Jeremy Lin goes Hollywood

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJeremy Lin‘s NBA career has taken him on a wild ride the last few years. His latest stop looks to be Los Angeles, as this summer the Rockets traded Lin to the Lakers. And as he returns to his native state of California, Lin posted this video on YouTube that shows him simultaneously dismissing his detractors as well as getting involved in an ornate song and dance routine…

VIDEO: Lin goes Hollywood


  1. Cliff says:


    • lbj says:

      Going to Hollywood won’t give chinese people specially Lin his 1st ring. He needs to play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland. We will trade Joe Harris and James Jones plus future round picks to acquire Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant from Lakers!

      • wade says:

        no. the most you get is Nash.

      • Sun Yue says:

        The Lakers already gave China their first ring with Sun Yue.

      • VC15 says:

        Going Back Home won’t give you 3rd ring, LBJ have to join relentless, ageless and timeless best dunker in game VCarter. We trade LBJ, Kyrie Irving and I-thought-world-would-be-mine-from-the-very-first-day Wiggings for Tayshun Prince and 20 bucks in cash considerations

  2. Joe says:

    Have to say. Not that funny.

  3. pokie says:

    It’s official. Corporate America thinks NBA fans will sit through anything.

  4. Hot. Coffee says:

    What a cool video. Love the song and all movements.
    Jeremy Lin can act and dance. Have not heard his singing yet.

  5. fred peng says:

    jeremy, always supports you

    an very old fan

  6. fred peng says:

    jeremy, always support you

    an old fan

  7. Hollywood Star says:

    Playing with the Lakers is a dream and Lin is one the luckiest guy.

  8. Charles says:

    I hope Lin is working hard to improve his game over summer.

  9. There is no place like home says:

    LeBron returned to his hometown, so do Jeremy.

  10. I hate everyone says:

    but Lin is pretty cool.

  11. Aaron says:

    I like this video.
    It’s not trying to show that Lin can dance, sing, or be funny.
    There’s more to the entertainment side.

    +’ve influence.

    Nicely done!

  12. nbafan says:

    I wish him well with the Lakers. He seems like a great person who will not only be successful as a basketball player but in life.

  13. Exiled says:

    Sorry to say but it’s so silly

  14. Buddy says:

    this guy is such an advocate of God I love that about him.
    awesome clip

  15. Lin is just a mediocre player and that is the truth. The lakers getting these two mediocre players (Lin and Boozer) doesn’t help the Lakers going down to another lousy NBA season.

    • NBAfan says:

      From a basketball standpoint, good enough considering all that has happened to the Lakers. Is Lin a superstar?

      From a marketing standpoint, bringing in Lin is a great move that distracts their loyal fans from the fact that this team is at best a low seeded playoff team….AT BEST. The same goes for the hiring of Byron Scott.

      All in all, it’s basketball, and if this group of guys can get it together, they can make it work. What have they got to lose? Everyone has counted Kobe and this Laker team out.

  16. Louise Wilde says:

    Thank you, Jeremy, and all the other participants. Really great video.

  17. ed says:

    nice job, I like when guys do something they enjoy, I can look at them , more human, than just a TV feed, of their skills.

  18. ed says:

    as far as LeBron, he went home into the shadows, where he came from. Fall of a King.

  19. VC15 says:

    Lakers historically never had outstanding point-guards (Magic exception), not saying that Lin is an outstanding, but still above Lakers’ historical point-guards average. I think with confidence and minutes he can do a great job because he’s gonna be 2nd option after Kobe, and also Kobe need to abdicate some actions and shoots, I think it’s time for him to demonstrate that New York wasn’t a fairy tale. He might be the perfect fit for a big market and he might only bright in a big market with lot of lights like LA

  20. CM Diaz says:

    funny video – lighten up people jeeeeeez can a brother just have a good time? at least you don’t see J. Lin out there doing drugs, or knocking some girl out or on page six of the NY post with prostitutes etc… like other athletes… he’s doing something positive… and fans are still complaining and angry at him???

  21. Fred says:

    Mr. Lin is a refreshing addition to hoops culture–one commentor hit the nail on the head… He’s trying to do something positive. He’s still a kid, for crying out loud. He’s having fun…at his own expense. He’s not trying to be a rap star and dis and dat–no thug image, gangsta stuff. I doubt he’ll be the hippest thing since JZ, but he at least has a grip on the entertainment aspect of sports. My wife and I won’t go to Dodgers games anymore because of the way people talk and act. These events are supposed to be for FAMILIES, not for adolescent gang members (only). Family entertainment doesn’t have to be totally lame, but it doesn’t have to be R and X-rated either. Selfish fans should show some respect and be courteous.

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