Brandon Knight has hops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Up until now, the most famous (or infamous) moment of Brandon Knight‘s NBA career may have been when he got posterized a few years back by DeAndre Jordan. But as it turns out, Knight has some hops of his own. Check out this Vine posted by the Milwaukee Bucks, showing Brandon Knight jump on top of a stack of stuff that’s 60 inches high. Yeah, that’s five feet there…


  1. Jmoney says:

    Ok… That is definitely not considered a 60″ vertical by definition. He “may” have jumped 30″ in that video….

  2. Zach says:

    Misleading headline title. 60 inch vertical = near impossible. 60 inch box jump is very doable for pro basketball players.

  3. TheKush says:

    yea w/e I did that it a dream once!

  4. adil says:

    a 60 inch box jump is nowhere near the same as a 60 inch vertical…….the box jump mainly involves raising your legs to achieve the height(meaning your head or hand reach isn’t actually going up 60 inches….) not impressed……..

  5. lbj says:

    He may have a 60 inch vertical but it wont win him a championship unless he joins our
    king Lebron James in Cleveland with future hall of famer norris cole, his vertical will increase by 2 inches also.

  6. Red says:

    Funny thing is this guy got posterized or got schooled with a cross over many times already in his still short NBA career.

  7. Bloop says:

    That’s not technically a 60 inch vert because he brings his legs up. But dayum..

  8. see he shouldnt have posted this says:

    Now its more reason for people to laugh at why he got dunked on. If you can jump that high you should have tried to block that not sit there like a duck waiting to get posterized. You had to go and remind us. LOL.

  9. dd def says:

    that’s not exactly what they’re talking about when they say “vertical leap” but that’s still pretty damn impressive

  10. Mr. Smartypans says:

    You do realise that being able to jump up on a 60 inch box isn’t the same thing as having a 60 inch vertical leap Mr. Whitaker?

  11. Skittles says:

    Say what yall want, thats impressive. People acting like the titles misleading, it dont say nuthin bout 60 inch vert, it says its a 60 inch box jump ya dummies.

    • Keynan says:

      Skittles, they changed the title. (yes it is possible to do that), please don’t insult others

  12. Miko says:

    I’m impressed! Good for him….He’s a hard worker and has steadily gotten athletically better as I watched him in Detroit and now Milwaukee. I don’t see why people bring up the Deandre Jordan posterization. That guy is huge, compared to him and he technically could’ve gotten that on any guard in the league. The greatness of the dunk was his expression afterward. I’m still pullin for Brandon and I’d still rather have him in Detroit over Brandon Jennings.

  13. Fernando says:

    No-rep! (Reply if you know what I speak of.)

    Still very impressive though.

    • - says:

      Agreed. Definitely a no rep. He didn’t even lock out his knees, stand up at the top, or get his heels all the way on. You can tell he knows he won’t make it, so he jumps back down immediately. Plus, a true box jump doesn’t include a walking/running start. It should be done from a stand still. Even by just adding a step, one easily gains a number of inches.

  14. sports fan says:

    The commenters here that are not impressed have no idea how hard it is to do a 60″ box jump.

  15. gbreeza says:

    Ok I know Brandon Knight isn’t a very well regarded player but it’s not like he jumped on a solid surface to pull himself up he jumped on a stack of weights if he hadn’t fully secured the follow they would’ve fallen so yes it’s an impressive feat. At the same time no he won’t be dunking on anyone like that but at least he can get air time for the lay ups

  16. Travis Best says:

    lbj – i understand being on the kings dong…but norris cole? you always drinkin norris coles bath-water too wtf? cole is borderline pg backup or 3rd backup