Watching the World Cup with Dennis

By Joe Boozell

Atlanta Hawks second year player Dennis Schroder is many things – a jet-quick point guard with a killer first step, a first round pick in the 2013 NBA Draft and an avid soccer fan. He also happens to be German, and the German national team won the World Cup on Sunday.

HawksTV got to tag along with Schroder for the final match against Argentina, and at around the 1:45 mark, Dennis does what any German soccer fan watching the match would do: He goes absolutely bonkers when Germany scores the winning goal.

BOLD: Dennis Schroder reacts to Germany goal

Love the enthusiasm, Dennis, but the people through the TV screen can’t actually hear you.



  1. European says:

    Crazy how they won the football world cup. Sad that this will never happen to the German basketball team. No chance..

  2. sam says:

    Not to be a hater but a real soccer (or any sport) fan would not be doing his hair during the game lol