Touchdown, Dwyane Wade

By Jeff Case

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is a Chicago native and was in his hometown last week to host a sports camp with Chicago Bears superstar receiver Brandon Marshall. Before the camp started, Wade jokingly told a tale of how a camper asked him why he flops.

Although the camp ended on Wednesday and Wade was there to help with the basketball side of things, he couldn’t help showing off some gridiron skills with an impressive one-handed snag of a pass:

(h/t TNLP)


  1. Tony C. says:

    That was a nice catch by D-Wade!!!! Let’s hope he loses about 15 pounds so that he turns into Flash again.

    • lbj says:

      I’m so sorry for our very own DWade I really like you but our “king” LeBron have decided we need to follow up and praise but I know that the heat and cleveland will meet in the Eastern Finals in 2014-15 season. I have it will went to game 7 with 1 point win by our “king” LeBron so that it will no one win at all in really it just a lucky game by 1 pt in game 7 by Cleveland

  2. LeggoHeat says:

    Kill ’em Wade!

  3. rapsfan says:

    nice…i really hope he gets healthy

  4. Chris says:

    Go Mr Heatlifer!!