That time Kobe scored 36 points in Summer League

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I spent the last week in Las Vegas at the Samsung NBA Summer League, watching some of the best and brightest young players in the NBA out there trying to make names for themselves. From the more known players, such as Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, to guys who maybe weren’t as well known but played great, like Glen Rice Jr. and Ray McCallum, there were plenty of terrific performances this summer.

This continues a long-running tradition of NBA players on the rise showing out in summer league. Yesterday, someone uncovered this video of Kobe Bryant back in 1996, before he’d played in an actual NBA game, dropping 36 points against the Phoenix summer league team while wearing number 32. Funny how similar his game looks then to the way he still plays now…

VIDEO: Kobe scores 36


    • THE KING MAMBA says:

      I’ve seen a lot of players in NBA right now but still no body can beat the greatness of Kobe and MJ.. these two guys talents are in a different planet.. 36 points and winning the game at 17 yrs of age only a kid he already over powered the other older players that has too much great experience than he has with his great skills, IQ and talent..


      • M&M says:

        To say that nobody in the NBA right now can beat the greatness of Kobe and MJ is pretty presumptuous. With the competitive nature of the NBA today, and the dramatic difference in complexity of the sport between Jordan’s time and today, I doubt either one of these players could be AS successful in today’s NBA. And your forgetting about the #3 spot in the all-time best basketball players list… LEBRON JAMES. He is fast approaching Kobe on the list, and if he continues to improve as he has been, he will end up taking his place. No doubt Kobe was great, but I think THIS guy ^^^ has definitely got a Lakers/Kobe shrine in his closet… haha

  1. Clips says:

    Such a talent and you’re right, he moves the same way. Also was that Derek Fish dunking?

  2. J says:

    and Derek Fisher out there actually dunking which I didn’t think he could do.

  3. Sam says:

    I like Derek Fisher facial. Forgot he could ever do that.

  4. matt says:

    kobe is some garbage

    • Brandon says:

      Greatness in the making on the road to five rings

    • Matt'nGhey says:

      lol someone is mad.

    • Hines says:

      Really? Lmfao hi five..rings that is

    • Melo says:

      LOL! better check a doctor man.. really?! how old only was Kobe when he got his own three-peat? It only shows in the video why at early age he got his three-peat.. and then got his back to back championship rings.. He earned his greatness and popularity.. Kobe and MJ are in a different planet they were born already to be great.. rare talent.. not like with the other players out there who still has to develop his skills when he’s already playing in NBA for several years.. who’s made by media’s politics.. who’s mouth is faster than his brain and being compared to Kobe and MJ?.. LOL! Kobe done it not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 championship rings IN ONE TEAM!.. you’re sick man..

  5. Mek says:

    Was that D. Fish at point guard? Kobe’s defense at the beginning of the clip that was nice. Dude always had the game, but he was still kinda ball hog lol.

  6. Dre says:

    I love the moment when he passes… ops, wait… other game, other player! Sorry. BTW, he has more chances to win with that roster than today’s Lakers. Overrated! Mr. 3 rings has Scottie :D.

    • ncsportsman says:

      Dont be a kobe hater son! If you were intelligent at all you would see that kobe just scored over 30 and they scored over a hundred so the rest of the team scored 70. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. lacrampa says:

    great player but never been very athletic or strong, kinda bubble gum body, not bad not great. not like you know who

  8. totsky06 says:

    well… Kobe is still Kobe…

  9. lbj says:

    dropping 36 big points in summer D League won’t gives you your 6th ring. You need to play with our “king” LeBron in Cavs. We will trade 1st round pick Andrew Wiggins plus future first round picks to Lakers. We also need your Carlos Boozer for our back up center.

  10. lebron james says:

    I’m not a King. The Real King is Kawhi Leonard. Lion is in his name. “Leon”hard. He came out and owned me like a baby. I won my first Championship riding Wade and Bosh’s back and won my second ring riding Ray Allens game-tying three pointer in Game 6. We should have lost that series if it wasn’t for that shot of his. I owe him my second ring. In fact I myself believe that Ray Allen should have gotten last years Finals MVP award. I can make an excuse if it wasn’t a do-or-die game for us, but it was a win or go home situation. Props to Ray Allen, he deserve the Finals MVP trophy awarded to me.

    • Melo says:

      That’s what you call KARMA.. NBA awarded him the Finals MVP which he don’t deserved which should’ve been awarded to a player who’s not part of Miami’s Big Three.. that’s why he was beaten so hard on his face by a 22 year old who’s not part of the big three of Spurs and earned his first Finals MVP where’s Duncan can also take that Finals MVP.. Duncan and Spurs was so humble and choose to award it to the right guy.. It only shows on his face that Finals MVP is not for popularity.. is that what you call greatness?.. He had his chance to get his three-peat but he failed because what he does is not right.. He didn’t earn his rings but he used players to get rings.. He leave Miami because Wade’s knee is so old and he can’t use Wade anymore to chase rings that’s why he went to a younger team with an All-Star MVP Irving.. The same thing as what he’s doing right now in Cleveland (recruiting great players again to work for him).. Kobe and MJ didn’t even went to other team to recruit great players and play for championship rings.. That’s why Kobe and MJ has both same greatness and view of the game.. Kobe is old yes.. but he earned the name greatness and #23 of Bulls on his back.. ’til now no players in NBA ever reached the greatness of Kobe and MJ.. THEY BOTH EARNED THEIR GREATNESS..

      • Wannydon says:

        Why do people put Kobe and Jordan together like they’re on same the same level. Jordan is by himself on top. Kobe are Lebron are more evenly matched. People forget that for Kobe first three rings Shaq was the best player on floor.

  11. Jay says:

    This video should make Kobe feel old lol…. Not even HD

  12. Embee says:

    Young Kobe was a beast! A ball hog, but when you’re the best player on the floor, you should be a little selfish! All time great! From this video, you can see how confident he and D. Fish were from the start. Some people are born with it, some work for it, Kobe has both!

  13. standard says:

    lot of haters around this chat
    Kobe was great!

  14. milen says:

    Yup, get ready, fellow Lakers fans… for another season of reminiscence of long-gone glory… nothing bright on the horizon. As much as I love my Lakers, I will just watch the Bulls now… just cannot take the pain

  15. prestonhall says:

    Kobe was and is good but I would say this video is telling to how many points he scores off of free throws that are not actually fouls. How many Free Throws did he shoot in this game?

    • Matt'nGhey says:

      He is being aggressive and if the Suns didnt try to foul him all those dunks and layup he threw up would have been 100% in…he would probably ended up with 40+ points…get real. Kobe was the toughest dude to guard when he was young with all his speed.

  16. LOL Lebron sucks! and you all know it, he has no real game, dunking the ball is not all in basketball game, oh and he’s never….never going to be as good as Jordan or Kobe, not even close to them…, be real Queen lebron is overrated, since Kobe is about to retire the NBA desperately needs an NBA era player but sorry it’s just not him:(

    • Matt'nGhey says:

      our new NBA Era player is Tim Duncan since he never gets old LOL. jk it is KD not LeCramp. thxxx

      • M&M says:

        ***BANDWAGON ALERT!!!*** Ya’ll sound like a bunch of fools, “lebron sucks”, and “LeQueen” or “Le Cramp”. Hahahahaha, it’s funny how many of you losers there are out there who hate on the King, but let me tell you something. THE MAN IS THE BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET FOR A REASON, he’s proven it. And comments like that from losers like ya’ll is just another testament to his greatness. Hate to tell you guys, but Kobe WAS great, but needs to retire now, he spends more time on the bench in a suit than on the court, and the Lakers are GARBAGE now. WELCOME TO THE LEBRON ERA, LOSERS! PS, Lebron has one of the highest FG %’s in the NBA (including mid-range and 3-pt), so saying he has no game just proves again how ignorant you are. Lebron will eventually take Kobe’s place as the second best player of all time, MJ was a man out of time, so he will never be replaced.

      • Guest says:

        All I took in was you are trying to sound intelligent in your response, but made a hilarious mistake. It’s not ya’ll. It’s y’all.
        It means you all. Y’all. If you’re going to try to sound intelligent, being intelligent is always helpful.

  17. hmmm says:

    d-fish did dunk…and wow that fadaway

  18. tap says:

    Was that Steve Nash getting picked by Kobe?

  19. BeastNup says:

    Superstar skills since his days in the summer camp! BOSS

  20. jeremy says:

    d fish! ha

  21. analyst says:

    Thanks to an absolutely tireless work ethic, Bryant is the most skilled player in the league with virtually every weapon at his disposal. His turnaround jump shot is the best, and his footwork is unmatched by any active player. His will to win and focus are unparalleled, making him the single most intense competitor in the game.

  22. Marcus says:

    Awesome video. Crazy to see that Bryant still uses some of the same moves as in this video. Fundamentals.

  23. Bryan says:

    Refs wore shorts!

  24. AirMagicMamba says:

    Wow I dont remember seeing Derek Fisher dunk ever!

  25. Kobe never got a lacrampa says:

    As a matter of fact he played with a right separated shoulder and only used his left hand for a few games. Some guys like lacrampa would have called time out and went to the locker room, called it a night. Drove to the club got him a nice honey for the night then go home. Now that is out of his system (Miami is the original sin city by the way) he goes back home to repent. Kobe has endured. When lecrampa couldnt wint he bailed out. When Kobe couldn’t win he figured out how to and so did the great one before him Mr. MJ.

  26. Usf says:

    These Kobe haters are crazy. Lebron gets just as many free throws running his body into players with no effort to adjust his shot and barely gets charge calls. And as for ballhogs, If you watch the actual game instead of watching star players, or the man with the ball, whats worse? standing at the top of the arc holding the ball for 12-15 seconds (Lebron), or actually getting in some type of position to score on the defense applied to you(kobe). Kobe is 10 times greater than LeBron

  27. sacrebleu says:

    people forget how very good kobe was on both ends of the floor. he may have been skinny in the beginning but he makes up for it with quickness to cover, jumping ability to block and intensity to pressure his opponents. I remember him whenever he gets blocked (which was rare) or have the ball stolen from him he would not forget to pay them back on the other end with his defense. He was just a ruthless competitor. He was on the 1st team all defensive team so many times for a reason. He is not just the best one on one offensive player but WAS the best one on one defensive player also.

  28. Tyler says:

    Last year was a pretty disappointing season for the Lakers. However, this year is going to be a good year and they will once again be playoff contenders, listen up and I will tell you why. Kobe is coming back first and foremost. He is still the same Kobe he was back in 96 I don’t care what anyone says. Although he will be back I don’t see him having 30+ points per game. Pau Gasol is gone. He was good in his first couple years but after the past two seasons having to carry the team on his back, I don’t blame him for wanting out. Carlos Boozer comes in, great player, great down low, he will have an all-star year. Steve Nash was a waste of time and money. We now have Jeremy Lin. Everyone thought he was a one hit wonder. Everyone was and is wrong. Having him play for the Lakers is huge. He can drive with the ball down low and he can shoot from the post. There are a lot of great young players too that are returning. Jordan Hill, Nick Young, Ed Davis. All great players that did not have the support on the court of good veterans. Julius Randle will be a key factor in the Lakers winning also, we will just have to wait and see what he has in store for us.

    As for all the Lebron bandwagoners, good luck this season. A man who wasn’t able to get his 3rd ring with the heat jumps off his wagon and finds a new one. Do we really think Lebron would have went back to the cavs if they didn’t have Kyrie or Wiggins? NO! Don’t get me wrong he is a phenomenal basketball player but if you cant be great on your own and stick with the ones who took a chance on you, you are nothing but a selfish person. If Lebron went to the Heat without Wade or Bosh being there they would not have two championships.

    Lookout for Houston and Thunder this season. Those two will be the key teams to beat and I would put money on it.

    Dare to try and prove me wrong anyone?

    • RJ says:

      Lakers will be lucky to get the 8 seed. The west is really tough. Put them in the west, and they might be the 5th seed. Hopefully they gel well, and we at least get to see a little bit of Kobe in the playoffs this year.

      • RJ says:

        Also, Spurs and Clippers will still be better than the Rockets, unless Harden remembers how to play defense and a legitimate point guard steps up for them.

  29. G-land says:

    Kobe and LeBron haters watch our beloved game with blinders on. You may not like them, but both are obviously all-time elite talents. Feelings have nothing to do with acknowledging greatness.

  30. Bam says:

    Kobe got his own three-peat???
    Think you’re forgetting about a man named SHAQ!

    In my three-peat

    • Wannydon says:

      I’m my opinion Kobe and Lebron are on the same level.people forget that for Kobe three peat Shaq was the finals MVP.