Why NBA players shouldn’t bowl …

By Jeff Case

We like Andre Drummond around these parts because he reflects a lot of what the All Ball Blog is all about — fun off the court, a flair for social media and a general sense of not taking oneself too seriously.

A frequent user of Vine, Drummond showed off in his latest video just why NBA players should steer clear of the bowling lanes (bonus points for including Sweet Georgia Brown, there, Andre) …

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  1. MrSkerg says:

    Hahaha!!!!!!!!! Too Funny!

  2. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Don’t worry nerlens noel is back to make this looser irrelevant again….I mean someone had to speak the truth.

  3. Zehh says:


  4. LaffinAwtLawd says:

    Dat was hilarious!

  5. CR12 says:


  6. CR12 says:

    tell that andrew bynum

  7. LakersFan4Life says:

    Another reason why NBA players shouldnt bowl? See Andrew Bynum.

  8. borisbrakalov says:

    Now I understand why Andrew Bynum got hurt playing bowling

  9. borisbrakalov says:

    Now I understand why Andrew Bynum got hurt

  10. Gecko1220 says:

    For having season tickets since the opening of the stadium, my father and I were invited to a bowling party with the Washington Wizards a few years ago, in the bowling lanes attached to Verizon Center. While Javale McGee’s attempts were kinda sad, Trevor Booker showed he was the best bowler on the team at the time with an over 200 game. Was an awesome night

  11. funny…gotta love Andre Drummond how big things