Rihanna following Embiid on Twitter

By Jeff Case

Injured Philadelphia 76ers rookie center Joel Embiid has been busy on Twitter since the Draft, trying to first get LeBron James to sign with Philly, then trying to get the attention of Kim Kardashian and, lately, has been trying to get Rihanna‘s attention, too.

Well, at least his efforts with his latest Twitter target appears to have paid off as the pop star is apparently doing what LeBron and Kim K. wouldn’t do: follow him back on Twitter.



  1. Maxamillion says:

    Who the crap cares?

    This is why American culture is such trash

  2. nothing special…rihanna follows everyone

  3. aces says:

    Rihanna is following me too, @acesclick215… they should talk about me too

  4. Dwight Kurt Schrute says:

    Who is Rihanna?

  5. Dyron from Belize says:

    Good for you Joel. Keep it at that, you don’t need that drama and that life

  6. Amin says:

    Tim Duncan wants ring in his rookie year !!
    this dude … !! SMH !!!
    Thats why we love SPURS !!

  7. michael says:

    is this actually news worthy?

  8. rapsfan says:

    now he’s inspired to overcome the injury and play his best basketball ever,..Rihanna tweets can do that lol

  9. OKC says:

    How pretentious can these people posting possible be? We are all lurking on a NBA.com and it’s nowhere near the season, yet they still think they are entitled to complain about the relevance of stories and how this is why American culture is trash LOL. Embiid seems to be hilarious and I have been happily following his Twitter escapades, and apparently so have all of you. No one gets on her to read your snarky comments other than the other people like us who obviously aren’t the most important or busy people considering we troll NBA.com through the summer. I see dumb comments like this every summer and I really wonder who they think they are impressing? I think they secretly think Lebron is reading every comment and if they act cool enough they will be invited out to Cleveland. Hating on All Ball blog won’t give Kobe his 6th ring, you need to complain about our “King” LBJ if you want to be the best haters. We will trade Lang Witaker, Sekou Smith, and future hall of famer Norris Cole for your dignity.

    • LEPO LEPO says:

      “Embiid seems to be hilarious and I have been happily following his Twitter escapades”
      I stopped reading there.
      If this is you’re definition of hilarious I don’t even ..