Michael Jordan’s last Bulls contract up for auction

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Everything Michael Jordan touches seems to turn to gold…even something as simple as a piece of paper.

An auction house in Dallas, Texas, got their hands on the last contract Michael Jordan signed with the Chicago Bulls, for the 1997-98 season. The one-year contract is 26 pages long and by signing it, Jordan earned $33 million, the largest single-season salary in NBA history. Was it worth it? Well, the Bulls won the title that season, Jordan’s sixth (and final) championship.

You can bid on the contract here, but it ain’t cheap: According to ESPN, bidding is already over $28,000.


(via ESPN)


  1. lbj says:

    Selling 1997-98 contract for over $28,000 won’t give Jordan his 7th ring as a GM. He needs to sign contract and own Cleveland with our “king” LeBron going back home to bring championship ring. One day LeBron touch will turn into gold too. If he touch Jordan, Jordan will turn into gold as well!!

    • jr says:

      You’re a moron don’t ever compare LeBron to the great jordan with his pathetic 2 and 3 finals record

    • anthony says:

      So you are basically saying that Jordan should own Lebron?

    • Justified#24 says:

      If you think LBJ is good then why don’t he join a team in the western division like Phoenix Suns and lead them to the playoffs? Then from there let see if he can still do the same thing as what he did on the East series playoffs. LBJ is good but can’t be compare to MJ during his prime. Maybe he can still win a title but now, I don’t think so.. His team only knows how to add good players to create an all star team for him. Try doing it in the West and let see where he stands there during the playoffs… Playoffs in the Western division are tough compare to East where you can already predict who will be in the finals just like when he is still in Miami Heat. LBJ can only win title if he has an all star team but not a player in the western division team

  2. skrutz says:

    I hate people,

  3. flava negro says:

    Its MJ , the GOAT what u wanna more… he worth it

  4. mee(a)t says:

    i know Jordan is one if the best players to play the game but really?…

  5. Markos says:

    Ahhhh grabeha! Hasta contrata baligya man! But i think that’s true. Everything he touches turns to gold! 😉

  6. Earvin Johnson says:

    $28,000 for 26 pieces of paper smh. You people are worse than those that stand in line at 4am to buy his shoes.

  7. skapro says:

    MJ is the man.. 6 rings, 6 finals MVP, 5 season MVP, and DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR.. LBJ will not even to close in matching MJ and even Kobe is way better.. ask the Spurs about who’s Lebron.. cry baby

  8. xLebronHater says:

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps bringing Lebrons 2/5 Finals stats and trying to undermine what he has done. He took those teams to finals most players would have taken those teams to may be 2nd/3rd round. He lost twice to Spurs and ones to Mavs and those teams were really great!

    • Widens says:

      Although I’m not a fan of Lebrick, I must admit the Cleveland team was all but a team of underperformed players, without him they would not have gone past the first round of the playoffs, maybe not even make it to the playoffs. His not MJ, and he will never be, no one will anyway, maybe even not in my lifetime.

    • justin says:

      your name makes no sense with your comment

    • celtic533 says:

      um excuse me?those were great teams he had.especially in miami.Ray Allen,Dwayne Wade etc.A bunch of seasoned vets with championship experience.PLUS A NEWFOUND COCKY AND STUPID ATTITUDE.THOSE WERE GREAT TEAMS.THEY JUST DIDNT PERFORM

    • Dalton B says:

      Lol really? Those teams were great? The mavs were one of the oldest teams in the nba and didnt even have a great starting lineup. The heat were LOADED with players about 10 deep in potential starters and yet they still lost? Barely beat the old spurs last year.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope he lost 3 times already now..1 in cleveland.

  9. Kobe says:

    lebron flops too much its disrespectful to compare that flopper to the all time greats like jordan kobe larry magic its a shame this flopper is around

  10. hoopzah says:

    How come this lbj dude is not yet blocked from this blog. I’m gonna off to disney’s from now on… Damn.

  11. feve says:

    Why bobcats are sock even that MJ touched them???

  12. Pathetic says:

    MJ is the best .

  13. HUM says:

    yeah!!! i hope he will bring at least one ring to Cavs because he deserves it !!!

  14. Travis says:

    I am almost 40 years old. And actually watched MJ throughout his career and his teams where stacked with talent.. he always had a “big 3” and Even a “big 4” at one point. MJ.. PIPPEN.. RODMAN. and Kukoc off the bench.. Remember Toni Kukoc was known as the Michael Jordan of international players at that time. His teams where stacked up Like it or not MJ was Great but so wasn’t his teams

    • Yak says:

      Are you mad or do you just not know basketball? Stacked. Pippin started of raw and developed overtone. Kukoc was an ok piece never great. That leaves you with bill wennington will Perdue luc longley Pete Myers Craig hodges an old Harper. Grant was an ok but undersized center at 6 “10. How in the peanut butter and jelly is this stacked

    • Yak says:

      Are you mad or do you just not know basketball? Stacked. Pippen started of raw and developed over time . Kukoc was an ok piece never great. That leaves you with bill wennington,will Perdue , luc longley , Pete Myers ,Craig hodges and an old Harper. Grant was an ok but undersized center at 6 “10. How in the peanut butter and jelly is this stacked

  15. Witkemper says:

    72 and 10 Bulls, no team will beat that. Nice going MJ.

  16. bs says:

    Brian scalabrine is the greatest basketball player.Everything he touches turns diamond. His contact will sell for a billion.

  17. Lbj the king...NOT says:

    LBJ…..WHOEVER YOU ARE STFU YOU TOOL…JORDAN WILL TURN TO GOLD.wtf are on drugs? Why would you say such bs. Get off lebrons sac. Lebron can touch Jordan and Kobe and still he will only be 14 karat , Jordan and Kobe are 24 karat pure baby!!

  18. Yak says:

    Yo idiot queen james can never be Mike. Jordan earned his rings the way warriors do by being loyal and fighting for it. That fraud in Cleveland took the easy way to get his.

  19. Lbj the king...NOT says:

    No doubt what a sellout LBJ is, leave when times get tough then return when it’s better I can’t believe cav fans welcomed that coward back

  20. Thomas says:

    Everyone needs to STFU and stop comparing players.

  21. Olufemi Adedeji says:

    As a Sports fan,your input is welcoming.It tell me and the real sports fan that you’re a fan, not a hater or a lebron james lover who only like the teams he plays for.Now all the fans can follow Cleveland Cavaliers.

  22. #24 > #23 says:

    I don’t care if you are the GOAT or some scrub, $33 million for one season is absolutely ludicrous and lucrative.