Pippen, Barkley teach Harden to have a short memory

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Foot Locker keeps rolling out the NBA-related commercials. In this latest spot, Houston’s James Harden gets advice from Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen on how to keep his mind right while playing in the NBA. I didn’t say it was necessarily good advice…

VIDEO: Short Memory


  1. TheKush says:

    Pippen was funny he said that was such confidence lmao!

    • lbj says:

      Pippen and Barkley teaching Harden or Soften short memory won’t give Pippen his 7th ring and 1st ring a piece for Barkley and Harden. They need to play with our “king” LeBron in Cleveland. We will trade Joe Harris for Harden will hire Pippen as staff and Barkley as court side reporter during Cleveland’s game!!!

  2. asdf says:

    god american commercials are so much funnier than the crap we got here in europe:)

  3. Chicago Bulls! says:

    LOL Pippen is the man!

  4. jeff says:

    LOVE IT!

  5. lea says:

    PIPPEN!!!!! why did i have to google window incident for Barkley…dont remember that one!!!