Camper asks Dwyane Wade why he flops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One thing pro athletes get involved with in their off-season are camps for kids — just recently we saw Damian Lillard throwing down dunks at his camp in Portland.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade hails from Chicago, so he returned home this week to co-sponsor a camp with Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall. And in a press conference at the camp, Wade shared what happened when he took questions from the campers. And you know, kids say the darndest things…

VIDEO: Wade flops?


  1. lbj says:

    You should ask Kobe “floppers” Bryant since he is the king of floppers and the person who originated flopping in the NBA of all time!!

    • RJ says:

      Good old Floppers Bryant. Yes, I know that is how we’ll all remember him.

    • G says:

      You mean who he was traded for right? That would be vlade divac bro. Your a hater dude doesn’t flop actually D Fish was the flopper on the team and dam good at it.

    • Sebastian says:

      lbj, LeBron flops. Kobe, where did you get Kobe flopping? Now LeBron’s a flopper, and people that are LeBron fans can’t admit it. And lbj, hey, when LeBron was in Miami, you were a Heat fan right? So why are you a Cleveland fan now? LeBron flops, though, man.

    • Red says:

      Kobe doesn’t flop as much as you think he do but he does that annoying “hey” after a shot to get referees attention for a foul.

  2. Brad says:

    At flopping? Or in general as a basketball player? Both guys could easily win Emmy Awards for the performances they’ve put on… but anybody that knows basketball should know that the man with the most Emmy Awards for Lead Flopper in a NBA performance is… #31, from the Indiana Pacers, Reggie Miller. In a close 2nd, from his days with the Sacramento Kings, #21, Vlade Divac. From there it’s really a toss-up.

  3. Mark says:

    What about Battier? Best flopper I’ve ever seen

    • BasedonStats says:

      I’ll raise you one with Chris Paul and LeBron…look on YouTube. By far they have most material for flopping vids.

  4. josh oh says:

    Worst flopper ive ever seen is mario chalmers. Always flops but barley gets a call.

    • jerrry says:

      and he is dirty too, always trying to hurt. wade is a flopper, dirty too but i will be fair he is not trying to hurt for real

  5. lbj says:

    Answer the question Wade. You flopping has been!

  6. KJL says:

    Dennis Rodman is the creator of the flop.

  7. rapsfan says:

    best flopper ever is Rodman, hands down!! mastered the art in an age where it wasn’t rewarded as often as now…and opponents hated him for it…he would bring players down with him and still get the call…ask Karl Malone lol
    most players flop as part of getting any edge they can…if us fans didn’t reject it, it would be a legal part of the game in it’s evolution
    I don’t want the star players to get injured but they don’t get paid to be soft…stop the flop…let him go if u can’t stop him or take the hit like a man

  8. Carlo says:

    Best floppers of all are… the fans attending the games.
    They always cry for foul even if their stars haven’t been touched at all.