Kobe’s busy weekend in Seattle

By Jeff Case

Kobe Bryant has a documentary that will debut on Showtime in November in which he’ll address the Lakers’ disastrous 2013-14 season, his injury woes and other heavy topics that have been on the mind of the L.A. superstar.

While he’s gearing up for next season (and, no doubt, hoping for a better season than the last), Bryant was in Washington over the weekend and was quite the busy fellow. First, he stopped off at the Seattle Basketball Pro Am and visited with Jamal Crawford while he was there.

He also took part in a charity softball game thrown by Seattle Seahawks superstar Richard Sherman that drew more than 22,000 fans to Safeco Field in Seattle.

How did Kobe do? He just hit a home run …

Not a bad weekend, there, Kobe …

(h/t BallIsLife.com)


  1. lgoflyakite7paulriden says:

    Well, at least the NBA players still come to Seattle if not the NBA itself. GO SONICS !!!

  2. Melo says:

    The King Mamba = Greatness..

  3. notbias says:

    I am almost certain that Kobe will make players and media eat their words next year. I dont know what his record will be, but I do know that he will remind everybody why it was dumb to write him off because of injury.

  4. 206tony says:

    don’t mention us in your posts.

  5. jg says:

    looks like a sneak peak into his retirement to me.

  6. LaffinAwtLawd says:

    Kobe hit a HR! Now Kobe is definitely better than MJ.

  7. kbforlife says:

    what kiks i he wearin? is that a kobe 9?

  8. Jamaalpaul says:

    He bats left handed??? Weird…

  9. Kesh says:

    Man Seattle really needs a team…