Boris Diaw is living the life

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA Finals shifted irrevocably when Gregg Popovich inserted Boris Diaw into the San Antonio Spurs’ starting lineup for Game 3. After two games that were rather close, including a Miami win in Game 2, Diaw helped space the floor and move the ball, and the Spurs won three straight games in decisive fashion to win the championship. Kawhi Leonard may have been the Finals MVP, but Diaw was unarguably crucial to what the Spurs accomplished.

This summer, Diaw became a free agent, and without much drama he agreed to a three-year extension to remain a member of the Spurs. He announced the extension via Instagram with a photo of “GO SPURS GO” spelled out on a beach…

Then yesterday, Diaw actually signed the contract…while on a boat. As Diaw wrote in the caption, “Could i find a better place to sign my extension with the spurs? #gospursgo” No, I don’t think you could, Boris.

Could i find a better place to sign my extension with the spurs? #gospursgo

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  1. lbj says:

    Bored Diaw living in the sand or in the boat won’t give you your 2nd ring. You need to live with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland and be neighborhood in Akron Ohio to get your 2nd ring. We will trade Joe Harris plus future first round pick to Spurs.

    • kd says:

      i’m a LeBron fan. But please, STFU!

    • Serge says:

      forget it dude, we gonna own cleveland in the finals next year…with Boris.

    • GoSpursgo says:

      More like LBJ needs him to get his 3rd ring. The Spurs are great where they are now.

      • tl says:

        wow, too bad there is no more “future hall of famer norris cole” on your team. and i like how you changed your team from miami to cleveland in like a split of a second

    • Scott Gallagher says:

      If Lebron wanted another ring in the near future,there was only one team he should have signed with….

      Go Spurs!

    • Chicago fan says:

      Let’s be entirely honest right now. We have no idea how good Wiggins is going to be. Diaw isn’t even on the Spurs starting lineup they are that good. Remember, LBJ can’t play all 48. The bench scores points too. Even then, I’d still take San Antonio’s starting lineup over Cleveland’s any day (I’m a bulls fan). LeBron and Kyrie are the only ones who can score more than 10 points in a quarter. Have you seen San Antonio’s lineup? Tim Duncan (3x Finals MVP, 2x League MVP, 5x NBA Champion) still plays very well, Tony Parker (1x NBA finals MVP, 4x NBA Champion), Kawhi Leonard (A rising NBA superstar and the finals MVP), Danny Green and Tiago Splitter. And THEN you get to the bench. That is, Boris Diaw and Ginobili (Also a 4x NBA Champion and dragged Argentina to win the 2008 olympics). Past that, you have the 3 point champion last year (Marco Belinelli) and Patty Mills who would’ve had a big contract somewhere else if he hadn’t gotten injured.

      The best player ever might make the team better, but it won’t beat a team with many outstanding players.

      • ashleydanielle says:

        Beautifully said! I don’t think the Spurs get half the credit they deserve, but they don’t seem to mind it too much. 🙂 Go Spurs Go!

    • 36yrfan says:

      sheeeeesh !!!! … again , lbj…….??? This is not a blog about bronbron………..please go to those blogs….there are plenty……

  2. DontClickMyName!!YouHavebeenWarned says:

    LOLOLOL,,, diaw is the man, he is hilarious.

    and lbj, i dont think living in Akron will get you a second ring without team chemistry… I mean, did you even see what the spurs did to the heat?

    • lbj says:

      being at home is our chemistry to success. the reason the spurs beat us in 2nd match up because our “king” LeBron thinking of Akron Ohio he is not focused by that time but this time LeBron will take again the scoring champ will average closely to 31 to 32 pts a game!

      • Ginobility says:

        Maybe we can talk about the last time LBJ lived in Akron and played the Spurs in the Finals? I think it was a sweep, and that spurs team was only putting up like 96 a game. They had Fabricio Oberto and Matt Bonner coming off the bench as big men. When Cleveland gets knocked out of the second round next year, what will the excuse be?

      • lbj says:

        During that time he is not yet a complete player can’t do post up moves but right now he can play all 5 positions and can guard from derrick rose to dwight howard that’s why this time will be a salvage when spurs met our “king” LeBron in Akron Ohio!!!

      • charless702 says:

        Well LBJ it’s nice to see you back. You disappeared for a full month when “King Jams” went crying off the floor in another humiliating defeat at the hands of the real king, King Duncan. Who would have thought 7 years later Timmy would still be telling Lebron “This league is going to be yours in a few years, but thanks for giving me this one.” lol.

  3. Manson says:

    lbj your too funny and just recognize who the CHAMPS are!!!! WE bring that A game with FIREEEEEE who ever is on the other side of the court it could be KD,KING JAMES,MELO, N EVEN THE HATER WESTBROOK, ECT…… GOOO SPURS GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ty says:

    Seriously? This is about Boris, Boris alone, not about the other guy or Akron

    • jamma says:

      Boris and his photo backdrop. Now that’s whats up. Saving them money and not getting carried away on that contract. I like the way you think Boris!

  5. GoSpursGo says:

    Imagine if the winds had picked up and blown it into the water. Hope they had a backup in case. haha

    • charless702 says:

      Well you heard the story about Manu’s contract right? The intern carrying the contract, in Argentina, in a briefcase got attacked by a bird, while getting attacked by the bird he dropped the briefcase and some guy ran up and stole it. To make a long story short they had to send another guy with an exact copy.