Michael Jordan can still make shots

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the best scenes in the movie Blue Chips is when former Celtics great Bob Cousy calmly walks to the free throw line and calmly drains 15 free throws in a row, all during one take. It’s all about muscle memory and technique, which apparently the greats can recall on short notice.

A few weeks ago at his Flight School basketball camp, Michael Jordan stepped onto the court and, in front of what appears to be hundreds of people, strolled around the court and knocked down 11 jumpers in a row. He may be 51 years old now but hey, when you got it, you got it…

VIDEO: MJ Shooting


  1. LOL says:

    The GOAT!

  2. Jones says:

    Hard to believe MJ is 51 already. It feels like it wasn’t that long ago when I used to watch him do his magic on the court.

  3. El Stone says:

    Nearly all hit nothing but net.

  4. Jatt says:

    Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be!

  5. LAULAKH says:


  6. Nobody Better says:

    I think MJ could still average 15pts a game if he decided to come back and play.

  7. BBen says:

    The Greatest!!!!!

  8. Dr Degan says:

    I think it would be more appropriate to title this article “Michael Jordan plays game of HORSE”. Granted, he did make all the shots, but they weren’t exactly jump shots.

  9. Courtney says:

    The GOAT!

  10. GodSaveTheKing says:

    The Master

  11. michail says:

    the one and only!!!!

  12. Erikgarcia says:

    The greatest basketball player of ALL time! Once a shooter, always a shooter!

  13. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    Hey lbj dude why haven’t you said some stupid comment about MJ going to play in with your Queen in Cleveland if he want to win… Mien I love your Stupid humour

  14. NBAFAN says:

    At 51 he could still probably play in the NBA off the bench with any team.

  15. Zzoe Little says:

    I expect no less from Jordan..he’s a prime example of how if you stay in shape, you age gracefully–literally. I’m 53 , play in 24-hour fitness leauge and still burn guys half my age with my old skool moves I borrowed from West, Earl the Pearl, Archibald , McHale and Olojuwan. It really helps to have a strong strecthing program , along with skipping rope and Military-style strenth and endurance routines. Go, your airness!

  16. Zzoe Little says:

    I’m 53, but due to a lifetime of MMA training along with a naturally lean but muscular build, still got some moves I burn younget fellas with (lotsa practice of course), but I borrowd from West, Olojuwan, The Pearl, Cousy and McHale. I bet Jordan still plays a lot of pickup games, I’d expect nothin gless from his airness.

  17. Cutty50 says:

    There’s always a hater no matter what a person does that is good. It doesn’t have to be jump shots because to make that many shoots in roll couldn’t be accomplished by most 51 yr old retired players!

  18. Cutty50 says:

    There’s always a hater no matter what a person does that is good. It doesn’t have to be jump shots because to make that many shoots in row couldn’t be accomplished by most 51 yr old retired players!

  19. Melo rox says:

    More then half the shots were within 5 feet, very nice Michael, my sister could have done the same

    • voice of reason says:

      could your sister have hit 3’s from all around the arc as well? he shot from close, medium, and long range, draining all with ease with the exception of the last shot which bounced on the rim. i dont understand why people feel the need to hate on the greatest ever. even when he came back with the wizards he was a good player, not the hero status of the 90’s but he became the oldest player to score 40+. dude is just messing around at a camp, makes a bunch of shots and losers like yourself hate. BTW, take melo out of your name when you post, he would be ashamed to have any affiliation with you especially considering his shoes are Jordan brand.

  20. Miguel Velasquez says:

    MJ still has it, The Black Jesus probably the greatest player of all time n also Yes most influential of all time…

  21. shotgun says:

    Rain’n 11 shots in his camp isn’t going to get MJ his 7th ring. Only signing OUR KING Lebron James in Charlotte will give him another championship.

  22. Rock Airness says:

    Are you sure? like 101% positive your sister can do it? Are you sure son .. are you sure?

  23. Sky23 says:

    You say your sister could have done the same, but if you look at NBA teams today, there are a lot of 20 and 30 year olds both in the starting line up and on the bench that can’t perform that feat. MJ is still the man.

  24. razz says:

    Video content blocked?

  25. blahblah says:

    content blocked. GG

  26. jumppong says:

    His Airness wow the greatest of all time 🙂

  27. chaz Hennesy says:

    Always been M.j fan he still got an always will. Would luv too play pick up game with M.j I’m 28 ur old west Texas fan (806)

  28. Photo Shop says:


  29. King James says:

    MJ can’t even winn a ring if he wants to win a ring hell com play with our “king” evan fournier.
    well trade future hall of famer jason thompson and 2015 first round pick

  30. Mj2Real says:

    definitely not jumpers but the man still got it