San Antonio Coyote named mascot of the year

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here at the All Ball blog, we love keeping an interested eye trained on NBA mascots, who spend night after night providing entertainment for NBA fans in arenas across North America. It’s a mostly thankless job, one done under the cover of faux fur, where your true identity is sublimated in order to become a character.

But occasionally a mascot is singled out, as happened yesterday when The Coyote, the mascot for the San Antonio Spurs, was voted NBA mascot of the year by his fellow mascots. The Coyote — a wild-eyed, pants-less canine — joins his franchise atop their respective divisions.

To honor The Coyote, here are some of his highlights from the 2013-14 season…

VIDEO: Coyote highlights


  1. Ian says:

    Greatest mascot! always loved the Coyote growing up!

  2. lbj says:

    This Bugs Bunny being the mascot of the year won’t give you your 6th ring to tied with MJ. You need to be a mascot in Cleveland and cheer with our “king” LeBron while LeBron dominate every single game!

    • spursfan says:

      stupid fool

    • charless702 says:

      I heard Lebron wasn’t medically cleared to play for Team USA. Apparently his personal doctor along with several specialists from the Cavs organization were scared Lebron would lose his mind from post traumatic stress if they had to play the Australian or French team. Too many Spurs on the court and too many 3s raining down from all over the place. They say the mere sight of Patty Mills shooting a 3 makes Lebron close his eyes and hide. This was proven when Lebron was hiding with his eyes closed instead of boxing out when Patty missed that 3 and Kawhi threw it down. Anyway all these first round picks and superstars can’t help Lebron win a title. If he wants to have more wins than loses in the Finals after his career is over he needs to join the real MVP, Kawhi Leonard. We’ll trade the GOAT Matt Bonner for Lebron James. He’ll have to take $18M less per year and have to sit on the bench and only play in the last 30 seconds of blowouts but at least he’ll have more wins than losses in the NBA Finals after 2 years, instead of being 2 and 5.

      • Jeffx21 says:

        LMAO…stretching it a bit far tho!

        LBJ what has happened to your love affair with the Heat. It would seem your burning desire has moved to OHIO. How can this be….only a true fan would stay with a team regardless of trades. Which state do you live in???? Sad state of affairs.

        BTW this year it will be a Chicago / Spurs final…you better jump ship now if you wanna get a ring. HAHAHAHAHA

    • joshua says:

      guess you didn’t watch the finals this year. LeFLOP james couldnt win all by himself. if you watched and checked the stats, you would have noticed that his ppg was pretty high(28.2 ppg) and they still couldn’t win. it takes a TEAM to win. didn’t you learn that? the SPURS have the same team. they’re going BACK TO BACK

  3. TTreze says:

    RESPECT the COYOTE !!!!!!

  4. pointedSPUR says:

    Love your Cavs while they are not yet loosing ahahahahaha ,hope you don’t loose again or you’ll weep again with you main man leaving ahahaha

  5. Drea says:

    That video was the bomb! LOL and he is most definitely the best mascot in the league.

  6. Pétrus says:

    I’m not a spurs fan but i just love this mascot, plenty of history and a lot of fun, Go Coyote!!!!!

  7. Manson says:

    lbj get over all that king james stuff he looked more like a princess ha

  8. Manson says:

    lbj get over all that king james stuff he looked more like a princess ha GO COYOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. h tcs says:

    coyote sucks b.s

  10. brendan says:

    so does this mean he gets a ring because I think he should still part of the team

  11. Tony says:

    We all respect the Coyote, but really — there is no finer mascot in all of sports than Benny the Bull! Benny is hands down THE BEST, year after year.

  12. YMVSpurs Fan says:

    Love the coyote, watching him on the Spurs games i think he’s hilarious, unfortunately i’m not from Texas, or the USA, so i’ve never seen him in person, but just watching him on the spurs games, and on highlight videos like this one, makes me love him even more xD. i’ll always support my Spurs, This guy is amazing, any mascot who actually had the guts, to keep that costume on and cheered during that first game of the 2014 NBA Finals where temperatures were insanely high, deserves a trophy and recognition. I loved when he lost his eyes from that tackle, and when he put that batman shirt to try and catch that bat that sneaked inside the Arena in that Kings vs Spurs game. Greetings from Puerto Rico, as always Go Spurs Go!