NBA Superheroes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week on Twitter, “NBA Musicians” became a trending topic that people had a lot of fun with. Today, in a similar vein, “NBA Superheroes” started trending on Twitter, eventually becoming the number one trending topic worldwide. Here are some of our favorites…


  1. Troy says:

    What about Danny Green-Lantern….? He’s got the ring and all 😉

  2. Baller says:

    some of these are terrible

  3. lakerdynasty says:

    Black Mamba

  4. FutureCeltic says:

    How bout Fantastic Four for LeBron, Kyrie, Wiggins, and Bennett (lets hand it to him, he still got the number one pick)

  5. CB says:

    Nobody at San Antonio knows how to use PhotoShop?