Welcome @NBA to the official game ball

By Joe Boozell, NBA.com

Social media is changing the way media, businesses and sports operate at a rapid pace. That applies to the NBA as well, which has over 24 million likes on Facebook and also owns almost 11 million Twitter followers.

Eleven million for now, that is. This upcoming season, all Spalding NBA game balls will have the ‘@NBA’ Twitter handle imprinted on them. Take a look at the stylish new orange:


The official press release from the NBA can be seen here.


  1. lbj says:

    We would like to request to change the official game ball from Spalding to The “king” James ball!

    • jonathan. b says:

      @lbj you clown-baby… you are a funny guy…but maybe in the future

    • Troy@Miami says:

      King? You meant James who digested all the insult and curses he got from Cav’s owner Gilbert and turn back to his team, and become his employee. This is the guy who was the front runner to protest Clipper owner Sterling who has the same mentality as Stephen A. Smith said.. They both think they own the players.. He can be a star, talented player one of the best BUT KING!

    • charless702 says:

      Well they’ve already named a version of the Holy Bible after Lebron, “The King James Bible.” Why not name the official ball after him. On a related note did you know Lebron is not just the King of basketball? He’s also the King of England, France, Scotland and Ireland? You should go with a similar story on your future post. I’ll bet a few stupid kids who know nothing about history will probably believe Lebron is behind the King James Bible. lol.

    • melvin says:

      why do that he not winning next year. the championship will remain in the west

  2. dd def says:

    seems incredibly unnecessary but whatever

  3. Shah2424 says:

    Really! Not only unnecessary but why? If not for Jordan, Magic, Wilt, or Kobe? What reason would you advertise LBJ on the NBA ball? People it is cool being crazy fans of a player but say stuff that make sense. LBJ is (1) A sell out as he run lacks loyalty (2) Only win with other superstars (3) Not a man of his words and the list goes on.

    • Al says:

      how exactly is the NBA advertising LBJ on the ball??

    • thuderguy says:

      I’m pretty sure dd meant the @nba was unnecessary…….However I do agree with not advertising any player on the ball…

  4. lbj says:

    Hey my name is Lebron. I SUCK

  5. Maxamillion says:

    I’d just like to state my vote here in favor of adding LBJ to the official ball. Jesus was the old Messiah. Lebron is the new Messiah.. our Lord and Savior Son of God. I am no longer Christian.. I only believe in Lebron

    • charless702 says:

      Even Lebron shows Jesus love in his version of the bible. If you believe in Lebron so much how can you lose faith in his teachings? Maybe you should read the “King James” Version of the bible.

  6. RenayT says:

    No, no, let’s put Lebron’s name on the ball. Then the entire league can toss him around! 🙂

  7. Buddy says:

    maxamillion is a maxanidiot

  8. Asante says:

    Change the logo too, There is no reason Jerry West should be the logo no longer, that’s nothing but caucasion manifest destiny!

  9. Carlo says:

    A Twitter “handle”? Oh my! Now, how can I stay without Twitter?

  10. AuthenticMN says:

    Can’t the NBA hang the basketball hoops from the ceiling?
    Wouldn’t that eliminate the stanchion and any obstruction behind the basketball hoop if you were to hang it from the ceiling?