What if Morgan Freeman read LeBron’s “coming home” story?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When LeBron James announced he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he did so by writing a first-person story in Sports Illustrated explaining his decision. I read it and imagined it in LeBron James’ voice.

But what if it was read by one of the great voices of our time, Morgan Freeman? Comedian/impersonator Frank Caliendo was on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” this morning, and he showed off his pitch-perfect Morgan Freeman impression by reading LeBron’s letter in Freeman’s voice…

VIDEO: LeBron Morgan Freeman

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  1. NBAwatcher says:

    Who Cares. Lebrons letter wasn’t even written by him. It’s just a media stunt conjured up by a publicist to fool the public into increasing his public approval. Just like the cup cakes

    He’s not fooling anybody.

    • lbj says:

      Reading the letter of our “king” LeBron by Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freegirl or Morgan Freebird won’t give Kobe Bryant his 6th ring. We will trade Morgan Freeman and Andrew Wiggins for Jack Nicholson and Kobe Bryant!

    • connor phillips says:

      white guy sounds like morgan freeman? thats cray-cray! awesome job

    • NBA fan says:

      U are seriously a hater and the worst kind of fan. It’s LBJ. Everything he does until he is inducted into the HOF will gain attention.

  2. Teddy Cooper says:

    Good Job, Frank!

  3. Montez says:

    Bravo….this man deserves an oscar!!!

  4. Bob the magic Hornets says:

    @NBAwatcher who cares? why waste your time to check this stuff if you don’t really care? its obvious that you care coz you are here. If you don’t care ignore it. simple as that..You are just a LBJ Hater.

  5. LeggoHeat says:

    Amazing 😀

  6. Manson says:

    i agree with NBA WATCHER well said

  7. dude says:

    I think the cavs should trade Andrew wiggins for Kwame brown

    • justchilledhotels says:

      Kwame Brown is a pretty important piece, I think the Cavs would need to throw in LeBron and Kyrie as well for that trade to work. And the coach will have to be traded as well.

  8. milen says:

    This dude is amazing beyond belief…. I would have never believed it was not good old Morgan Freeman if I had not seen him…

  9. photodude70 says:

    Frank Caliendo… what an awesome entertainer!!! Wow! He even breathed like Mr. Morgan Freeman. Frank… how do you do that?!! Imitating another’s vocal the way you do…can not be easy…you gotta tell your followers how you do it! I’m a singer and I don’t even have that versatile 4th n 5th octave? Do tell Mr. Frank Caliendo?!!
    Unique Touch

  10. bjorn says:

    love it !!

  11. Jacques says:

    Immediately I imagine a camera is panning across an idyllic landscape at the start of a movie… I wonder why

  12. Jose Calderon = MVP says:

    lbj….. your my all time favorite Troll Artist! keep up the good work,,,,, always laughing.. Jose Calderon

  13. me says:

    this isn’t good at all…

  14. OKC says:

    “Reading the letter of our “king” LeBron by Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freegirl or Morgan Freebird won’t give Kobe Bryant his 6th ring. We will trade Morgan Freeman and Andrew Wiggins for Jack Nicholson and Kobe Bryant!”

    I really love what this has become lol. Taking a lousy heat fans opinion and turning it into a huge inside joke for all the regulars on this forum. I still think you should have thrown future hall of famer Norris Cole into the mix though.

    • This is the way I troll says:

      Read that letter well there Mr. Caliendo. Sorry “lbj” Kobe wants to beat Lebron like MJ beat Drexler. He will never pair up wit him. Kobe would have never went chin nuts to Lebron like Dwade did. Sorry DWade, you my dude but you did have a huge pair hangin off your chin. Plainly put, you deferred too much when you should have reminded Heat fans and the NBA World that they don’t call MIAYAYO Wade County for nothing. Kobe would have put Lebron into the Scottie Pippen role that he was so willing and ready to accept before Dwade dropped trou. Let’s see if he can redeem himself like Ving Rhames did in Pulp Fiction.

      • netbags says:

        kobe will play next year in wheelchair basketball.. kobe is a garbage and so as the lakers Lol

  15. rimofheaven says:


  16. Lexi says:

    This guy is really good at imitating people, I will laugh so hard if he can imitate my singing. Awesome.

  17. Sarge says:

    Frank is one of the most talented impressionists I’ve ever seen. I love his stuff. I do have fun doing Bush and Clinton impressions, they’re about the only ones I can do well. I’d _love_ to be able to pull off Morgan Freeman.

    Also, his Barkley stuff is always priceless.

  18. Ryandoaldo says:

    WTF tha’s Morgan Freeman :))))))

  19. not a basketball decision DUUH says:

    The Heat got beat up in the finals this year. The unbeatable Big Three’s life cycle was just over because a much greater coach with much less talent in his roster (BUT a huge case packed with fundamentals) just found their weak spot or achilles’ heel if u want to stick to the heroic metaphors.
    So let’s think:
    Rebuilding this team, that’s obviously not stable enough and probably has a little lack of motivation and desire to win, would be pretty time-consuming. How could we get some young legs, some youthful spirit in this team. Could trade CB and Wade for some picks, maybe we get somebody else, maybe K. Love or someone …. Pretty hypothetical….naah… Let’s go somewhere else.
    Le’t see: Aah there’s a team and they got ….what…. THREE No. 1 picks. One’s already an all-star, the other guy wasn’t healthy last season but looks like a beast now and this year’s first round pick, sounds like he’s already a future hall of famer.
    So what’s that teams name again? Aaah that’s the CAVS… haha … didn’t I play for them before … got a nice ring to it.
    And it could be a huge story too. Even my mom’s still livin’ there.
    I’M COMIN’ HOME my good old friends.

  20. Carlo says:

    Why should Morgan Freeman waste his time reading that thing?