Kawhi Leonard visits the Fantasy Factory

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERRob Dyrdek is involved in many things — he’s a skater and a businessman among other things. But Dyrdek might be best known as a TV show host, with his show “Ridiculousness” still airing regularly on MTV. Previously, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” was in heavy rotation on MTV, a show where Dyrdek and his pals basically got into misadventures inside a gigantic warehouse filled with toys. With a seventh season supposedly being taped now, yesterday Dyrdek post a photo of a celebrity visit with the caption, “Mega Ballin with the NBA Champion and the Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard at the Factory today.”


  1. William says:

    The crazy part is that those are Kawai’s actual hands!!

    • Carlo says:

      Yeah. Actually, the funny part is that they used a huge ball to fit to Kawhi’s hands.

    • lbj says:

      Crazy part is he will never get his 2nd ring! Kawhi the Jamaican guy needs to play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland to get his 2nd ring. We will trade Joe Harris and will acquire Norris Cole future hall of famer from Miami via amnesty plus future first round picks to Spurs. Our “king” LeBron will teach him a lot how to be a better player and win 4 times seasion MVP!!!!

      • Christopher G says:

        Dude you need to understand team basketball. One guy can’t win a championship by himself. That’s cute that you want everyone to join lebron in Cleveland but seriously get real. Biggest differential for points in finals history! Plus spurs have the same team. They are the #1 franchise in professional sports since 99 and it’s because of the culture that team has. From ownership down to player everyone has one goal and it’s championships.

  2. Henrik Jensen says:

    yeah !

  3. Enrique says:

    Leonard is not wearing any toy hands…. those are his actual hands…. just ask Lebron.

  4. Romeo says:

    The king slayer. #MVP #Spurs #NBAChampions

  5. hmmm says:

    Kawhi Leonard said, ” lebron go back to where you came from” and he did

    Kawhi needs a nickname

  6. Check the Stats says:

    What’s funny is that lebron’s finals averages were

    28.2 7.8 4 2 0.4 57.1 51.8 79.3

    So tell me where Kawhi did a good defensive job n him, Spurs just had the better team.

    I love Kawhi’s game but he is a role player at best and wacth what happens when Duncan retires and Ginobili retires and it’s just him and parker and he has to be the man.

    • MrFanatic says:

      that’s because it’s Lebron. The best player in the freakin world.
      It wouldn’t make sense if kawhi shut Lebron down completely.

    • lol lbj says:

      lbj %’s in fg and 3fg were down from his year average vs the spurs in the finals. only one thing to say that caused that. D. now lets enjoy watching him get old and never win again. go cleveland curse!

    • charless702 says:

      Kawhi had a bad first game and got completely screwed by the refs in two other games. There were multiple times when Lebron didn’t even get brushed up against and they call fouls for him. Lebron looked like a stumbling little kid when Kawhi was guarding him. Losing the ball and/or flailing his arms in the air. Kawhi is a rising star who’s played 3 years and already won Finals MVP. Has Lebron done that? Kawhi also didn’t have a single play run for him all season long. He showed his skills and versatility in the playoffs. Lebron is all talk. He went out in game 5 before the game and said “Fly around and follow my lead” and then the Spurs spotted them 20 points and still blew them out. Kawhi doesn’t need to talk, Kawhi doesn’t need recognition, Kawhi doesn’t need to take 20 shots a game, Kawhi just goes out there and contributes to the best of his ability. Let’s face it, Lebron really hasn’t accomplished anything except teaming up with 2 of the 3 best players in the Eastern Conference.

  7. DK says:

    Kingslayer! LOL

  8. STFU LBJ says:

    Kawhi Leonard beat your heat and he will beat your cavs again didn’t he shut lebron down and outplayed him so stfu lbj your trolling must end so dissing kawhi will not get you your third ring cuz the spurs will have already beat lebum once again.GO Spurs

  9. pointedSPUR says:

    All you SPURs hater need some spanking eh , hit em Kawhi !!! look you haters were spanked from head to foot with a single blow , poor you !!! just to get your head straight haters any point Kawhi scores is a bonus , any thing that shuts an opponents momentum is a step closer to loosing, seen the the finals ? thats the lesson of the finals baby , GO SPURS GO !!!