Kobe’s secrets to success? Cold-calling

By Jeff Case

Some of the funniest shoe commercials of the last few years were the ones Kobe Bryant did in 2012 billed as the “Kobe System”. In those spots, Bryant plays the role of motivational speaker/coach to a cast of Hollywood celebrities and other famous athletes.

But how has Kobe seeks to transition from NBA superstar to the next phase of his life in a few seasons, Bryant recently shared with Bloomberg how he often cold-calls business leaders and other people he’s interested in learning about cold.

That’s right, the fourth-leading scorer in NBA history will just call up business leaders when the inkling strikes him. Granted, that’s not something all of us can do, but Bryant’s advice about not being afraid to learn and/or ask stupid questions of others is worth storing away …

(h/t Los Angeles Daily News)


  1. lbj says:

    Learning cold calling won’t give you your 6th ring to tied up with the 2nd greatest player of all time Michael Jordan next to our Greatest Player of All Time our “king” LeBron” We can still trade some key players from Cavs bench to Lakers if Kobe want his 6th ring. He will be like DWade in Cavs when our “king” LeBron play in Miami. He is injured same with DWade they both have similarity but even they are injured and half useless they can still win a ring as long as our king is with them!!

    • Eric Paul says:

      You seriously need to lay off the drugs…

    • Garen says:

      This troll. And how many rings does Lebron have? Oh yeah 2. Plz nerf these fails in the finals. 2 for 5 op

    • lbwho says:

      oh man you have no idea. you always come up with the most stupidest thoughts and suggestions.

    • Melo says:

      What King are you talking about? The King of user, failure and flop? LOL!.. Stop it man your “King” is a delusional to be Kobe and MJ like.. Jordan has two three-peat and Kobe has a three-peat championship rings as well in one team and your comparing a player who has nothing.. LOL!.. get your story straight man.. Lebron had the chance to get his three-peat with all superstar players around him but what happened? LOL! Kobe and MJ only had Shaq and Pippen and how old only was Kobe when he got his three-peat? Lebron stayed in Cleveland for 7 YEARS and didn’t even won a ring and you’re comparing that guy to Kobe and MJ?.. Kobe never left his team and got his back to back championship rings.. say whatever you want to say about THE KING MAMBA but he earned his 5 rings same with MJ’s 6.. 5 rings is still 5 rings..

      If Kobe Bryant and MJ is in the NBA top 5 G.O.A.T’s as they do have three-peat championship rings that is so hard to achieved in NBA with their killer instincts and able to carry their team at their back with their unremarkable skills and I.Q.. for Lebron’s effort maybe he will end up at top 10 G.O.A.T’s just next to Duncan even if Lebron won his 3rd ring with Cleveland or with other team again he can’t top Duncan.. get your brain checked by a doctor man.. period..

  2. Brandon Jones says:

    Wow! I could’ve ignored the ignorance of someone saying Lebron is “Greatest Player of All Time” simply because he’s hot right now and people mistake highlights for greatness. But to say Kobe, 5 EARNED Championships will be like Dwade is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. EARNED TITLES equate to greatness. Lebron has 2 EARNED titles. He puts up stats but KOBE CLOSES OUT. get ur life together.

    • Al says:

      Kobe has 2 earned titles. Shaq earned his other 3, he was a un-stoppable back then but I doubt you would even know that. Even then it wasnt until Gasol came in that they made those 3 straight finals because they had 3 good seven footers in Gasol, Bynum and Odum. Lebrons been the best player in the league for quite a while now. Not just the best player, but the dominating player. Lebron is a more efficient player than Kobe ever has been and even more efficient than Jordan on average. And he’s a team player, so I dont know why clowns like you dont give him the credit he deserves. Jordan and Kobe are a couple of ball hogging jerks. So stop being ignorant you fool.

  3. John says:

    LeBron the greatest of all-time hahaha…You clearly have a bias or are a 15 years old kid. The videos/article wasn’t even really about sports…Kobe doesn’t need defenders lol…Im not a Laker/Kobe fan but LeBron has yet to reach his level. He can start by playing through CRAMPS in game 1 of the FINALS and stop flopping like D-Wade and Gino…

    • Clark says:

      Ever heard of a guy named Michael Jordan? HE was the best of all time. But you knew that right?

  4. John says:


  5. French BlackMamba says:

    I agree with you lbj that QUEEN lebron is the greatest player all the time “IN CLEVELAND”

  6. Tony Lam says:

    when you’re kobe, everyone is a warm market

    • John says:

      Yeah, no joke Tony…it’s not really cold calling if you’re a celebrity calling on business folks

    • Eric Paul says:

      Exactly…That’s not even “cold calling”. He’s not a “nobody” trying to sell a product or service to a stranger. Dumbest article ever!

  7. FrankL2010 says:

    this lbj is really annying, yes dude you are! your only specialty is to hate other players and worship your god, lebron. WITHOUT WADE YOUR LEBRON WILL NOT WIN ANY CHAMPIONSHIP THAT’S WHY HE BOLTED CLEVELAND

  8. Sid says:


  9. yaright24 says:

    The black mamba laughs at haters. Whether its hitting home runs, earning championship rings, or climbing the nba scoring ladder, he will laugh all the way to the bank.

  10. The LBJ guy is a troll says:

    I know that lbj was put on to get people to talk. The comments are truly biased to a point of delusion. Here is the arguement of all arguments. Put Lebron on the 2009 and 2010 lakers and see if he can get coke boy lamar, coocoo for coco puffs metta, and I think that my ex girlfriend drained the testosterone out of me Andrew ( I used to think Shaq was soft about his big toe but I’m wrong you are the softesT big man of all time and for many reasons that arent even for an injury) Pau Gasol ( who played to his potential in those runs but was night and day later on) to meld into a team of champions. He had better talent in Cleveland ( They were number one in the NBA two years in a row before he left) but couldn’t even get to the finals. Losing to A Dwight Howard led Orlando that got swept by Kobe’s Lakers. So that discussion is done folks. When Kobe’s Lakers got swept by Dallas, Dallas went on to win the NBA championship so Kobe lost to the NBA champs meanwhile Lebrons number 1 CAVS lose to a team that got swept in the finals. If anyone blogs negatively to this then they need to quit sitting in the car in the morning with the garage door closed suckin that exhaust

  11. The LBJ guy is a troll says:

    Wait a second if you google lebron says kobe is the best player then for all you fans of lebron will feel like he kind of went chin nuts on that one. Meanwhile if you google kobe says he will beat lebron one on one you will see what a confident true warrior sounds like. I am by no far knocking lebron as far as his talents and surrounding himself with good business savy people that have ultimately rubbed off on him. I am just saying that out of my mouth nor anyones mouth should anyone ever say that Lebron is better than Kobe or Kobe is better than MJ altougth he is the only player that could catch MJ on an off day and will himself to victory. 81 points alone was a testament to that. He upgraded MJ’s moves and added some of his own just like MJ upgraded Dr. J’s game and added some of his own.

  12. NBAFAN says:

    LBJ grow up dude your writing LeBron’s history for him before he has even earn it.
    Your not really a NBA fan at all just in love with LaBron Im starting to think your just a teenage girl?

  13. Lance says:

    Who is this LBJ GUY ALWAYS COMMENTING? Dude you hang from lebrons you know what and he seamlessly could never even CARE IF YOU EXSIST . YOU DEFEND JAMES LIKE HES YOUR SON WHEN ACTUALLITY YOUR NOTHING BUT A LOSER GROUPIE. AND LETS BE HONEST WHEN KOBE WAS IN HIS PRIME LEBRONTOOK THE BACK SEAT JUST AS HE WILL HES 36 like Kobe… Lebron will never be as great as the mamba, lebrons a choke artist kid. We all know lebrons 1 now but put him and Kobe at same age and Kobe dominates him in every category. Quit swinging from the sac and learn b ball

  14. Exiled says:

    Greatest player of all time who?is this LBJ helarious jokes?

  15. frank harina says:

    I am just a basketball fan, I just tell them as I see it, remember people, Kobe came to the NBA out of high school, to be honest, I think he is a prodigy, one of a kind. to be successful in life, he is exploring all avenues and all the intricate system to his advantage, and to use cold calling is a brilliant idea, to explore those geniuses mind and out of this world know how is mind boggling to me, I really admire his outlook in life and in business, characteristics that everyone of us need to emulate, if we see even just a portion of what Kobe is seeing, maybe we all might be a success story just like him.

  16. JKidd05 says:

    why do u even need to mention LBJ? this article is about business not basketball, moron. im not a kobe fan but i respect him as a player because his heart is bigger and and he PLAYS and gives it all especially if he’s losing. unlike lebron who MAKES EXCUSES when he is losing.
    obviously that guy who mentioned lebron cant find anybody to agree with him and he used this to voice out his stupid opinion. thats just sad, man. hahaha

  17. just sayin says:

    Don’t discredit him…

  18. goodonelbj says:

    yall know that lbj is looking for feedback right???

  19. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    Stop lying! That cleaning lady was a crucial part of his success! R*pist for life!

  20. Master Z Phil Jackson 11 Rounds says:

    Good for KB24, who knew?

  21. lacrampa says:

    from ballhog to salary cap hog..