maybe nr. 2 ? the 2econd time you chicken out from a ball club and a city.
    and nr. 2 stands for something else as well…..

  290. Joe says:

    I would go with 9 for a jersey number. The background for this is a World War II expression that was used for American fighter pilots. When a pilot flew a combat mission, his guns would have cartridge belts that measured 9 yards. If his cartridge belts were empty after returning from a mission, then it was said that he went the “whole 9 yards”. In other words, he gave it everything he had. Today we might use a similar thought for Lebron, the Cavs, and the fans… “Give each game everything you have”. If Lebron’s jersey had the number 9, there would be a constant reminder.

  291. David F Ivy says:

    This one is easy….wear 29 and u got them both covered.
    I am a heat fan so 0 would be my choice.

  292. The TRUF says:

    He should try an oxygen cannula. LOL Go home lbj no one likes you!

  293. Frees bird says:

    Why asking people what number,he should have ask first witch team I should play next year and not what number.

    frankly ,I don,t give a damm ,still Miami fan.

  294. danny says:

    why is his number such a big deal???

  295. mysterious says:

    A number shouldn’t base him on his name or who he is, thats why i think he should wear 23 like he orignally wore in cleveland. If he left cleveland and came back to finish his unfinished business he should wear 23. Just because jordan is known for 23 that doesn’t mean nobody else can wear that number from a another team thats nonsense. In soccer many of the best players wear number 10, and they are all fine with that, so I honestly don’t see why Lebron can’t wear 23. In the end he is going to be more known for his name not his number regardless.

  296. Toar Kaesar says:

    23 + 6 = 29.

  297. bigtrey3956 says:

    when ppl are referring to full they use 10 for example 9/10 doctors or even in the bible Luke 15:8 the woman had 10 cent worth of coins to symbolize fullness so if he so cocky think he has a full game; if he can defend, distribute, score in the post on the wing from the three in transition. wear 10 symbolizing a full game

    • bigtrey3956 says:

      yo but if dude wears the number 10 i want 1.7% of jersey sells and a signed jersey and i want an invite to his lebron training camp 2015 summer ya diggz

  298. melvin says:

    it doesn’t matter what number he gets he won’t win in 2015 or 2016. the west will win the next 2 championships

  299. Jamal says:

    wear number 32 for high school

  300. nba says:

    new no. #6 is Dr.j and 23 is MJ come up with your own number and legacy behind your number

  301. its a no. says:

    Its a freakin number wear 78 if all i care its just a number LeStupid

  302. hill says:

    Go back to number 23.Jordan change his number and came back to 23.

  303. Mackdaddy says:

    Gotta be 29.

    There’s only one 23, and LeBron said it himself.
    Honor your word and honor the Greatest.

    23 is history, 6 is recent past. Both made you what you are. 29 is the only choice.

  304. OnlyOneNumber says:

    Wear “1” cuz he is number one. The Prince has spoken

  305. I think he should wear 86 since thats what he did to the Heat.

  306. TrueFan says:

    Go back to 23 so you can spot the true die hard Lebron fans that didn’t burn your original jerseys.

    I followed you from Cleveland to Miami and still have your Cavs 23 jersey!

  307. georgie pie says:


  308. TaeMan says:

    Lebron should use 91…. (Dennis Rodman)

  309. jg says:

    another media frenzy from lebron.
    figure out your own damn number.

  310. John_Doe says:

    Choose number 0! That’s your entire value!

  311. freddie says:

    i think number 6 is better

  312. Edz says:

    Lebron should where same number. That number should be his own number I mean if we say 23 it should be Jordan and 6 is Lebron with its own identity and not 23 anymore.

  313. cheezy says:

    Allen Crabbe, Austin Daye,Draymond Green, Kevin Martin, Toure Murry, Marcus Thornton, Anthony Davis…. they’re all number 23s… so now lebron cannot because of michael???

    That’s just what he said… he thinks nobody should ever wear numb 23, that should be a rule and that’s why I think he will stay with 6… but I see no problems on him wearing back HIS number 23… on a CLEVELAND CAVALIERS jersey… that’s not Michael… that’s LEBRON JAMES!!!!!

  314. skoadam says:

    23 bacause of jordan, 6 because of julius erving, 32 because of Magic 😛

  315. SilentDoc says:

    How about 52 to celebrate 5 finals and only 2 rings …

  316. I guess all people posting here would be bashed.. First of all, no one owns a number, and Jordan’s never been to Cleveland. Do not judge him. perhaps you dont have any career at all for judging Lebron based on his actions. It’s all about family, life, and career. IT IS A JOB. for all you people who dont have JOBS, why not might as well get one and experience what is going on right now with Lebron. SMH

  317. Dan says:

    Consider this, 4th time MVP, 2 Rings…that’s your number in Miami. Add the big three,most talked about unification and honoring D-Wade, then no.9 will be more fitting…not to mention a lucky number and reverse of no.6 as well. give respect to 23 by not wearing it anymore – meant for MJ!

  318. Sue Rolnicki says:

    I like number 3 after Gale Sayers book I am third. Mr sayers is third after God and family.please pick what’s most meaningful for you and welcome back!

  319. greg harvey jr says:


  320. RJ says:


    He knows this is the number he is comfortable with.

  321. Russell Charles says:

    He had Jordon 23 he had 6 Doctor J now he needs to wear 32 for somebody who could play any position in basketball Majic Johnson

  322. HeatNation says:

    #2…The amount of championships he will end his career with…

  323. Shahab-79 says:

    Leave #6 & Miami.
    Just #23

  324. MambaMania says:

    As long as he doesn’t disrespect the Mamba by wearing 24 or 8.

  325. Kyle says:

    James needs to we’re 23 looks good not 6 he likes MJ he needs to we’re 23 it a good number I were it all the time in spical optics MJ was my favert and now james .

  326. RAMON says:

    Why are people so dumb, and think that one player makes up for a whole team, winning championships is not as easy, like alot of people think, it takes team chemistry, and sometimes a little bit of luck to win championships. Despite what people think, KOBE and MJ needed help from other players to win championships, cause one player can’t do everything by himself, i never saw KOBE and MJ defend everybody on the other team by themselves, so they did need help to win the titles that they won, or else they wouldn’t have won not even one championship in there respected careers.

  327. RAMON says:

    Why are people so dumb, and think that one player makes up for a whole team, winning championships is not as easy, like alot of people think, it takes team chemistry, and sometimes a little bit of luck to win championships. Despite what people think, KOBE and MJ needed help from other players to win championships, cause one player can’t do everything by himself, i never saw KOBE and MJ defend everybody on the other team by themselves, so they did need help to win the titles that they won, or else they wouldn’t have won not even one championship in there respected careers. He should wear whatever number he feels more comfortable wearing.

  328. joe knuckles says:


  329. Gas Man says:

    23 or 45 for sure.

  330. Tom says:

    LB you have 303 as a tattoo on your body , arm . So I a guessing 23 meant 3 twice . When you brought your talents to SoBe you picked 6 was that 3 plus 3 ? Now with ll the MJ thing going on and all how about the number 9 ? 3 x 3 . Or you could go 33. Just a little help from your 305 camp, you it all works out for you and thanks for the memories Champ !!

  331. Tom says:

    Hope it all works out for you Champ !! Thanks for the Memories from your 305 camp !!

  332. Reply says:

    Number 26.

  333. Pendy says:

    Use #23, and use #6 after two year when you return to Miami.

  334. Kyle says:

    Yes cavs need to one. Day reter his jery number

  335. Tina Godair says:

    When history and the past collide. ..the future begins #26
    This would be something new and exciting. Marketability would be great!
    Welcome home LeBron! I am excited for you, your family and of coarse Cleveland!

  336. Kyle says:

    He what to reter 23 then he should were 6 cavs jerys on the team

  337. Sene says:

    #29 …. (#6 + #23) you needed both to make you the man… the “King” you are today. New journey, new #.

  338. Master Z Phil Jackson 11 Rounds says:

    Nah nah nah! I suggest and LeBrick should consider to wear #6 and not 23 until he retires with all due respect to 23 but if he really wants my Zen opinion he may try and wear 25 after 24 with all due respect to 24 because 6 is not 23 nor 24.
    Remember this Lebron it doesnt matter what u wear its how you make your own legacy in the NBA and when you became a champ you, 6 was your number and i suggest keep 6 to make your own legacy.

  339. LeBron should wear 6. The Akron area code is 330 and is on his right arm, 3+3+0=6

  340. Akron Big Mike #1 Fan Of LBJ says:

    I’m tired of all the negativity concerning LBJ. I know it makes you feel like a character in that new novel I read, (Caught in Between) by first time author from Akron, Michael D. Wilson Sr. It doesn’t matter what number he chooses to play in, he will always be the best. He knows that the number on his jersey don’t make the man, but the man makes the jersey famous. LBJ, don’t let the haters get next to you, because you know whose you are and can’t no weapon formed against you that will prosper. God Bless You Akron’s Son.