What if Damian Lillard was a bust?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this latest spot from adidas, we catch up with Portland’s Damian Lillard. His latest shoe is the Crazylight Boost, which features adidas’ new Boost cushioning technology. From the press release…

In the video, Damian Lillard shows us he would be great at anything in life by portraying a popcorn-slinging, movie theater employee serving customers before show time. In a dramatized portrayal of the world without Boost, Lillard is interviewed by Turner Sports sideline reporter Rachel Nichols after completing an intense session of serving concessions. Following his interview, the world of “Bust” transforms into the world of “Boost,” where Damian is back to All-Star form on the court.

Have to admit, he’s pretty quick on the popcorn…

VIDEO: Boost or bust


  1. Courtney says:

    Hmmm… are they trying to say that if you work at a concession stand you’re a bust? Lol. Love Lillard… Rachel Nichols does something for me. I don’t know why… Adidas not so much…

    • Jarrett says:

      yes you’re a bust if you work at a concession stand, thats a job for kids, anyone over 25 working cashier needs to quit there job and go find something else to do with their life.

      • Jelly bean bryant says:

        A job is a job, you don’t know what the person have been through. If you judge a person by what they do you should probably get a life. ps. you should also get a new outlook towards what life is.

  2. vinsanefan says:

    I love the shout-out to Ogden. That’s where I was born!

  3. thespectator says:

    if he dont win a ring wont he be a bust?